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Woman of Quiet Tastes (IC)


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"Ashley, time to get up!"

Ashley could hear Danielle's voice from the other side of the room. She always slept in because she never had anything interesting happening early in the morning. However today is a new day for her. It's her first day at school in Claremont and she had to get up 2 hours earlier than usual. She had her briefcase of schoolwork and her backpack containing with her superhero costume ready to go, but she lacked motivation to actually get out of bed. "You've slept in for half an hour. You're late for school!"

That got her out.

Quickly, Ashley leaped out of bed, put on her sweatshirt and jeans, simply said "Wish me luck at school," and then disappeared as she touched her electric alarm clock. "Wai-" Too slow Danielle...

Ashley came out of a lamp pole just outside of Claremont. Calmly, she and walks to school without checking to see if anyone saw her. She needed to give Mr. Summers the letter he sent her, but she doesn't know where to begin looking. She just started walking aimlessly around the school grounds, enjoying the scenery. Some might see it as if she was lost, they might not be far off, though no one could really say it, because she was the only one there for the moment.

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Mike looks up from scribbling in his notebook from his perch on a low wall around one of the planters near the quad as he notices the lost seeming girl. He hops off his perch standing to his full sometimes imposing height closing the book and heads her direction with a friendly smile, "Hi there." he says warmly, "You new?" he inquires remembering the awkwardness of his first day and he had come with people he already knew to one extent or another.

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"Hi there. You new?"

Ashley had her mouth wide open, looking at the large, rather intimidating young man. She was speechless for a moment before she gathered up the courage to remind herself that this is a superhero school and that students will be of rather... different types. Ashley takes a deep breath and then speaks, "Yes... I am new here," She always found speaking to taller people difficult. "Are you a teacher here? I'm looking for Mr. Summers..."

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Mike let out a low rumbling laugh, "No No." he replied with a wide grin, "Student, a junior to be specific." he explained. He glanced towards the administrative building and thought better of trying to give directions to Summers office, not so much because it was difficult as he was not so good with directions. "Summers is probably in his office." HE said warmly, "Come on I'll show ya." he said and turned towards the administration building to show her the way.

As they went he glanced over his shoulder, "So you gonna be a student?" he inquired curiously. He assumed she was but who knew he was sure Summers met with lots of other people too.

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"No No. Student, a junior to be specific."

"Oh..." Ashley knew she shouldn't be surprised that he was a student, considering she's already met a squid-like humanoid hero. She just hopes the teachers wern't 8 feet tall humanoid aliens.

"Summers is probably in his office. Come on I'll show ya. So you gonna be a student?"

Ashley felt a little tense being escorted by someone she barely knew, especially since she wasn't in her costume at the moment. But she decided to follow him, it would be a good way to get to know the student and teachers here. "Thank you, I am going to be a student." She paused a bit before asking the big guy another question, "So... are do the other students and teachers here have a sort of height or inhuman look here? N-not that I find anything wrong with that..." Ashley felt that she went a bit far there.

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Mikes steps stuttered for a moment at the questions but he recovered, "Ah not really no." He replied, "There are a few with more obvious differences but most look normal as you or I ... er you." he explains awkwardly. Clearly she knew about the powers thing already so he was comfortable discussing that part with her, and though his height was certainly on the high side of normal his six foot six frame wasn't beyond the range of normalcy he realized he may have been the reason for the question.

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"Ah not really no. There are a few with more obvious differences but most look normal as you or I ... er you."

"Good..." Ashley thought, relieved that she wouldn't look like a white sheep mixed within a bunch of blacks. "Um... I'm Ashley... What's your name?"

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Mike shook his head in disbelief at his own faux pas. There was a reason he didn't usually do the talking, he was bad at it oh well hopefully he didn't make to bad a first impression, "Oh yea sorry, I'm Mike." he replied as they started up the stairs to the admin building, "So you gonna be staying on campus?" he asks casually holding the door for her and following once she steps through.

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"Oh yea sorry, I'm Mike. So you gonna be staying on campus?"

Ashley usually isn't this talkative, that's because she needed to become more social, and break out of this quiet, empty state she's often in. Even so, she was trembling a bit when Mike asked if she was staying. "Y-yes I am... But I don't know exactly where I'll stay. She nods her head in thanks for Mike opening the door for her. "Do students here pair up with the same gender or are they in mixed groups?"

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Mike blinks in confusion for a moment and blushes at the thought of mixed dorms. "Ah its all single gender dorms." He coughs. "No boys in the girls dorm after sundown and vice versa." he continues to explain. "But all the common areas are mixed of course." Mike sighed 'yea of course they are...idiot.' he thought to himself lamenting his utter lack of social grace as he walked her to the elevator to go up to the floor where summers office was.

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James whistled to himself as he left the office and headed to the front door. Another meeting about his poor scholastic performance and lack of effort. Bah, whatever. He was rich. He was a member of 2 different hero groups. And he was now one of two being protecting this dimension from breaches which was keeping him insanely busy of late. School was just a tad lower priority in his opinion. Not that he told the guidance councilor any of that. He BS'd an answer and played along. Finally he was 'released'. Now he was off to...anywhere but class, he thought with a grin.

He reached for the door as a new girl and Mike were coming in. "Hey Mike. How goes it?"

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As Ashley and Mike were about to walk through the door, they noticed a young man who was about to walk past them. Ashley looked at him, he had black hair, acted cool, almost suave, wearing clothing of seemingly higher quality. She was going to ignore him when the young man sparked a conversation with Mike. She puts on a small smile and stays silent as the two would talk, unless Mike would introduce her, or ask to introduce herself.

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Mike nodded greeting to James as he walked up, "Hey James this is Ashley." he gestured to the girl at his side, "She's a new student." He smiled to Ashley, "James is a friend of mine, and a student here too." Clarifying since there had been the confusion earlier. He glances back to James, "I was just showing her up to Summers office so she can get everything settled here." he explains to his well dressed teammate.

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James nodded in understand. "Makes sense." He turned a little, looking at Ashely and flashed a charming smile as he extended a hand in greeting. "Nice to meet you. As Mike said, I'm James. James Prophet if you'd the full version; not that I use the family name much. But you'd learn the name soon enough." The school wasn't that big and new spread faster than Professor Dark Star could move among the gossipy communication of high school.

"I've got nothing going on; if you'd like, I'll hang out with Mike and help give you the tour and such after 'the meeting'," he said with smile. He knew that to most kids, Mr. Summers could seem as intimidating as anything on Earth really. And while James himself wasn't one of them, it certainly didn't mean he wanted to hang out in the room with the creepy ex-hero. He'd wait outside. "We can help you move your stuff in," he looked around at the noticeable lack of said stuff, "if you have any that is, and grab a bite to eat afterwards. My treat," he said with a welcoming smile. Mike could eat a freaking horse, not that the nigh-invulnerable hero needed to.

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"Nice to meet you. As Mike said, I'm James. James Prophet if you'd the full version; not that I use the family name much. But you'd learn the name soon enough."

"Ah, yes, nice to meet you too." Ashley accepted the handshake with a more visible smile now. "James Prophet? Must be meaningful, perhaps it's best not to ask.

"I've got nothing going on; if you'd like, I'll hang out with Mike and help give you the tour and such after 'the meeting', We can help you move your stuff in, if you have any that is, and grab a bite to eat afterwards. My treat."

"That would be great, thank you." Ashley had already found the school quite welcoming to her, though she had yet to see the teachers and her dorm mates. "I'd like to think about the eating offer though first, if that's okay with you..." Even if friendly, she thought going out with students she just met would be a bit too far at this point.

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Like a Valkyrie from Hell, KC flies through the air. He swoops around, and divebombs down. He lands outside of the building, and enters.

Unbeknowst to KC, he had already met the new girl before. He just didn't make the connection that they were the same person, is all. "Hi new person!"

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"Hi new person!"

Ashley's eyes widen at the sight, "That's the squid hero from the other day!" She was a bit glad that KC couldn't recognize that she was really Rycon, though that might not last long.

She walks up to KC, puts on a smile, extends her hand and says, "Hello. I'm Ashley, what's yours?" She was a bit more comferable around KC, perhaps because she already knew him. She also used a lighter tone, so he wouldn't recognize that she is actually Rycon.

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"My name's Kid Cthulhu. What are your superpowers?"

Ashley blushed a bit, then decided that if everyone knows each others superhero identity, then it would be okay to show hers."Um... lemme go change, then I'll show you." She makes a mad dash for the woman's bathroom, which was thankfully empty. She unzips her backpack, and pulls out her costume.

She could hear the three men talking outside...

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James shook his head, grinning and chuckling. "Not on a date! Mike here will eat more than both of us combined I'm sure. It was more of a 'welcome to school' thing. But no worries either way."

James looked up as the new comer flew down. He didn't recognize the kid, but considering how little time James had been spending in class and on campus lately, that was no surprise. "Morning. I'm James," he said by way of greeting.

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Mike watched the exchange between Ashley and Kid with slight bafflement trying to figure out exactly what had gone on there. He hadn't even figured out why she didn't want to take james up on the offer until he mentioned the date and then she ran off to the bathroom. He shrugged to James, "Well you do know all the best restaurants." HE replied with a grin, "Uhm this is Blake, or Kid Cthulu." he introduced the newer boy, "They haven't placed you in a room yet?" he asked curiously.

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James raised an eyebrow at the delay. "Well, you're here in the admin building. Ask. I bet they have a room assignment for you. Probably have had it for days now," he said with a shrug of his shoulders. They'd had his ready before he even showed. Not that he slept there.

"Hmm? Oh, you mean a code name? I don't use it much. I prefer James for most things honestly. I don't have much of a super identity given my family. But if you need to, I go by Hellion." He didn't demonstrate his powers nor did he ask the boy to show his, more than was visible. James' magical and dimensional senses were filling him in plenty.

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All dressed up, Ashley opens the door. "Good morning gentlemen."

Standing in front of the three men was Rycon, wearing her father's dark blue trench coat, brown combat boots (she wears them most of the time) and gloves, a gray cloth around her head, and a light brown baseball hat (the only hat that would fit and stay on her head). "How do I look?" She askes them in a lower tone than Ashley. She turns to Mike, James, KC, and then to James again. "Sorry about confusing your offer with a date, I'd be glad to take you up on a bit to eat."

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Mike chewed his bottom lip a moment as he looked down at blake, "Uhm yea they usually have that all set for when you arrive." he says, "I'm sure you'll get it straightened out if you just check at the front desk." he adds.

He looked over as Ashley returned, "welcome back." Mike looked the outfit change over, "Nice look." he replies with a nod. He broke into a grin, "Don't worry about it James gets people thinking their dating when they aren't all the time." he teased.

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