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A Superhero Invitation (IC)


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Rycon enters her house through her electric alarm clock. She was glad her aunt bought it for her. Trying to relax after that last escapade, Rycon takes off her costume to change into a light sweatshirt and jeans, then lies down on her bed, thinking back on what happened.

But Ashley couldn't keep focus, there was something else on her mind at the time. She could hear Danielle talking to someone. She thought,"Sis is already home? How long was I out? Then she slowly walks for her closed door, stopping just before she turned the handle so she could hear what Danielle was talking about.

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"As I've already told you, Ashley isn't ready for school yet. She still hasn't gotten acquainted to the city yet." That would be Danielle.

...There was silence for a few moments.

"Well, I can talk to Ashley about it, if she's okay with it, I'll allow her to go."


Danielle must have been talking to someone on the phone. "Ashley! Could you come down for a few minutes?" She was screaming through the house, normally she would come up to Ashley's room and knock on the door. "It must be important," Ashley thought as she opens her door and walks down to the kitchen table.

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"What did you want Sis?" Ashley asked as she sat on a chair and pulled up next to the table. She could see Danielle's face more tense than usual, and a little flustered. She still wore her police uniform, so perhaps she just got home.

"I received a letter from the headmaster of Claremont Academy, Mr. Duncan Summers. Danielle passes Ashley the letter. It was red with a gold border of sorts, on the front showed the words "To Ashley Culdis, from Mr. Summers." As Ashley opened the letter, Danielle stated, He's offering you to go to the academy as a student in September, and to be a guest till the end of the school year."

Ashley's faced turned red, both knew what Claremont is and what this letter meant...

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"I've heard Claremont is a school for people with paranormal or metahuman abilities." Ashley knew where this was going, and knew how this would end.

"Ashley, did something happen when you we're younger that you haven't told me?"

Danielle knew her cousin was hiding something, Ashley's now terrified face showed all signs of it. Slowly, Ashley raised her hand in the air, as white electricity enveloped her hand for a moment, then she shot it out at a window near her. Upon impact, the glass shattered, sounds of crackling thunder and shattering glass filled the quiet house. Ashley turned to Danielle, who now had a look of shock on her face, to be expected, considering what she just saw.

Ashley started to break out in tears, she never wanted anyone to know about her powers, but now there was no hiding. "I'm sorry Danielle, I didn't want you to know, because of what happened..." Danielle came up and embraced her in her arms, her look of shock now turned to remorse.

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A little later that day, the two girls were in Ashley's room. Ashley, now calmed down, told Danielle as much as she knew about her past, which was basiclly everything that happened right before her operation at six, to now. She did however, leave out that she costumed as a superhero and what happened to her earlier with the scientist and the prototype armor. When she finished, she was relieved that Danielle was not angry at her. Her face rather, showed compassion and pity.

"I'm... sorry about what happened to you. Is this why you've been so introverted?" Danielle acted like she was forcing Ashley more info about her, but Ashley simply said, No, it was more do to my brain issues, I think it's a natural trait within me." She wanted to drop her past and focus on more present matters. Anyway, about the invitation..." She waited for Danielle to speak.

"Can you properly learn in that school? Can you socialize with those who have abilities like or different from your own? If you are confident and have no regrets about your decision, then I have no issues with going, No ones usually here to watch over you anyway." Danielle seemed more willing to send Ashley now, perhaps it's because she thinks Ashley will fare better with those like her own.

A smile of confidence rose from Ashley's face, and hugged her cousin, "Yes, I can. I believe that I will do well at school." Ashley seemed excited about going, and yet, a little scared. But she knew that she will do well at Claremont Academy.


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