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Whispers in the Night [OOC]


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Arrowhawk only rolls an 18 for Knowledge: Streetwise! He knows of the Silencer, but not much more than that.

Now, FIGHTAN'! Silencer gets 22. Arrowhawk only gets 21!

Round 1

Since Hawk's flat-footed until he acts, Silencer just lets rip. And rolls a 20! Sneak attacking sonic blasting critical! DC 31! 27 to resist, and Arrowhawk is Bruised and Injured. The Silencer then Fiats to surge, going for a ranged disarm. He hits on a 16 (barely), and Arrowhawk fails to resist. He's injured, on 4 HP and his bow goes flying!

In retaliation, he quick draws his staff, crosses the room and goes to whack. 17 does not hit 28. Down to 3 HP, and... 27 still does not hit.

Round 2

Silencer rolls 11 to hit and grapple... OK, let's go to 4 HP! ... 22 still misses.

Arrowhawk goes to reciprocate, but he too misses (amateurs). Again, the re-roll misses!

Round 3

Silencer goes to the opposite side of the room. And shoots. Easily hits, Arrowhawk getting a 25 for no damage.

Arrowhawk throws a glass. And hits! We'll say Mighty Blast 1, so DC 19. Silencer gets 23.

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Arrowhawk has 4 HP and a bruise + injury.

Round Four:

Silencer rolls to Startle as a move action. He gets 11. Arrowhawk can't fail. So Silencer just shoots him again, getting 24 to hit. Arrowhawk fails by 4, suffering his second injury and bruise.

Arrowhawk charges and power attacks for 4. 22 misses! *gripes* Hero Point, 25 does not! DC 24 save, Silencer is bruised and stunned on 18. Arrowhawk extra efforts to surge, power attacking for full. He rolls a 4...

Round Five:

Silencer recovers his stun.

Arrowhawk goes to Startle. 24 is opposed by 22. So Hawk PAs for 5, and gets a 20! DC 30 hit!!! Silencer fails by 10, and is staggered and stunned!

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Arrowhawk's on 3 HP, and is bruised x2 + injured x2. Silencer is bruised and staggered.

Round Six:

Silencer recovers from stun, but is still prone.

So Arrowhawk kicks him in the groin. Power for 5, hits on a 24. Silencer rolls a 1 vs DC 23... Fiat! 26 is much better! HP to surge again, but it just misses!

Round Seven:

Silencer gets up. He Fiats to attack and Defensive Attacks for 3. A 25 still hits, but Arrowhawk rolls a natural 20.

Arrowhawk goes to grapple. He hits barely, rolls 18 vs 12 and then throws Silencer through a table. Silencer avoids injury, but taking 10, the table is wrecked.

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Arrowhawk has four shiny HP, and 2 bruises and injuries.

Silencer is bruised, staggered, prone, and just went through a rather nice table.

Round Eight:

Silencer stands.

Arrowhawk goes to Startle. 29! Silencer only gets 22. So Arrowhawk punches him, PAing for 5. 21 hits, and 19 is another bruise and stun vs DC 28. Silencer is on the floor again. HP to surge! Hits again, and the shiny DC 28 is failed by 12. Another staggered and stunned? Fiat... 26! A third bruise!

Round Nine:

Silencer stands, and once more fiats to attack. He misses by 2. So Arrowhawk startles again. 21 loses to 33. Yet Arrowhawk goes to grapple again. 26 hits, 24 beats 19... throw! Another table gone, but Silencer rolls 20.

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Arrowhawk: Bruised x2, Injured x2, 5 Hero Points

Silencer: Bruised x3, Staggered

Round 10:

Silencer stands up.

Arrowhawk charges and Power Attacks for 3. Natural 1, spend a HP (down to 4), 22 still misses!

Round Ten:

Silencer uses Offensive Stance and Power Attacks for 2. 17 misses!

Arrowhawk goes to Startle again. Third time, so Silencer has an extra +2 to resist... Arrowhawk gets 20, Silencer gets 28. So Arrowhawk just PAs for 3 again, 22 hitting Silencer's lowered defence. DC 21, Silencer gets 16. A fourth bruise, and he's knocked to the floor again!

Surge!!! Power Attack for 5, hits easily, Silencer fails by a mere 3! Five bruises!

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