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Good, bad and... Carbon? [OOC]


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One step from being and Epic fail.

Intimidate counter: 2 :( You just scared an adult male with powers. Congratz.

Either way, after turning into the nearest wall (literally), I attempt to beat the damn monster (Carbon doesnt know much about superheroes... plus, he's too shaken to think).

Attack roll: 23

DC: 29


Density 8 (+ 16 Strength; +4 Toughness, Impervious; Immovable 2; Super Strenght 2. Feats: Groundstrike; Mass x8) [25pp]

Enhanced Strength 6 (+6 Strength) [6pp]

Immunity 11 (Life Support, Critical Hits) [11pp]

Super Strenght 1 [2pp]

Protection 5 (Extra: Impervious 4) [9pp]

Vulnerability (Bludgeoning Attacks, Frequency: Very Common, Intensity: Minor [+1 DMG]) [-3PP]

Str: 38 (+14) (Effective strenght: 53)

Grapple: +23

Knockback: -8

Toughness: +14 (+4 Con, +1 Defensive roll, +5 Protection, +4 Density)

Impervious Toughness: 8

Weight: 1520 lbs

Unarmed DC: 29

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Now why would I want to kill you?

Right, out of rounds now I'd say. MA is going to spend a moment jogging her memory of where she's seen/heard of Carbon (a 20 on Gather Info with Well Informed gives her something at least). Then she'll use her Healing AP on you, given that you can't fail the resulting check I'd say you're back to full health.

Incidentally, you get 1HP for the complication of the fight itself (you wouldn't have been allowed to spend it during said complication though) and 1 for getting knocked unconscious. So you're now at 2HP rather than the 1 you had at the start.

IC will follow before long.

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