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Unearthing the Past - Part One [IC]


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The Hunter Museum of Natural History, a place that in its own way can be said to be second only to the Super Museum out of the cities museums for when it comes to being steeped in super-powered activity. Anonymously funded after the second Terminus Invasion and constructed by Doctor Metropolis and Daedalus, it was certainly off to a good start in that regard. Since then it has periodically been the target of villanous activity, mainly thefts (succesful and not) of items from its noteable collections.

Tonight it once again comes under attack, and not from one of the more subtle villains out there. A tall and muscular jackal-headed figure with grayish skin and attire befitting ancient egyptian nobility floats up to the doors of the greek looking building and with a contemptuous sweep of the golden rod in its right hand blasts them of their hinges with a burst of something pitch black. Drifting in and settling down in the lobby in the shadow of the great skeletal T-Rex there the figure again waves his golden rod and out of the assorted shadows and dark areas of the room steps forth a host of smaller and less richly attired figures, clearly warriors. [bg=#707070]"You all know what I desire. Go! Find it for me. my faithful servants."[/bg]

At their masters command the warriors split into two groups, one that rushes off to the archeology exhibits and one that stays close to their liege as he sedately strides after the first group. Black Anubis takes one look up at the towering replica in the lobby, smiles, and for a third time brings round his rod. Sinister black tendrils crawl up the steel bones and once they've formed a web of darkest shadows across the mighty frame they seem to sink into it. Though the display seems to have had no effect the villain strides on unbothered. Naturally the alarms are going off all over this, no one seems to have bothered to try and get past those.

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Coincidence is sometimes a superheroes greatest ally, especially when your job makes you ride around the whole city. A small commotion coming from the Museum was cue enough for Randy Cash to park his cab on a side and allow someone else to take over the action. With that in mind, he backed into an alley and wore some darker clothes, donned a bandana covering his head except for eyes, and he become said different person- Carbon. "I really need a proper costume!" He muttered under his nose as he looked at his own image reflecting from piece of broken glass lying next to a trash container he hid behind.

As he walked toward the front entrance, he touched the stone walls and before passing the broken entrance, his whole body (and even costume) changed color to gray and become hard as stone, or perhaps even more so (he tried not to think logically about it, not that he knew enough about science anyway), giving him enough strenght to boost his confidence over the roof... and maybe beat a villain or two while he's at it. He quickly noticed the culprit and his goons, and did the first thing that sounded logically in his mind.


He charged toward the group and before any could turn back to see crazy stone man, it got punched VERY hard by a running haymaker IN THE FACE. Poor goon didnt know what hit him, and he wasnt even done. After that punch, he raised his elbow and pushing it with his other hand landed another blow on one goon next to him, IN HIS FACE. Then he chose another closest target and struck him with another surprisingly quick haymaker, once again IN THE FACE!

Three were out of commision and it took him about six seconds. He glanced toward Black Anubis and made a peace sign with left hand.


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It had been a quiet night so far, nothing of note other than a few punk kids that had tried to start something and been easily run off. Honestly, that suited Sarah just fine, as she was feeling a little lazy that night. She had been taking advantage of the peace to just stand on top of a tower, enjoy the night breeze, and take in the stars.

Naturally the sound of alarms had to shatter her happy contemplation. Quickly dragging herself back to alertness, she determined the direction of the alarms... It couldn't be. Warping to a roof overlooking the source of the disturbance, Sarah groaned softly to herself. It was. Someone was robbing the Hunter Museum. Again. They'd just finished the repairs from the attack when she got her powers a few days ago!

Glaring a moment at her sword, as if the entire situation was its fault, Sarah prepared to bamf into action before pausing. She was only 26, and she had only been doing this for just about two weeks. Why did she have the sudden urge to quote Danny Glover? Shaking her head to rid herself of the brief distraction, Sarah disappeared from the roof.

Reappearing on a balcony overlooking the main lobby of the museum, Sarah took a quick moment to take in the situation.

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There was a flicker and a very handsome young man in his early twenties appeared in the lobby, holding steaming container from arguably the best Chinese food restaurant in the entire city. Holding a pair a chopsticks with his other hand, he was dressed in nice slacks, a button shirt and a long coat. He frowned and shook his head. Phantom had seriously understated how busy taking up the reigns for her was. He didn't usually get involved in crimes and the like. But when magic flared or he felt the dimensional ripples, he went.

He looked up at the Egyptian figure and raised an eyebrow. "So...The afterlife business slow? Or you just an Anubis wanna-be?" He noted the other figure standing over the three downed minions but didn't say anything to the fellow just yet. Though his senses quickly picked up on a rather powerful magic source just over...there, the balcony. Cute too, he thought to himself before returning to the problem at hand.

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Wesley's after midnight runs are always to clear his head of the nightmares. He has been spending a lot of time in Southside he notices. It is on this late night that he also notices that the museum has something going on. It doesn't sound like official business, so he swoops in to investigate. When he lands he finds a whole crew there! Carbon? Sarah? Some other guy? And now him. Several thugs are laid out on the floor, but what really catches his attention is the black dogheaded being. Is this for real? You mean like King Tut with a dog face? Nodding to his three companions, he smiles, "Sorry I'm late. Apparently I forgot to pick up Kibble for the villain of moment."

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Ever since The Collector's robbery on the Museum, Breakdown had routinely monitored the radio channels relating to the museum. There was a lot of valuable stuff in there. He didn't want anyone stealing it.

That is why when he heard that the museum was under attack once again, he came charging on to the scene to the tune of Powerman 5000. Lightning fast, he slid to a stop in front of the museum doors.

Hellion. Fulcrum. Those two I've seen before. That's Carbon, that's Sarah, and that's Knight. First time I've seen them, but I know she's magic, and Carbon adapts to whoever is around, and Knight is that squicky biological dude. Breakdown went over in his head what he knew about the assembled heroes.

Him, I don't know. But by process of elimination, that basically makes him the enemy. Breakdown's eyes were focused on Black Anubis.

"Hey! Dogbreath!" Breakdown called attention to himself. "You want bones? Try the pet store!"

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Breakdown monitored radio traffic, but Fulcrum preferred the more direct route. After the string of robberies, especially that nutter The Collector, Fulcrum added the museum to her list of regulars. As apparently several others were already on scene and engaging, Fulcrum decided that a dramatic entrance was unnecessary. Leave that to the large hams like Breakdown there.

"Hmm...okay, twenty bucks that The Mummy rip off is the bad guy," she said to herself after floating in the front doors, arms crossed. Sure, the others were strangers, but somehow the, well, Black Anubis just seemed the most villainy. Judging from the three downed warrior minions, that bet became even safer.

Feeling the need to least try, she politely addressed the jackal-headed man, "Please surrender now and no one will be injured." Looking at the three, "Worse."

A peaceful resolution was a forlorn hope she knew. How Centurion or Dark Star managed the charade was beyond her. Maybe it worked once in a while, more often than for her. Anyway, bigger problems were looming. The obvious questions came first. Is this guy serious and what can he do?

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The villain and his entourage seem stunned for a moment, quite possibly by the sheer number of heroes that spring out of the woodwork. The jackalheaded guards are the first to visibly react. Without waiting for their masters command they leap into action. One pair bring their swords down on the stony interloper who struck down three of their number even as he arrived, their antique looking blades and corded muscles up to the task of hurting even a foe made out of stone.

Two more leap at the largest of the new arrivals, the flying giantess clearly a danger. Against the mighty persian's skin however their blades are not enough, and even though one strikes her thigh it simply bounces off without even scratching her. Another pair of the swordwielding warriors pounce on Hellion, quite likely something about his cambion nature makes him another high priority target.

The last of the guards has spotted the swordswoman up on the balcony and simply leaps up to meet her, his sword raised in challenge for a moment before whirling into action trying to bring down this foe.

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James jumped backwards as the minions attacked, but not fast enough. The food in his hand went flying as the weapons made a couple gashes in his nice clothes. "SON OF A @#$@#" he swore loudly. "I wasn't done eating that!" He'd have to heal himself up, but for now he didn't want the little annoying minions of the would-be conquering interfering. "No kiddy gloves for this jackal-ass and his puppies." He gestured, sending waves of Hellfire outward scorching their enemies but leaving the heroes, and the museum, untouched.

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Angry half-human scions of demon princes make for dangerous foes as the warriors facing him learn very quickly. Those in front of him don't really stand a chance of evading the waves of furious hellfire and instead collapsed where they'd been standing as the searing pain overwhelmed them. Few of their compatriots fared any better, one who had been close enough to Fulcrum that infernal flames only singed him was extraordinarily lucky however. And the one who faced off against the swordswoman on the balcony at least saw it coming and managed to duck in time to merely get a slightly toasty backside. Their master however is unharmed, a bit warm perhaps but still not impaired in any way for the fight now starting.

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Wesley takes a quick survey of where everyone is. He doesn't want to hit any innocent bystanders. His eyes flare up green spotting all hostiles in the area. When he catches the big guy, something is... not quite alive about him. He hopes he won't have to deal with a zombie or vampire or something of the sort. Quickly relieving himself of his tanktop, tentacles begin to emerge from Wesley's back. When the thick black fleshy vein-like appendages fully emerge they seek out every jackal-headed being in the room.

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