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Cry Havok! OOC


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You all met at the Lab hence why the Havok bots were able to infiltrate the field trip.

The smoke/dust gives cover long enough for anyone who needs to to get changed into their alter ego. If you have a secret ID and didn't bring your Hero Gear you get an HP for the setback.

DC 15 Notice check to see that the Havok Bots tasered the other students in the blast no one is seriously injured.

Notice Phalanx (1d20+5=18)

Lets get initiatives going

Havok Initiative (1d20+6=25)

Havok Bots Initiative (1d20+3=6)

Phalanx Initiative (1d20=5)

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Master plan check (1d20+15=32) For a +3 Master Plan Bonus

Round One

25 Havok - Uninjured

17 Midnight - 1HP - Uninjured

12 Gossamer - 2HP - Uninjured

6 Havok Bots - All Remain (move action to get an accurate count looks to be 15-20 bots)

5 Phalanx - 3HP - Uninjured

Havok Will use assessment Surging for a third move action to be able to get a read on Gossamer. He will take a defensive stance while he does so.

Assesment VS Phalanx; Midnight; Gossamer (1d20+15=20, 1d20+15=29, 1d20+15=32)

Opposed with Bluff Phalanx needs a 20+; Midnight a 29+; And Gossamer a 32+

Phalanx gets = Bluff VS Assesment (1d20+2=20) not quite enough as win goes to higher bonus.

Midnight is Up.

The post I have up is sufficient to get that across I think so Go when you're ready Gizmo

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His Radar sense lets him track you through the cloud but your HiPS means you can stealth without cover so he still has to beat your stealth

Spot check VS Stealth (1d20+20=40) ... and he does. With vigor. Well good for you to get that of the way there rather than on an attack I suppose.

Checking your bluffs it doesn't look like either of you can beat his checks so he gets a read on each of you as well.

Gossamer is up.

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Ok a takedown attack aimed at every Havok Bot you cna reach (Given her hairs range thats all of them)

I'm gonna roll for all of them but the Take down attack stops as soon as one makes the save.

Toughness Saves VS Gossamer (1d20+10=17, 1d20+10=29, 1d20+10=15, 1d20+10=30, 1d20+10=28, 1d20+10=30, 1d20+10=16, 1d20+10=13, 1d20+10=25, 1d20+10=14, 1d20+10=30, 1d20+10=12, 1d20+10=19, 1d20+10=12, 1d20+10=23, 1d20+10=14, 1d20+10=21, 1d20+10=26, 1d20+10=12, 1d20+10=27)

OUch Second one makes the save and ends the takedown chain.

One havok bot goes down.

4 of the Bots move to start taking Items from the lab, 1 hooks an interface cable up to the lab computer. DC 20 Spot for a clue.

7 Bots will attack Phalanx and 7 will attack Gossamer I'll put up specifics after conferring with the refs about how NPC minions work.

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Alright just gonna stick with the house rules as written and hope we can Change them later.

Three will aid three others attack on gossamer Aid attacks (1d20+10=22, 1d20+10=27, 1d20+10=24) they each hit; Three Attack Gossamer with Aid, Attack rolls vs gossamer (1d20+12=28, 1d20+12=25, 1d20+12=28) All hit +5 autofire, +3 autofire, +5 autofire; DC30, DC28, and DC30 Toughness saves.

Phalanx will interpose the first attack, his impervious is higher than the base damage so he takes no damage. Only a DC 28 and DC 30 Save needed from Gossamer.

One will use suppression fire on Gossamer. (-4 to attack rolls and checks for 1 round, You can ignore it but they get a free attack on you)

The other seven will do the same to Phalanx. Much to their chagrin, his Impervious is higher than their base damage. (Next round power attacks).



Standard to use Super Breath on the Havok bots that attacked him and Gossamer. He can't get the ones trying to rob the place without blowing away the midnight mist and I'm gonna assume he knows thats not something Havok did.

Havoc Bot Saves: DC 22 Reflex VS. trip (1d20+3=18, 1d20+3=11, 1d20+3=21, 1d20+3=8, 1d20+3=15, 1d20+3=4, 1d20+3=4, 1d20+3=4, 1d20+3=23, 1d20+3=17, 1d20+3=18, 1d20+3=12, 1d20+3=14, 1d20+3=22) 2 succeed.

Phalanx Trip Check: Trip Check (1d20+12=26) DC 26 (20 for successful saves)

Havok Bots Trip Checks: Impossible save for those that failed hte reflex; Trip saves for havok bots (1d20+5=12, 1d20+5=13) Those that passed fail so they are all prone.



Free action: Set Weapons system to Chainsaw gauntlets.

Move action: Set Master Plan in motion (Since I forgot the bonuses last round ...) Command Minions action via radio link

Standard action: Attack Midnight Attack on Midnight (1d20+15=24) DC 17 Fort VS toughness drain followed by DC 27 Toughness save

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Round 2

25 Havok - Uninjured

17 Midnight - 1HP - Uninjured(? Need Saves)

12 Gossamer - 2HP - Uninjured(? Need Saves)

6 Havok Bots - One down (move action to get an accurate count looks to be 14-19 bots)

5 Phalanx - 3HP - Uninjured

Midnight is up don't forget the notice check for a clue.

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Alright, Trevor will arrange his Gadgets like so:

  • Concealment 2 [auditory and radio, Flaw: Displacement] [2pp]
    Nauseate 6 [Flaw: Sense-Dependent (auditory), Power Feats: Improved Critical 2] [8pp]

The first part of that should give Havok a 50% chance to miss him. He'll surge to make that Nauseate attack: Touch attack; Nauseate 6. (1d20+14=30) That's a DC 16 Fort save, obviously. His move action goes to another 28 Skill Mastery Stealth.

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Ok, we'll see if this works; Gossamer wants to take down the other six mooks focusing in on her. She will try Takedown Attack one more time, but this time combining it with Power Attack and die roll (crosses fingers)

To hit: 1d20+5=10

Yeah... :( Oh well, at least the DC save is 30 now. can I get some idea of how effective that would be before I post?

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