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Dead Men Do Tell Tales (OOC)

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Bluff check to make Sextus think DH's really trying to seek comfort & safety in her arms, not grapple her for Avenger to wail on: Bluff check vs. Sister Sextus (1d20+1=17) (plus whatever conditional modifiers might apply)

Alright, let's take the new grapple rules out for a spin.

Melee attack (for grapple) (1d20+9=11)

Yeah, I'm using an HP to re-roll that.

Melee attack (for grapple); HP re-roll (1d20+9=24)

Grapple check (1d20+16=34) Oooh

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Trying to get back to posting. What's Avenger suggesting we do? One of us hold/ready action so we can do a combined strike on Sextus?

Also, unless Sextus resists Dead Head's grapple (and unless I'm mistaken on the grapple rules), she's pinned & helpless, and Avenger can just walk up and take her Hard to Lose Staff.

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