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The Wolf and The Night (OOC)


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miss chance 11 or higher; attack vs. Lukos DEF 18 (1d20=8, 1d20+8=23, 1d20=11, 1d20+8=13)

Both miss

miss chance 11 or higher; attack vs. Midnight DEF 22 (1d20=1, 1d20+8=24, 1d20=16, 1d20+8=14)

Both miss.

Lukos goes.

He will charge forward out of the mist and take an axe to one of the men with the shields. He takes 10 on the attack and has take down attack.

The shields and the Poles are all arrayed in front of the truck. The guns are on the loading dock which is raised 10 feet.

Since I'm running them as minions, all four of the shields go down to Lukos' takedown attacks.

Toughness DC 30 for all shields (1d20+4=18, 1d20+4=16, 1d20+4=20, 1d20+4=13)

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I'm going to rule that the cloud and spookiness give you a +2 circumstance. That way none of the Minions have a chance of making that save :P

They're all demoralized with a -2 on all attack rolls and checks for the next round.

Unfortunately, it won't cause them to give up right away. (You would actually need some sort of emotion control for that I think).

The men with the poles get to go. As Lukos is the only visible target, they swarm him. Poles attack vs. DEF 18 (1d20+6=7, 1d20+6=14, 1d20+6=20, 1d20+6=7) One hits, but the attack plinks off his his impervious. (They didn't know to try power attacking yet).

The dudes with the guns will try to fire at lukos as well. Guns attack vs. Def 18 (1d20+6=14, 1d20+6=26, 1d20+6=16, 1d20+6=9) One hits, but thankfully, minions cannot crit non minions. Autofire would make this a rank 9 attack, however autofire doesn't beat impervious, so this attack still plinks. Wow... those three points were well spent.

Lukos will take out the next group of minions, the ones with the poles that are nearby him. taking 10 to attack, he provokes impossible saves from the lot of them, they're out.

Now to make a few IC updates.

Lukos will use a move action to hit the men on the platform with a DC 20 intimidate to further demoralize them. I don't know exactly how that works, so I'm just going to say that if they fail a save vs. intimidate while they are currently demoralized they'll move to terrified or something. We'll also say that if they fail three intimidate checks they surrender.

Sense Motive Vs DC 20 intimidate. (1d20+8=17, 1d20+8=20, 1d20+8=22, 1d20+8=9)

Two are further shaken and are at a -4, the other two remain at -2. At the start of Midnight's turn, they will go back up one step to -2 and -0 respectively.

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Ugh, Midnight is too slow. Nuts.

Alright, he's going to leave the cloud there as a big distraction, then sneak over to hide in the shadows behind the gunrunners. 'Cause why not. At least he can interrogate one of them after Lukos is finished.

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Just for the record, I'm going to say that Tiny is totally an "acceptable target" Because he's some sort of funky barely intelligent alien creature that has been so heavily genetically modified that he's no longer even close to what he was when he started.

And now for the bad guy's turn.

Tiny will attack Lukos, because he doesn't like that comment. Tiny All out Attack/Power Attack 5 vs. Lukos DEF 18 (1d20+6=12) He misses by more than his margin due to size, so this attack misses and there is no area attack made as a result of the miss.

Battle suit will unload his guns on Midnight. Battle Suit Blast Attack vs. Midnight DEF 22 (1d20+9=11) And it seems both of them botch incredibly.

Midnight is up. IC incoming.

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Battlesuit Will Vs. DC 22 (1d20+7=27) He knows your tricks!

Lukos: Concentrating his efforts on Tiny: Move action startle, standard attack.

Startle DC 20 from SM -5 for move action. Attack v. Tiny, AoA 5/ PA 5, DC 30 on hit (1d20+10=14) Screw that. Re-rolling. (reroll) Attack v. Tiny, AoA 5/ PA 5, DC 30 on hit (1d20.minroll(11)+10=29)

Intimidate vs DC 20 startle (1d20+17=32) Tiny Passes, but still gets hit.

Toughness Vs. DC 30 (1d20+12=18) I don't want this fight to be over that quick. FIAT! Lukos gets an HP back.

Toughness Vs. DC 30 (1d20.minroll(11)+12=32) playing to the extremes here.

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quote, they're all under Total Visual Concealment from the mist. To whit:

While concealed, you can make surprise attacks against targets unaware of your presence (see Surprise Attacks, M&M, page 163). Attackers have a 50% miss chance against you (a roll of 11 or better on d20), assuming they know where to attack at all! Attackers able to perceive you with an accurate sense suffer no penalties, and combat is resolved normally.

Someone can sense the presence of a concealed character within three Notice range increments with an acute sense (see Super-Senses for details) and a DC 20 Notice check, such as using hearing to detect a character concealed from sight. The observer gains a hunch that “something’s there†but can’t accurately perceive it (suffering the normal miss chance, for example).

That means that unless the bad guys have an accurate sense other than sight, they need to roll a Notice check against the heroes' Stealth just to tell the general area they're in, and even then they get a 50% chance to miss.

To that end, Midnight's Stealth is 28 with Skill Mastery.

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True enough. From no on I'll roll those notice checks. For this round at least, none of them hit regardless of whether or not I would have rolled miss chance. I'll explain away the fact that I forgot to roll because the mist was "just filling the area". I'll make sure I make the appropriate roles from here on out. Let's move on. Are you doing anything other than stealth for your turn?

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Well, I think he'd better! He'll configure his Gadgets, going for this -

Drain Protection 6 [Power Feats: Improved Critical 2, Slow Fade 2] [10pp]

- justified as vials of acid to eat away at the battlesuit. Let me know if that flies or not.

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