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Midnight II

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April 2010 Vignette


April 2nd, 2010 - The Clock Strike Twelve

  • A new student transfers to Claremont Academy, riding a black motorcycle and wearing a fedora.

April 2nd, 2010 - Midnight Metting
  • Trevor meets Erin White, who show's off the school training simulator. It all starts here.

April 3rd, 2010 - The Wolf and The Night

  • After a misunderstanding, Midnight teams up with Lukos to take down some criminal scum!

April 12th, 2010 - Cry Havok!
  • Mike and Trevor are part of a class trip to ASTRO Labs when a madman and his deadly robots attack!

April 25th, 2010 - New Sound

  • Trevor greet another new student, the musically inclined Warren Wilder, AKA Rift.

April 27th, 2010 - Midnight Express
  • With the rest of the campus asleep, Wander and Midnight go for a late night patrol in the city.

May 5th, 2010 - Japanese Import

  • Duncan Summers seems to be holding a membership drive, as Aiko Karakuri AKA Blue Rogue arrives at Claremont.

May 7th, 2010 - Monsters in the Streets! - Southside
  • The Grue Invasion begins. Midnight helps defend Jordan International Airport.

May 7th, 2010 - Jail Break

  • The prisoners of Blackstone try to use the alien invasion as an opportunity to escape!

May 10th, 2010 - What Is Essential...
  • Eve Martel starts at Claremont. Trevor and the similarly quiet acrobat become fast friends.

May 31st, 2010 - House of L

  • Mark is killed in a fight with Omega's forces, causing his father Rick Lucas to awaken reality shattering powers!

May 31st, 2010 - House of L: Wake-Up Call
  • Kid Midnight visits the grave of his parents. Except... that's not right at all, is it?

May 31st, 2010 - House of L: Bringing Down the House

  • The handful of Mark's friends who remember the way the world should be pay the Lucas family home a visit.

May 31st, 2010 - House of L: The End
  • The day is saved... but at what cost?

May 31st, 2010 - House of L: Eve of Midnight

  • Trevor confronts Eve about the trauma they just went through, cementing their friendship.

June 11th, 2010 - Life's Parade of Fashion
  • Trevor takes Erin to meet a family friend and master tailor in preparation for a charity gala.

June 19th, 2010 - Could've Danced All Night

  • Erin accompanies Trevor to a charity gala with food, dancing and - when James arrives - a little drama.

June 23rd, 2010 - "... And I'm a Mutant."
  • Along with the rest of the nation, Trevor witnesses Alex coming out as a Terminus Baby.

June 30th, 2010 - Save Tonight

  • Alex organizes a prom for Claremont's students! Trevor and Erin attend a lovely evening... until things come crashing down.

July 3rd, 2010 - ... but the Exchange Rates are Murder!
  • Midnight arrives at the Hunter Estate to fine zombies on the lawn and his grandfather missing! Can Dead Head help?

July 12th, 2010 - Midnight Bloom

  • Botanical beauty Fleur de Joie seeks Travis Hunters help with a chemical conundrum!

July 14th, 2010 - At The Mountains
  • Mark invites his friends on a once in a lifetime visit to the Centurion's Sanctum! But are they alone?

July 22nd, 2010 - Just Another Class Trip

  • Erin and Trevor earn some extra credit for Mr. Lumis' class with a summer field trip... to another planet!

July 23rd, 2010 - Meet the Roommate
  • Waiting for Erin, Trevor and Alex have a discussion about fear and responsibility.

July 27th, 2010 - Lights at His Back, Stars in His Eyes

  • Trevor greets yet another new student, but for some reason his eyes have been bothering him of late...

July 30th, 2010 - Temple of the Sun
  • Midnight attends the funeral of El Fuego, a contemporary of his predecessor.

August 2nd, 2010 - The Other Guys

  • James calls Trevor, Erin and Eve with a proposition for a different sort of super team.

August 7th, 2010 - Rose Tinted Glasses
  • Trevor wakes up to discover a new, disturbing secondary mutation has taken hold.

August 16th, 2010 - Midnight Oil

  • Erin and Trevor discuss motorcycle maintenance and the demons of the past.

August 17th, 2010 - Hunter in the Forest
  • Chris takes Trevor to see the Arborealair, and meet his girlfriend Liz 'Spellbound' Lawlett to compare engineering notes.

September 5th, 2010 - A Trip Between Two Worlds

  • If Tricia were more like her outgoing friend Marcie, she'd tell Aaron how she feels... Could some unexpected visitors help?

September 14th, 2010 - Shadows in the Night
  • Midnight tries to save the victim of a mugging and gets hit over the head with a pipe for his efforts. Typical.

September 18th, 2010 - Midnight Run

  • Trevor and Erin do some work on her truck before taking it out for a test drive.

September 19th, 2010 - Mind Games
  • Midnight and his friends find themselves behind enemy lines, switching places with their counterparts from Anti-Earth!

September 19th, 2010 - Mind Games: Remix

  • Meanwhile of Earth-Prime, The Blanks has plans of his own to capitalize on their strange situation.

October 7th, 2010 - 20 Questions
  • Mark finds Trevor working on the Night Cycle, starting a conversation the reveals much about both young men.

October 31st, 2010 - Midnight Confessions

  • Erin finally tells Trevor the full story of her life before arriving on Earth-Prime, just as the undead stalk the streets of Freedom.

October 31st, 2010 - Unbalanced
  • Midnight takes out some of his frustration on the zombies attacking Freedom City's citizens.

November 6th, 2010 - Midnight in Her Eyes

  • Days after the zombie outbreak, Trevor tracks Erin down on the roof of the dormitory.

November 9th, 2010 - Kill A Man
  • Young Freedom is invited to Dakana by none other than King M'Balla, the White Lion!

November 11th, 2010 - Kill A Man: Rusty Cage

  • Just what is imprisoned by daka crystals at the heart of the volcano? And what terror from above could set it free?

November 11th, 2010 - Kill A Man: Eighteen
  • It's been a long time since Erin had a good birthday. Giant monster or no, Trevor sets out to change that.

November 22nd, 2010 - House On The Hill

  • Trevor accompanies Erin to her job babysitting for the eccentric Faretti family.

November 27th, 2010 - White Saturday
  • When the universally reviled Doc Otaku takes over the GBN broadcast, Midnight teams with an eclectic group of heroes to take him down.

December 10th, 2010 - The Dark Mother

  • What's worse than a vampire? How about an army of vampiric sea creatures attacking Atlantis!

January 2nd, 2010 - Somewhere That's Green
  • Trevor makes a trip out to Chicago to attend the wedding of Derrick Lumins and Stesha Madison.

January 5th, 2010 - Routine Maintenance

  • After spending the holidays apart, Trevor and Erin get together for a quiet evening of oil changes and hot chocolate.

January 28th, 2010 - The Sun Shines Night And Day
  • Sanctuary's generator breaks down, leaving Fleur in the cold! Luckily, she knows a mechanic used to unusual cases...

February 1st, 2010 - Worlds Enough and Time

  • Torrential downpours sweeping the continent are just the beginning as Young Freedom once again leaps into the multiverse!

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Give a two or three word description of yourself. (Describe your character's concept.)

Shadowy Avenger Reborn!

Do you have any nicknames, street names, titles, or nom de plume?

Midnight II, Trev.

What is your full birth name?

Trevor Jacob Hunter.

Where do you live?

With my grandfather in his estate on the outskirts of Freedom City, though I'm moving into the Claremont dorms.

Why do you live there?

My dad moves around a lot for work, and Gramps and I always got along really well, so it was just easier for everyone.

What do you perceive as your greatest strength?

Patience, probably? You can get a lot done by just waiting and listening and picking your moment.

What do you perceive as your greatest weakness?

Inexperience, honestly. Plus, there's only so intimidating a teenager can be.

Physical Traits

How old are you? (Chronological age as well as age category.)

17 years. (Born February 1993)

What is your sex?


What is your race?


How tall are you?

6'1"; I had an early growth spurt.

How much do you weigh?

135 lbs.

What is your general body type, frame, bone structure, and poise?

I'm pretty lanky; I exercise and work out enough to be in good shape, but I'm still catching up to my own height.

What is your skin colour?

White, a little on the pale side. I don’t get a lot of sun.

What is your hair colour?


What is your hair style?

Neat and well kept, but long enough to have a wave.

Do you have any facial hair?

It still grows in kind of patchy, so I shave regularly.

What is your eye colour?


How attractive are you?

Uh... okay, I guess? I don't know.

What is your most distinguishing feature?

I've got a sort of imposing air about me, apparently. I think it’s because I'm pretty tall and don’t talk much.

Do you have any scars, tattoos, or birthmarks?

Nothing like that.

What is your handedness (left/right/ambidextrous)?

Right handed.

Do you resemble some currently known person?

People are always telling me I’m the spitting image of my grandfather, but I think that’s mostly in their heads.

What kind of clothing do you wear?

Loose, comfortable stuff in darker tones. My costume is pretty much like Gramps', but with a shorter jackets and a utility belt.

Do you wear makeup?


What sort of vocal tone do you have?

Deep, resonant but soft.


Where is your homeland?

The United States.

Are you aware of its history?

I have to take History in school, so, I guess so?

Are you patriotic or a social outcast?

Those are the only choices?

What are your opinion of home?

I haven’t travelled much, so I couldn’t really say, comparatively.

Where is your home town?

Freedom City.

Are your real reasons for becoming an adventurer different from what you tell others?

Not really; I'm following in my grandfather’s footsteps.

How far would you go to keep such secrets from being revealed? What would you do if the truth became known?

I think most people assume I'm connected to the original Midnight anyway.

What do you fear would occur if the truth became known?


Do you have any particularly high or low ability scores?

I guess I'm pretty well rounded, but I'm pretty quick, and I'm good at getting people to listen to me.

How have these scores affected your life so far?

I don’t use either much outside of crime fighting. I'm getting pretty good a sneaking around a freaking people out.

What about your race, growing up were you in the majority or a minority?


Did this impact your outlook in any way?

Not really?

How do you feel about other races?

People are people.

Were there any traumatic experiences in your early years (death of a family member, abandonment, orphaned at an early age)?

My parent's got divorced when I was a little kid, but I don't know how 'traumatic' I’d call that.

Briefly describe a defining moment in your childhood and how it influenced your life.

My powers kicked in around thirteen; does that count as 'childhood'? Finding out that Gramps used to be Midnight totally changed how I saw the world, and myself.

What stupid things did you do when you were younger?

I'd take appliances apart to see how they worked, but I could never get them back together afterward.

Which toys from your childhood have you kept?

I've got whole bins of construction toys in a closet somewhere.

Why? What do they mean to you? If you didn't keep any, why not? What did you do to them all?

I like building and repairing stuff. Recreating things from scratch.

Do you have any deep, dark secrets in the past that may come back to haunt you?

Give it time, I guess.

Are you who you claim to be?

I’ve got a legitimate claim to the Midnight name, yeah.

Do you have any sort of criminal record?

Not a chance.

How do you view the heroes/legends of your country?

Hearing Gramps' stories about them made me realise that the Liberty League were really just people trying to do the right thing. It humanised them for me. If they could all take a stand like that, I sort of had a responsibility to try and do the same.


Who were your parents?

Ted Hunter and Janet Pryce-Hunter

Were you raised by them? If not, then why didn't they and who did raise you?

Well, my folks divorced when I was really young, and Dad got custody. I've been living with Gramps since I was 11 or so, though, so I guess I'd say he's the one who really raised me.

What was their standing in the community?

My family's pretty well to do. Not like 'private jet' rich or anything, but Gramps' chemical patents make sure we’re never hurting for money.

Did your family stay in one area or move around a lot?

Dad practically lives out of a suitcase, and I couldn't even tell you where Mom is these days. Gramps and me stick around Freedom, though.

How did you get along with their parents?

Not badly, we just didn't really understand each other so well.

How would your parents describe you? Answer this in the voice of your mother, then in your father's.

“He's a sweet boy, but so quiet!â€

“Trevor takes after his grandfather, I'll tell you that much.â€

Do you have any siblings? If so how many and what were their names? How did you get along with each of your siblings?

I'm an only child, actually.

What was your birth position in the family?

See above?

List all current knowledge of family locations, spouses, children, birth dates, schooling, and any important incidents that only you and they might remember.

...is this like a credit card scam or something?

Do you stay in touch with them or have you become estranged?

I keep in touch with my dad, but it's not daily or anything. He's buys, I get that. Haven't spoken to my mother is a while, but I get letters now and then.

Do you love or hate one member of the family in particular?

Wow, does anyone really say they hate their family? I guess I just keep things in perspective; I get upset with my folks for not being around sometimes, but it's not like they abandoned me on a doorstep, y'know?

Is any member of the family special to you in any way (perhaps, as a confidant, mentor, or arch-rival)?

Gramps pretty much raised me, helped me with my powers and gave me a purpose. It’s important to me to make him proud.

Are there any black (or white) sheep in the family (including you)?

I get the feeling Dad knew about Gramps being Midnight and thought it was kinda ridiculous. Of course, I think he turned out sorta 'mild-mannered' for Gramps taste. They try not to bring it up.

If so, who are they and how did they "gain" the position?

Gramps invented the midnight mist, but he sort of fell into heroing. Once he did, he really committed, though, worked to be the best he could be.

Do you have a notorious or celebrated ancestor?

Uh, yeah: the original Midnight.

If so, what did this person do to become famous or infamous?

I'd say being part of the original Liberty League qualifies you.

Do you try to live up to the reputation of your ancestor, try to live it down, or ignore it?

Live up to it, definitely. I want to continue my grandfather's legacy, not tarnish it.

Do you ever want to have a family of your own someday?

Maybe? I guess? I'm seventeen, ask me again in ten years.

Would anything change your mind on this issue and if so, what?

I haven't really made up a mind to change, so...

What type of person would be your ideal mate?

Seriously. Seventeen. Humanoid and female goes a long way.

...ngh, okay, if we're being totally candid, I've kinda got a ridiculous crush on the current Raven. I know, so stupid.


Do you have any close friends? If so, who and what are they like?

...I guess not. Huh.

What is the history of their relationship(s) with you?

I'm just not a really outgoing person... besides the dressing up and fighting bad guys thing.

Do you currently have a best friend whom you would protect with your reputation or your life?

My grandfather, I guess? Wow, that's amazingly lame, isn't it?

If so, who are they and what caused you to feel so close to them? What would have to happen for you to end this relationship?

We're retreading ground, now.

Do you have any bitter enemies?

I've mostly stuck to muggers, burglars, some low ranking mob guys; not exactly archfoe material.

If so, who are they, what are they like, and what is the history of their feud with you?

I guess I'd feel an obligation to take on anybody connected to the baddies who fought the original Midnight. Yeah, not a fan of organised crime and Nazis. Shock, right?

Have you defeated them before?

Haven't had a chance, yet.

How might these enemies seek to discomfit you in the future?

By being evil? I doubt they'd do anything just to tick me off.

Which person(s) or group(s) are you most loyal to?

Other heroes, the memory of the Liberty League.

Who is your most trusted ally?

My grandfather; I trust his advice implicitly.

Who do you trust, in general?

Sort of nobody. I'm not paranoid or anything, I just take things with a grain of salt.

Who do you despise and why?

...I don't like people who target kids. Drug dealers hanging around schools, stuff like that.

Name seven things you hate in others.

Wow, negative. Um, okay, I guess:





Wilful Ignorance


Not Knowing When To Be Quiet

Is your image consistent?

I try to be a lot, y'know, scarier as Midnight, but generally, yeah. I'm not trying to put on airs or anything.

Do you deliberately present yourself differently in different situations, and how?

In costume, I do my best to scare the, uh, fight out of bad guys. I'm getting pretty good at it, actually.

What would you die for?

...to protect the innocent, I guess. It wouldn't be my first plan, but if it comes down to it, you do what you've gotta do.

What is the worst thing someone has done to you?

To me, personally? Hard to say; I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to slights against myself. I only really get mad when other people get hurt. Heh, that's kinda messed up, huh?

What is your general reaction to an attractive member of the opposite sex who lets you know they are available?

...hamminah. I'm... not what you'd call 'smooth'.

How do you get along with others of the same adventuring class?

Like, other teen heroes? I haven't met a lot. Or any, I guess. I get on pretty well with other, y'know, 'shadowy' types. I think they're mostly glad I don't talk too much.

Have you lost any loves?

Seriously, seventeen. I'm not a character on a soap opera.

How did you handle the situation (short & long term)?

I'm fine, really.

Who would miss you should you go missing?

Well, my grandfather would notice pretty quickly.

How close are you to your adventuring companions?

I'm hoping to make some new friends at Claremont. Pretty excited, actually. Well, as excited as I ever get, anyway.

What do they not know about you?

...that I'm a really good speller? I'm pretty upfront, if someone bothers to ask.

Are you a member of any house, guild, organisation, or church? What is your level of involvement?

Does Liberty League Legacy-holder count? Or being enrolled at Claremont?

Personality & Beliefs

Do you, or did you, have any role models?

Well, my grandfather, naturally.

Do you have any heroes or idols, either contemporary or from legend?

...this is starting to feel redundant.

Did you ever become disillusioned with former heroes or idols? If so, why and what were the circumstances?

Not at all, I'm just trying to live up the name Midnight.

When did you decide to become an adventurer?

Honestly? The moment I saw 'Midnight Manor'. It was this sudden but immediate certainty.

Why have you chosen to risk your life as a career?

How many teenagers can honestly say they're doing something really, truly worthwhile? It's a good feeling.

What do you expect to get out of being an adventurer? What, if anything, would make you stop adventuring?

Heh, rid the world of evil? I just want to help as many people as I can stay safe, and put as many bad guys away as I'm able.

Do you have any dreams or ambitions? If not, why?

I don't know, join the Freedom League, maybe? That's the big leagues, right?

What are your short term goals (what would you like to be doing within a year)?

I'd like to make some friends and allies, start giving the thugs around town a good reason to be afraid of the dark.

What are your long term goals (what would you like to be doing twenty years from now)?

Wow, uh... I guess I'd like to have really grown into the Midnight identity, proven myself a worthy successor.

If these goals seem at odds with each other, or with your dreams, how do you reconcile the differences?

It's all pretty straightforward.

Do you have any great rational or irrational fears or phobias? If so, what are the origins of, or reasons behind them?

Ha, yeah, I'm afraid of the dark. Wouldn't that be great? But no, nothing like that.

How do you react when this fear manifests itself?

I remind myself that I'm the one they should be afraid of.

What are your attitudes regarding material wealth?

I'd like to say it's not important, but I've never really gone without, so that'd be kinda dishonest.

Are you miserly with your share of the wealth, or do you spend it freely?

I'd say I spend responsibly. A lot of it goes to keeping my bike in working order.

Do you see wealth as a mark of success, or just as a means to an end?

Means to an end, for sure. Are you just going to get rich then sit on a big pile of money?

How do you generally treat others?

Well, I think. I try to be friendly. Some people think I come off as a little distant, though.

Do you trust easily (perhaps too easily) or not?

Not really. I guess I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Are you introverted (shy and withdrawn) or extroverted (outgoing)?

...did you seriously think I wouldn't know what those words meant? Anyway, introverted, for the most part.

Are you a humble soul or blusteringly proud?

If you say you're humble, are you, really?

What habits do you find most annoying in friends?

People my age tend to get worked up pretty easily over who said what and the latest fashions and other really silly stuff. They need to stop acting like it’s the end of the world if somebody doesn't like them.

What are your most annoying habits?

I can be a little sarcastic and dismissive when it comes to social problems. I guess if it's a big deal to them I should be nicer about it.

Is there any race, creed, alignment, religion, class, profession, political viewpoint, or the like against which you are strongly prejudiced, and why?

Geez, no. I know I'm a wealthy white kid, but c'mon...

What is your favourite food?

Couscous. I'm serious, there's so much you can do with it.

What is your favourite drink?

Coffee. Black. Hey, I keep rough hours.

What is your favourite treat (desert)?

Like anything with dark chocolate.

Do you favour a particular cuisine?

I try to eat pretty healthy.

Do you savour the tastes when eating or "wolf down" your food?

Neither? I don't rush, but I don't make a big production out of it, either.

Do you like food mild or heavily spiced?

All things in moderation, right?

Are there any specific foodstuffs that you find disgusting or refuse to eat?

Well, I'm not exactly a vegetarian, but I don't eat a lot of meat, as a rule.

What are your favourite colour(s)?

Heh, black. You don't mess with what works.

Is there any colour that you dislike?

Um, puce? A lot of this thing is really negative, huh?

Do you have a favourite (or hated) song, type of music, or instrument?

I like stuff with a beat you can turn up really loud.

If you have a favourite scent, what is it?

Engine grease.

What is your favourite type of animal?

Ravens. ...wait, I don't mean, like, y'know, the Raven, I just, ah... Nevermind. Owls. I like owls, okay?

Are you allergic to any kinds of animals?

They're probably more allergic to my mist.

Is there anything that enrages you?

Anybody to targets children, or who hurts other people for the sake of hurting them.

Is there anything which embarrasses you?

I guess I get flustered pretty easily, but I'm good at hiding it.

Do you enjoy "roughing it", or do you prefer your creature comforts?

I'm not much for the wilderness, but I travel pretty light.

Do you have a patron deity?

Erm, not in the way I think you mean it.

Are you devout or impious?

It's really either or with you people, huh?

Do you actively worship and proselytise or do you simply pay lip service?

Neither, really.

What lengths would you go to defend your faith?

I guess I'd go pretty far to defend by beliefs.

Was your faith influenced or moulded by anyone special?

Gramps is sort of my moral compass, though he usually tells me to trust my own judgement.

Do you belong to a dominant church, or an independent church, cult, or sect (and is the group accepted, frowned upon, or considered heretics)?

Nothing like that, no.

Will you kill?


When did you decide (or learn) that you would?

I haven't yet, and I don't plan on it.

When do you consider it okay to kill (under what circumstances)?

I don't really think it’s ever ‘okay’.

When do you consider it wrong to kill (under what circumstances)?

Uh, all the time, apparently.

What would you do if someone else attempted to (or successfully did) kill under your "wrong" circumstances, what would be your reaction?

I do my best to stop them, definitely.

What if it was your enemy?

I guess that sort of thing is expected from bad guys. I'd probably be more upset with myself for failing to stop them.

What if it was your friend?

...if they needed to be taken down, I'd take them down.

What if the opponent was not in control of his or her own actions (under duress, charmed, dominated, possessed)?

I'd figure out a way to snap them out of it, obviously.

What would you do if something were stolen from you?

Most of the Midnight gear has trackers in it, so I guess I'd go and get it back.

What would you do if you were badly insulted publicly?

Probably just let it go. Getting angry is probably what they want.

What would you do if a good friend or relative were killed by means other than natural death?

...if it was an accident, I'd mourn. If it wasn't... well.

What is the one task you would absolutely refuse to do?

Kill in cold blood.

What do you consider to be the worst crime someone could commit and why?

Pretty much the usual stuff, murder and... so on.

How do you feel about government (rulers) in general? Why do you feel that way?

I don't have a particular problem with authority, though I tend to make my own decisions regardless of instructions.

Do you support the current government of your homeland?

I can't vote yet, so 'support' is kind of a strong term.

If so, how far are you willing to go to defend the government? If not, do you actively oppose it?

I wouldn't stand for someone trying to take over the country by force, obviously.

What form of government do you believe is the best (democracy, monarchy, anarchy, aristocratic rule, oligarchy, matriarchy) and why?

Democracy seems to have worked out pretty well, compared to the others.

Do you have any unusual habits or dominant personality traits that are evident to others?

I'm pretty quiet, some have said 'stoic'.

If so, describe them and how you acquired them, as well as when they might be more noticeable and what causes them.

I'm just not a chatty person. I listen to what's going on around me and speak when I have something to say.

Do you have any unusual or nervous mannerisms, such as when talking, thinking, afraid, under stress, or when embarrassed?

When I get upset I sometimes start creating mist without meaning to.

What is your most treasured possession?

Gramps' old at and the Night Cycle. I did classic stuff.

If your life were to end in 24 hours, what 5 things would you do in those remaining hours?

  • Say goodbye to my family.
    Reveal my identity to the police and record whatever testimonies might help their current cases.
    Try to set things up for someone else to continue as Midnight when I'm gone.
    Prepare myself, mentally and spiritually.
    Find the biggest crime nest I could and take as many of them out as I could before they overwhelmed me.

Career & Training

Where and how were you educated?

Regular public school. Like I said, I'm transferring to Claremont.

Who trained you in your adventuring class(es)?

My grandfather.

What was your relationship with your teacher(s)/mentor(s)?

Seriously? We've been over this like three times already.

Is this person or institution still in existence?

He's still alive, yeah. Too stubborn to die, he says.

Were you a prize student or did you just barely pass?

I do pretty well. Combination of intelligence and hard work. Mostly hard work.

Look at your skills. How did you acquire them (especially the unusual ones)?

I've always been pretty good with machines. Working on the stuff in the Manor taught me a lot, too. The Night Cycle feels more like an extension of my than a vehicle.

Have you ever done anything else for a living?

I guess I've never really had a real job. Some baby-sitting, stuff like that.

How do you function in combat (manoeuvres, weaknesses)?

You can do a lot of damage when you're the only person who can see what's going on. People get stupid when they're scared, too, so that helps.

Have you ever received any awards or honours?

Getting invited to Claremont by the headmaster was pretty cool.

Is there anything that you don't currently know how to do that you wish you could?

My grandfather was a better detective than I am. I need to learn to read people more accurately.

Are you envious of others who can do such things in a good-natured way or are you sullen and morose about it?

I just want to learn. If they can teach me, I'm all ears.

Lifestyle & Hobbies

When not adventuring, what is your normal daily routine?

Wake up, go to school, hang out, go to sleep.

How do you feel and react when this routine is interrupted for some reason?

Honestly? Kind of a relief.

What are your hobbies when you are not adventuring or training?

I like to tinker with machines, especially engines.

What do you do for relaxation? What things do you do for enjoyment? What interests do you have?

I usually like to keep busy, but I've been known to turn up my music and just chill.

How do you normally dress when not in your adventuring gear?

Y'know, regular stuff. Long sleeve shirts, jeans. I wear my grandfather's black fedora a lot.

What do you normally wear in bed at home?

...okay, creepy question, but boxers, sleep pants if it’s cold.

What do you normally wear in bed while adventuring?

What, like in a motel or something?

Do you wear any identifiable jewellery?

I keep my look pretty uncluttered. Does a utility belt count?

Where do you normally put your weapons, magic items, or other valuables when you are sleeping?

Utility belt, coat pockets. There's a locked compartment in the Night Cycle to keep stuff in.

What morning or evening routines do you normally have?

I usually do a little work out to wake myself up. Some push ups, chin ups, that sort of thing. I jog when I have the time.

Do these change when you are adventuring?

Operating in the middle of the night can mess up your sleep schedule a bit.

Travel: how do you get around locally?

My bike. I won't lie, it's pretty fantastic to be a high school student with a motorcycle.

Do you have a Last Will and Testament?

...should I?

What does it say?

Guess I'll have to get back to you on that.


What would you like to be remembered for after your death?

As somebody who got the job done, y'know? As a hero, I guess.

What kind of threat do you present to the public?

No real threat, but I have accidentally scared some civilians before. I was stopping a couple of armed robbers, so they'll just have to get over it.

If your features were to be destroyed beyond recognition, is there any other way of identifying your body?

Uh, DNA, maybe? Dental records? Geez...

As a player, if you could, what advice would you give your character? Speak as if he/she were sitting right here in front of you. Use proper tone so they might heed your advice...

You're a good kid. Trust your instincts and keep working at it; you're on the right path.

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Also posted here.

Gather Information

DC 10: The Liberty Legionnaire known only as Midnight disappeared without a trace in the late 1950s.

DC 15: A string of crimes have been foiled by someone using his old brand of stealth and intimidation, including his trademark ‘midnight mist’.

DC 25: A handful of eyewitnesses have provided descriptions which suggest that this new hero may actually be the original Midnight himself. If so, he’d be at least ninety years old, without having aged a day.

Knowledge: Streetwise

DC 10: Criminals throughout Freedom City have been keeping an increasingly nervous eye on the shadows of late.

DC 15: Rumour has it the mysterious vigilante known as Midnight has returned after decades of absence, and renewed his war on crime.

DC 20: Midnight is heralded by a inky cloud of absolute darkness which leaves behind nothing but men beaten unconscious or quivering in terror.

DC 25: Reports of the man himself are sketchy at best, but consistently include a pitch black, featureless face with glowing red eyes.

Knowledge: Technology

DC 15: Midnight’s motorcycle appears to be a custom design, featuring a WWII-era design ascetic, but it’s performance suggests that it’s internal components are more modern.

DC 25: In the 1940s Midnight used a special pistol to dispense his ‘midnight mist’. His current use of a variety of miniaturised gadgets suggests that technology might have been incorporated directly into his updated costume.

Knowledge: Physical Sciences

DC 20: The midnight mist currently used by Midnight is chemically identical to the gas used up until his disappearance.

DC 25: On closer inspection, the current mist has an odd, organic quality which the old mist lacked.

Knowledge: History

DC 20: Several elements of the current Midnight’s costume and equipment are identical to those used by the Liberty Legionnaire of the same name, including his trademark fedora and Night Cycle.

DC 30: Despite that, this new hero’s body type, fighting style and mannerisms differ from those of the original. While there is likely a connection between the two, it’s clear that they are two distinct people.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I really don’t get April Fool’s Day, Trevor Hunter sighed inwardly as he bounced the clown’s head off of the convenience store’s cash register.

The lanky teen understood the concept, certainly, on a purely intellectual level. In practice, however, he’d never really seen the appeal of pranks. The day had passed largely uncelebrated at the Hunter manor, and his classmates had quickly realised that his relaxed, unexpressive demeanour made him an unsatisfying target. Even so, his grandfather had advised him that there were always those who would seize the slightest excuse to act in what would normally be socially unacceptable behaviour. The quartet of robbers in rubber masks adorned with red noses and neon hair demonstrated that principle rather effectively.

Shrouded by the darkness of his midnight mist, the young vigilante easily avoided the comically attired criminals’ blind slashes, well placed blows sending switch blades clattering to the floor. Stepping out of their way, Midnight let the pair crash into each other, then reached out to crack their heads back together as they began to stumble backward.

He’d honestly been reluctant to leave his dorm room that morning. His new peers at Claremont had already demonstrated a certain penchant for what could only be described as chaos, not to mention a talent for applying their varied powers in unexpected ways. He’d had a brief but vivid vision of telekinetics hanging buckets of water in the air, super-speedsters tripping on banana peels and shapeshifter running generally amok. Trevor had convinced himself he was simply being paranoid until he heard a muffled explosion coming from another room, at which point he decided that it might be safer to spend some time in the city.

Well, safer for me, anyway, he reflected. The last of the would-be hold-up artists wasn’t faring quite so well. The man tossed his clown mask to the floor and began stumbling around in abject terror, crashing into racks of candy bars and magazines in his search for the exit.

Silently moving to stand in front of the criminal, Midnight let the impenetrable cloud dissipate just enough that his quarry could see the black gloved fist rocketing at his nose. The shadowy vigilante noted the expression of dawning realisation and horror on his face with some satisfaction as the punch sent him sprawling across the floor to join his similarly dispatched accomplices.

"Heh." The filter in his mask made the laugh sound closer to a grunt. Maybe there was something to be said for providing nasty surprises after all.

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  • 1 month later...



Open mic night at the Java Joint tended to bring out an eclectic crowd; long haired folk musicians with accoutic guitars slung over their shoulders, amateur comedians in bright plaid blazers and thick lensed glasses, quartets of rock and roll heartthrobs in matching skinny ties, lovesick poets reading from creased pieces of looseleaf paper. It was easy for the coffee shoppe’s regulars to get lost in the crowd, but the unassuming young man in the black turtleneck quietly sipping from his cup in the dimly lit corner furthest from the stage might have blended into the scenery regardless. If the waitress, sandy brown ponytail swinging behind her hadn’t been keeping an eye out for the lanky youth as she hurried from table to table she’d likely have passed by without a second glance.

"Hey, Stringbean!" she greeted with a lopsided grin as she slid a fresh cup of coffee onto his table. "Lemme guess, the usual and keep ‘em coming?"

The dark haired teen as the table gave the apron clad young woman a shallow but amiable nod. "Ellie. I suppose I’m getting predictable?"

"Little bit," she teased good-naturedly, placing her free hand on her hip. "I was surprised to see your name on the sign-up sheet, though. Gonna sing or something?"

"Something," he agreed easily, handing over his empty cup to add to the collection of dirtied dishes piled precariously on Ellie’s tray.

A smattering of snaps from the assembled audience interrupted the conversation as the bongo player on stage hopped off of his stool and bowed awkwardly before returning to his seat. A goateed man with round sunglasses and a beret sauntered over the the mic from the shoppe’s counter. "Groovy, guy," he praised the departing musician, bobbing his head approvingly. "Next up, we got Trevor Hunter comin’ up to strut his stuff."

Tilting his head briefly to Ellie so as to excuse himself, the dark haired youth rose from his seat and made his way up to the stage. As he did, whispers came from the tables he passed.

"Trevor Hunter? Doesn’t he live in that bourgeois mansion just outta town?"

"What’s he doin’ here?"

"Probably slummin’ it, the poseur."

"Man, drag. One-way ticket to Squaresville, coming right up."

Apparently unbothered by the unenthusiastic reaction, the young man sat down easily on the stool behind the mic despite its height, and took a moment to look out over the room. The whispers died down almost immediately as the intensity of his lidded gaze froze cups halfway to lips. Leaning forward, he spoke to the suddenly still room.

"Darkness creeps slowly, then all at once.
No starlight pinpricks, no steet lamp glow.
Sound seems far, echoes and fades,
Now over your shoulder, whispers in your ear.

"The monsters hide there, half-formed, hungry,
But they do not own the darkness,
Shadows offer passage to those who know to ask,
And monsters know fear, too.

"The night reclaimed, vindicated.
The innocent emerge unscathed.
The wicked reap the righteous whirlwind:
The midnight bell tolls."

Stepping smoothly from the stool, Trevor casually walked off of the stage. There was a beat of silence from the auidence, followed by another, then the cafe errupted in a flurry of snaps.

"Far out, man!"

"I got no idea what he was even talkin’ about!"

"I know, right? That’s what makes it so brilliant!"

The lanky teen reclaimed his table, deftly picking up his fresh cup. Having placed her retreived dishes behind the counter, Ellie jogged back over, holding her tray across her chest. "Gosh, Stringbean, that was the most!" the waitress exclaimed. Realization spread across her face, and she placed a hand on one hip. "Waitaminute... all that stuff about swirling darkness... you were talking about coffee, weren’t you?" she accused.

A faint smile pulled at the corners of Trevor’s mouth, one which he hid behind a sip from his cup. "Got me. Guess I really am just that predicable, huh?"
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  • 3 months later...

Despite the increasingly chill autumn weather, Trevor continued to work on the Night Cycle outside on the pavement in front of the garage when possible, largely because he tended to loose track of time quickly while working indoors. The lean young man was testing the motorcycle’s adjusted chameleon circuitry, the morphic molecules in its paint job shifting colours to disguise the distinctive vehicle, when Mark pulled up in his sedan. Parking, the chipper probability controller jogged over to see what his more stoic classmate was up to.

“Trevor, that looks awesome!†he grinned as the the matte black paint warped into a bright red colour scheme. “You're so good with bikes. Are they your favourite kind of vehicle?"

"...Mark,†Trevor greeted, as usual vaguely nonplussed by the other teen’s enthusiasm. Considering the question as he began packing away his tools, he shrugged. â€Sure, I guess so. Like steering with my whole body. Less between me and the road the better."

Mark walked around the Night Cycle, nodding happily. “That's totally wicked! I bet you can take that thing crazy fast. What's the coolest thing you've ever done on it?â€

"Coolest...? Rode around to distract one of those giant monsters the Grue attacked the city with,†Trevor provided, retrieving his beaten fedora from the bike’s handlebars and standing up. â€Erin seemed to like ramping off the Pramas Bridge's suspension cables, too." Privately, he had to admit he enjoyed showing off a bit when it came to driving.

"Ooh, I bet. You guys look good together,†Mark nodded, his genuine tone making the observation less suggestive than it might have been. “So did your grandpa teach you to ride the bike, I guess?"

"Not really, he always preferred the Night Cruiser. The Cycle was more like a backup for him. Mostly just taught myself,†Trevor recalled. â€Came naturally, maybe because I knew how all the parts worked?" He shrugged again, not used to talking so much about himself.

“Yeah, you're pretty awesome with machines! You'd be a great mechanic,†Mark enthused, stepping around the bike to stand next to Trevor. “Have you ever wondered what job you'd have when you grew up if you weren't, you know, rich?â€

â€"Mechanic's probably right.,†The taller youth agreed. He’d hadn’t given much though to anything beyond carrying on his grandfather’s legacy, really. Be harder, but I'd still find some way to be Midnight. Too important."

Mark clapped him on the back. “You bet it is! Midnight's an awesome legacy. I wish I'd been lucky enough to see your grandpa in his prime. Do you think you'll be active as long as he was?â€

Trevor suppressed a wince as the question inadvertently reminded him of the youthful version of the original Midnight Rick Lucas had created for his warped reality. "...would've been something to see, yes.†Clearing his throat he answered the question, â€Hopefully longer; the League disbanding and the government ban forced him to really cut back toward the end."

"Those damn McCarthyists! Terrible, just terrible.†Mark shook his fist in the air in a gesture that would haven an affectation coming from anyone else. “Hey Trevor, can I ask you something personally?†he continued, brow furrowed. “Why do you talk like that? I mean, isn't it hard sometimes not being able to communicate with people all the way?"

The question drew a confused blink. "Hmm? Talk how?"

"Really laconic and quiet and stuff,†the reality warping youth elaborated. “I mean it makes you a really good, really tough badass guy in costume, but don't you find it makes it hard for you to communicate when you're not in costume?"

Wheeling the Night Cycle back into its stall in the garage, Trevor shook his head. "Not really. People use more words than they really need, distract themselves. Less I talk, the better I listen."

Keeping pace beside him, Mark nodded several times. "Okay, I guess that makes sense! In fact, let me see if I can be short too. Trevor, do you think you'll ever get married?" Perhaps unconsciously, he mimicked a bit of his friend’s soft baritone intonation.

The sudden topic change caught Trevor momentarily off guard. "...I, ah... Maybe 'short' isn't really for everyone, Mark.†A few months ago he would have had a much more decisive answer, but his life had changed dramatically since then. â€I guess I'm not sure I see the point. Why would I need a piece of paper saying who I'm allowed to, well, love? It's not really anyone else's business."

Mark seemed uncharacteristically pensive at that. "Oh, okay. But don't you worry about having kids? I mean... woah!†Eyes lighting up, his enthusiasm returned in an instant. “Do you think your kids will have your powers? Wouldn't that be boss?"

Trevor was somewhat less excited by the prospect. "...considered the possibility, yes. Hard to say. Father didn't have any, and I'm... still changing." In truth, he envied those of his fellow metahumans whose powers were less physiological. Not knowing what was happening to his own biology was worrisome on more than one level.

"Yeah, it's not going to be easy balancing family life with being a hero. But I'm sure you'll do OK!†Hopping up on one of the concrete pylons that separated parking spaces in the garage, he gave Trevor a thumbs up before tilting his chin upward as though watching something in the distance. “I guess I'll probably give powers to my kids too. Where do you see yourself in five years?"

"Who knows? I try to plan for everything; there's just too many variables.†Trevor’s approach to the future was a little less hopeful and a little more tactical than Mark’s. â€Hopefully I'll be strong enough by then to make a real difference. Lot left to learn." There was a wistful note as he leaned against another pylon.

"Yeah, like... well, never mind. Hey Trevor, if you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you want to go?" Mark spread his arms in a sweeping gesture to indicate the entire planet.

"If...?†Trevor really wasn’t accustomed to these sorts of hypotheticals. â€I don't know, I... Seattle, maybe. Why not?" he decided with an exasperated shrug.

"OK, cool. Watch this!" Mark grinned, bringing his hands together with a clap. There was a sudden flash of light too bright even for Trevor’s mutant eyes to compensate for, and when it cleared, the pair on the observation deck of Seattle’s famous Space Needle, Mark sitting now atop a guard rail while his friend tried to get his bearings back. "Pretty cool, huh? I've been messing around with the Young Freedom teleport beacons, and when I pump my power into it, I got it to send us to Seattle! Neat, huh? Or did this seem too braggy? Is it weird being on a team with really powerful people?" The young man’s expression was earnest despite his astonishing feat.

"Guh, teleporting...†Trevor placed a hand on his stomach with a grimace and shook off the shock. “No, it's fine; good to know what you can do. More than one way to measure 'power', but I know what you mean. It... keeps things interesting. Mostly I'm just glad that power's in good hands," he assured his teammate.

Mark looked vaguely relieved to hear it. “Aw, thanks, Trevor. That... that really means a lot after what happened with my dad.†After a flicker of a frown crossed the usually upbeat teen’s face, he smiled sunnily. “You're a really good friend! I bet you had lot of friends before coming to Claremont, right?â€

"Er, not really, no. Didn't have much in common.†Trevor moved to the edge of the deck and looked out at the city below them. â€Had one friend, sort of, but that... ended poorly."

“Aw, that's too bad. I didn't have a lot of friends either. Everyone thought I was crazy,†Mark commiserated with a heavy sigh. “So did your dad not want to be Midnight, then? That seems dumb. It's cool!"

The awkward topic didn’t entirely distract Trevor from the difficulty Mark seemed to be having keeping his own spirits up. The laconic youth hoped that wasn’t due to his own reserved demeanour, but personally found talking with the cheerful young man oddly refreshing. "...heh. Yeah, that does seem dumb. Think Dad was always more embarrassed by Gramps' heroing than anything. Two of them can't get though a real conversation without arguing." He shrugged, not sure how to explain it better than that.

Mark looked appalled. “That's awful! Hadn't he heard about the Three-Way Riddle War with King Cole, with the giant and the beanstalk and... I mean... well, I guess he had,†he realised. “I'm sorry, man. Does your grandpa spend a lot of time with the guys left over from the Liberty League?â€

Trevor shook his head. "He doesn't get out of the manor must any more. He's in good shape for his age, but...†he trailed off uncomfortably until a thought occurred to him. â€Actually, you should come and meet him one of these days. He'd probably get a kick out of meeting the new Lucas." As frustrating as Travis had found Jimmy Lucas at times, he’d always maintained that he was a truly decent man who never gave up no matter the odds.

"Hey, that's great! Man, I'd like to meet Midnight too... well, the Classic Midnight. I like the New version best, heh-heh-heh,†Mark chuckled before abruptly asking, “Hey, have you ever travelled in time?†Off of Trevor alarmed look he clarified, “...no, I mean, I don't have a time machine right now or anything. I guess I mean, if you could talk to your dad right now, and he'd listen, what would you say?"

Beginning to see where Mark’s train of through kept bringing him back to, Trevor frowned, but replied, "We never had much luck getting through a conversation, either. Guess I don't have much to say to him either way. Like him to... be proud of me, but we're not... measuring on the same scale." It was a sobering admission, and one he’d not made out loud before.

“Yeah... yeah, dads can be tough that way,†Mark agreed, swinging his feet back and forth under the guard rail. “Are things any better with your mom?â€

"Have an easier time remaining civil with her, if that's what you mean. Mostly just because we keep out conversations fairly banal,†Trevor sighed. â€She's doesn't know about Midnight; thinks I need be more outgoing, show up on magazine covers and gossip columns." He snorted at that, shaking his head and leaning more heavily against the railing.

“Parents can be tough to get along with that way. You ever think... nah.†Stopping mid sentence once again, Mark shifted topics. “Hey, you ever think about working in a different city? Like New York, or LA?â€

"No. Freedom is Midnight's city," Trevor responded tersely, is voice slipping into a deeper register for a brief moment.

"Ooh, catchy,†Mark nodded, rubbing his chin. “Hey, you wanna to get some coffee?" Slowly getting used to the spastic pace of the conversation, Trevor grunted an affirmative, bracing himself just in time for another flash, the teleportation depositing them on either side of a booth in a small coffee shop. Luckily, none of the other patrons or staff seemed to have been looking in that direction.

After they ordered, Mark played with the corner of a napkin before looking up hesitantly. "Hey, uh, Trevor, personal question, but how are you and Erin getting along with, uh, you know, stuff. Dating and stuff?"

Trevor coughed, still not completely comfortable discussing his romantic life. Mark was both his friend and Erin’s, however, and he tried to answer as openly as possible. "Ah. Good. Taking things slow. Well. Slowish. I mean, ah... lack a frame of reference, but... Yes. Good." Smiling slightly in spite of himself, he let out a breath that was half chuckle. "Heh."

"That's a good idea, Trevor. I mean, I've... rushed into things, maybe a lot of things, but sometimes I wish I'd taken the time to have some emotional bonds like you guys have.†Their mugs arrived, and Mark switched from fidgeting with his napkin to stirring copious amounts of sugar into his drink. “Do you think she likes you back?"

Recalling the last time he’d worked on Erin’s truck, Trevor dryly replied, "Have it on pretty good authority, yeah.†Observing the other young man from across the table, he took a long sip of his black coffee before quietly asking, â€...we still talking about me, Mark?"

Starring into his own mug for a silent moment, Mark bit his lip before looking up. "Would... would you come over to my place after school, Trevor? My mom is baking pie, and with only two of us to eat it, it just sort of goes stale. And that's... that's not good, Trevor. She's always really happy to see my friends."

The dark haired teen blinked once before his expression softened with understanding. "...sure, pal. Sounds good."

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  • 1 month later...

Character Score Meme

Midnight II

Theme Song:


For one more time,

Let your madness run with mine.

Streets still unseen we'll find somehow;

No time is better than now.



Darkness our disguise,

We can see what's going through your mind;

Breathing our demise,

We can see the terror in your eyes…



It was midnight; Your hand was in mine; All eyes were on our table.

It was after noon before you were out of bed and I was able;

To concentrate... To figure out a plan to keep you here;

To evaluate... To make a list, a list to convince you.



There's a sky blue sky;

Behind these cold, dark clouds.

When the rain lets up;

We'll all complain about the heat.

Story Arc Specific: ...Maeghan.


Try as he might he's unable to speak.

He grabs her by the hair, he strokes her on the cheek.

The bed is unmade like everything is;

Dark little heaven at the top of the stairs.

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