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It feels good to be back


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This is something that I've wanted to do for a while.

Captain Knievel / Malice Team Up!

The heroes have to stop Freedom's Most Wanted Villainous Duo (and their lackeys from the shadow academy) from capturing the McGuffin which is the final piece to their plan to destroy the cities heroes.

This will be a combat heavy thread taking place over multiple scenes.

I am looking for a maximum of 5 heroes from PL 10 to 14 to sign up. Once I have 5, I'll get this running ASAP. Characters on the lower end of this spectrum are preferred, as I would like to give preference to new players, but I WILL take the first 5 that submit their candidacy.


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Additional Addendum: As CapK and Malice are now NPC Villains, The Heroes WILL win this fight. However, as I would like to keep these villains around as a tool for later threads, they will be getting away, likely with their tails squarely between their legs. (Expect lots of Fiat should it come to that.)

Signup list so far:

1. Jack of all Blades

2. Phalanx

3. The GoodMad Dr. Archeville

4. Divine

5. Sarah Prescott

Waiting List:

1. Arrowhawk

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And that makes 5 players. This thread will get off the ground as soon as I flatten out the details of the mechanics with Geez3r (who will of course be running Malice) and as soon as the final edits for Captain Knievel and Malice get through. As long as the edits don't hold me up, I'm hoping to have this started on Monday at the Latest.

I will post links to the In Character and Out of Character threads here once I am ready.

As this is probably the largest thread I've ever run on this site, I'm going to be laying down the law pretty heavily (but fairly). That said...

Just some preliminary ground rules:

1) You do not talk about... *cough* sorry.

2) Pay Attention - I'll be closely watching the initiative and combat in this thread. When in combat rounds, Players will be given no less than 24 hours to take their turn, but should not expect more than 24 hours to take their turn. (This includes myself and Geez3r)

3) As I will be monitoring initiative, I will be OK-ing each player action as it is taken, and rolling NPC reactions as close to real time as I can. Even if your turn is coming up next, I would like to request that you wait for my go-ahead before taking action. It keeps things organized and clear.

4) On a similar note, please be clear about what actions you are taking in the OOC thread. To make my job easier, label things your actions as standard, move, free, etc. It takes very little time on your part, and make the thread run faster altogether.

5) Assistant GM - Geez3r will act as my assistant GM for this thread. Keep in mind he is also a ref on this site. Mechanically, what he says goes. Geez3r may award HP's, and employ GM Fiat in the same manner that I can.

6) I reserve the right to edit these ground rules should any other pertinent details arise.

Any player that is not comfortable with these rules is welcome to withdraw from the thread and their spot will be filled. If you wish to do so, just say so here.

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