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Banking On It [OOC]


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  • 2 weeks later...

Device 11 (Dark Star Suit; hard to lose): Insubstantial 3 (Extra: Duration/Continuous, Flaw: Permanent) [15dp], Flight 1 [2dp], Blast 17 (Power Feat: Precise 2) [36dp], Super-Senses 7 (gravitic field sense [accurate, extended, radius, ranged, mental sense], direction sense, radio) [7dp]

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Mark power-stunts the following off his Probability Control array:

Nullify 12 [all firearms] (Extras: Duration [Concentration], Burst Area, Selective) (Flaws: Distracting) (PFs: Progression 6 on Area, Precise, Subtle) (60 pp)

This should shut down every gun in the bank!Mark will spend every HP he has (he has 7 base and several more from his complications to his Young Freedom allies like Eddie, Mike, and Chris) to make any guns inside the bank that pass the save fail with Luck Control.


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Defence 20 Thugs? What kind of game do you run!?

Phalanx takes out all the thugs near the hostages, but the other 3 aren't close enough. He hits automatically, they fail even on a 20. Woot.

Breakdown is up.

Quark - 37 - 5 HP - Unharmed

Geckoman - 27 - 2 HP - Unharmed, delaying

Phalanx - 16 - 3 HP - Unharmed

Breakdown - 11 - 3 HP - Unharmed

9 Thugs - 10 - 6 down, 2 at bags, 1 with wallets

Edge - 8 - 6 HP - Unharmed

Seraph - 4 - 1 HP - Unharmed

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Music Mastery

Speed 10 [10pp]

Strike 12 (PF: Accurate 4) [16pp]

Enhanced Feat: Takedown Attack 2 [2pp]

Impervious Toughness 7 [7pp]

It's a Holiday in Cambodia. It's rough here, but that's the life :/

This is for later:


Breakdown is going to run in and try to clean up after Phalanx

All out Attack 5, Power Attack 5, vs three remaining thugs. Using Speed 10 and Takedown Attack 2 to reach all of them. (1d20+10=22, 1d20+10=20, 1d20+10=24)

Since the DON'T have Def 20, I believe that means I hit all of them. My DC actually comes in higher than Phalanx after Power Attack. I hit for DC 32 on all attacks.

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