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Reflections (IC)


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Sarah Prescott sat in a recliner, staring out south through the open balcony doors. Behind her she could hear her cat chasing it's jingle ball around the living room. The last few days had been unusual, to say the least. She was actually looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, get some normalcy back.

She looked over at the sword resting in it's new stand in the corner, glinting oh-so-innocently in the late afternoon light. Her sword now she supposed, though at times using it felt like hitting a bad patch of ice at 80 mph. Then there was the damage to her psyche. After handing the bleeding and unconscious attackers over to the police, Adrian Eldritch who apparently consulted for the Hunter Museum, offered to escort her to the Albright Institute to find out what had happened to her.

It seemed that what according to Eldritch was a failed possession attempt had left some nasty mental scars. Her emotional balance was off, she would be more vulnerable to future mental assaults, and she'd completely lost her ability to feel fear. The sword itself, which dated back to sometime after Atlantis, had bonded to her. In light of the fact it would make it's way back to her even if she gave it up, the Museum had gifted it to her in thanks for stopping the attackers.

Still, she could do some cool things now. All her little scars and blemishes had disappeared when she was infused by the sword. She had telekinesis, healing abilities, and the world's coolest pocket. She'd already stashed first-aid supplies and a set of camping gear in it, along with a few changes of clothing and her 'costume.'

Noticing the sunlight starting to fade, Sarah got up to put the dishes from dinner away. Changing into the black suit she was using as a costume, she tied a black bandit mask over her face. Picking up her sword, she took another look out the balcony window. Maybe she'd try for something more challenging than just muggers tonight.

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