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Alright, the Grue Invasion is upon us... sort of. It won't actually be occurring in the time line until late April/early May, but it is a rather involved series of mini adventures. Now, I'm currently a senior in college, meaning I am really busy at this point in time, so the threads might not move all that fast, but with this many players they rarely do. But that's why I'm starting this early. Just so we're not still going through the Grue Invasion 4 months after it already happened. This is also the thread where Atlas goes a bit evil. Think of it as a combination of Secret Invasion and World War Hulk.

So yeah, like the previous Invasion! threads, this is one of the mega-events. There will be many different threads going on at once. So for now, I just want a preliminary list of who wants to sign up.

Note: this is one of my threads. This means it will be combat heavy. There will be more than just combat, but there will be lots of combat.

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I'd like to volunteer both of my active characters for this. I'm just plain enjoying playing BH, and as for The Scarab, I can't really think of an excuse for the premiere psionic hero of the city to not be involved in a story about an invasion force of psychic vampire shapeshifters. :D

If there's no room for them in the main threads you're running, you can give me the jist of what's going on and I can run my own side-therad tie-ins.

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Working on "Batman Protocols" to assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of the characters so that when I split you into teams, the teams are more or less balanced. I was thinking of 5 teams, with roughly 1 new character and 1 brick per team, and then filling in the gaps trying to keep an even-ish (effective) PL for the group. Nothing against the new people, but they have less points to throw around than the veterans, and bricks so someone can go a round or two with Atlas and the other nasties should it come to that.

In no particular order we have:

Mongrel Angel



Dead Head

Dr. Archeville





Freedom Angel



Jack of All Blades



Sarah Prescot


The Black Hand






That's 23 characters, so far. If your character's name is not on this list and you would like them to be, please respond indicating the previous.

If your character is on the list, and you don't want them on there, again post a reply.

Once this all gets squared away, we should get started. Also, in the likely event that this arc (not thread, arc) lasts for longer than April, use the latest version of your character sheet.

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