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Kick Open the Door (IC)

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Date: March 15, 2010

Blake was just coming home from school one fine March Friday afternoon when he noticed a peculiar thing in his uncle's driveway: a luxury car, a black Lexus, with an unfamiliar license plate. Hurrying to his front door, he made out through the porch windows a distinguished-looking older gentleman in the living room, sitting with his uncle and drinking instant lemonade. They were talking in low, controlled voices, and he could just make out a mention of his name.

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The older man sat down his cup, giving Blake's uncle time to make introductions. Blake had seen his uncle happy before, an emotion that didn't always mean something good, but rarely was he so obviously trying to control his delight. "Blake, this is Mr. Summers. He's going to be your principal from now on."

Half-out of his seat, Summers winced visibly, though it didn't seem like Blake's uncle picked up on it. "That's up to Mr. Salazar," he said, with a faint undertone in his deep, sharp old voice that suggested he'd said words like that already in the last few minutes. Possibly more than once. "I'm just here to speak to you about your education."

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"It's a pleasure, Mr. Salazar." Summers shook his hand like a man, his grip firm despite his age, and took a careful seat. He didn't look bothered by Blake's attitude; perhaps he was just used to dealing with the vicissitudes of teenagers. "Your education, and your future, are up to you," he said seriously. "I'm here to offer you an opportunity for special education at the Claremont Academy." Blake had heard of the school, it was one of the more elite private schools in Freedom City. Summers looked at Blake levelly. "I've looked at your test scores, your artwork, and your extracurricular activities, and I believe you have a special talent that we can nurture at the school. You're a creative young man, and that's something we try and promote in all our students."

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"I'm glad to hear that," said Mr. Summers seriously. "I think you'll find the school has many opportunities for you." He looked from Blake to Blake's uncle and said, "Given Blake's academic and artistic achievements, as well as your family's financial state, the school will be willing to offer a full scholarship, as well as room and board on campus. If you're willing to part with your nephew, that is."

"Oh yes," said Blake's uncle, his eyes lighting up at the prospect. "I really want to make sure Blake gets what's coming to him."

"Quite," said Summers, giving the other man a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes.

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"A full scholarship? Sounds good, Mr. Summers." KC extends a normal hand towards the man. He was slightly confused as to why they didn't notice him earlier, but better late than never. "Where can I sign up?" For all of his life, Blake wanted something more. He wanted to be recognized, and sitting around with his uncle at his crummy house. He wanted to be with people of his talent, that he had things in common with. He wanted to be with the big leaguers.

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Within just a couple of days after Mr. Summers' departure arrived at Blake's house, the paperwork and the representative from the school arrived. Everything had been worked out, said Janice, the smiling young lawyer, to Blake and his uncle. "Now that the financial aid has been put in place, you can start at Claremont first thing Monday." It soon became clear that Blake's uncle was heartily glad to see the back of him, the man was eager to help him pack. "Just think of all the fun you'll have on campus!" he said the night before Blake's departure.

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Blake smiled as he happily signed the papers. His new beginning had arrived literally at his doorstep. His only hope was that there wouldn't be any super-crime around the campus. He hoped his powers wouldn't get in the way. However, this was not important. To Claremont or bust! :cthulhu:

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