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Unearthing the Past - Recruitment Thread


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Black Anubis was originally named Oth and was trapped in a temple in the Nubian desert, in his dimension that is. He's recently found the mirror of that temple on Prime, and is now looking to release the captive which he presumes to be Primes Oth. The key is a scarab key currently to be found in the Hunter Museum of Natural History, hardly being the most subtle villain once it comes to the crunch BA is going to set off whatever alarms there are drawing the heroes to the place.

BA will however get away, though valiant PC action will result in more HPs for the final confrontation at the temple. Though it's not necesarily Oth who's trapped there in this dimension, and I'm leaning towards it being some kind of Eldritch being.

Quick and slightly dirty recruitment for an Adventure that will stretch for more than one scene.

Looking for anything between 3 to maybe 6 heroes for this one, as a rule of thumb preferential treatment (in selection that is) will be given to new players/characters. PL 10s will have it easiests (both for them and for me), though nothing is barring PL 6s from joining.

Looking to start this up before the end of next week, or possibly this one depending how many show an interest and how much time I can scrape together.

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