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Mash-Up Madness


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The idea arose in chat last night of a story where characters are merged together in the style of Amalgam Comics. We batted around a few variations, including combining PCs with other PCs, combining them with setting NPCs like the Freedom League and combining all of each player's active characters together. For reference, here's some of the results we came up with for the last one:

Avenger + Edge + Freedom Angel = Longinus: Bat-winged fallen angel cast out for manipulating fate to help mortals. Now living on Earth, he continues to help the helpless, combining the strength of the righteous with the devil's own luck!

Phalanx + Ace Danger = Dangerproof: Ancient mystic secrets gifted charismatic adventurer Ace Harris with invulnerability to all harm. The Man Who Cannot Be Killed travels the world foiling the schemes of SHADOW and other villainous organizations!

Phantom + Psyche = Pasithea: Charged with protecting the collective unconsciousness of all humanity, this cloaked figure patrols the dreamscape, ensuring that the it says separate from the waking world.*

Dark Star + Hellion = Darkfire: Young and arrogant, Derrik Profit sought to remove the demonic half of his nature with an occult ritual. Instead, he was transformed into a being of pure, pitch black hellfire possessing immeasurable power!

Doktor Archeville + Dead Head = Doktor Totenkopf: An unfortunate accident in the lab ended the life of Doktor Archeville, but gave rise to the ghostly apparition known as Doktor Totenkopf! He still doesn't believe in magic, though.

Arrowhawk + Geckoman = The Hawk: Chris MacKenzie was an average Scottish youth until an accident granted him superhuman eyesight and aim, retractable talons he could use to scale walls and a lightweight skeleton aiding amazing acrobatics!

Wander + Fleur de Joie = Walkabout: On a parallel Earth, a nanotech virus turned all organic life into mindless automatons save for one girl, who used her powers over plant life to survive and fight back against the technological terrors!

Atlas + Jester = Punchline: Grue experiments unhinged the mind of the man known only as Punchline but granted him a malleable, shapeshifting form, making him like unto a living cartoon! A very strong cartoon with a penchant for slapstick...

Jack of all Blades + Midnight II = Nick of Time: A throwback to an earlier time, this hero is instantly recognizable by the "24/7" emblazoned on his costume. Absorbing energy rather than sleeping, Nick of Time is always on the clock!

Grimalkin + Gossamer = Rapunzel: When Lynn de Havilland was a baby, she was switched with a changeling and brought to live in the fearie realms. Returning as an adult woman, her animated blonde locks are only the first of the powers she has learned!

Divine + Seraph = Beholder: The daughter of Aphrodite and Apollo, Faith Morley is a goddess in her own right. Running a popular beauty spa in the West End, she possesses the divine ability to bring out the inner beauty - or the true face of evil - in her clients.

Mongrel Angel + Aiko = Karakuri: A winged automaton covered in filigree and delicate etchings, Karakuri's artificial intelligence developed the spark of true sentience. She searches for the meaning of humanity while living up to her angelic appearance.

Breakdown + Colt = Hoedown: Eddie Reynolds might not know much about this 'popular music', but he knows what he likes! With his trusty acoustic guitar and amazing sonic powers, he's ready to herd the bad guys right outta town!**

Quark + Wesley Knight = Darian Knight: Growing up in a small auto-plant town, Darian was never going to be able to afford university. Using his biokinetic powers, he transformed his body and mind to their peak, becoming the ultimate student and earning his choice of scholarships.

Scarab + Zephyr + Black Hand = Scarab Infinity: Decades in the future, the superpowerless teenage daughter of the very last incarnation of the Scarab dons a reflex-enhancing suit to carry on the name and prove that justice is truly eternal.

Lidaelle + Magnificent = Valentine: Beautiful assistant to a stage magician, "Valentine" was bonded to an insect-like demon thanks to her boss's clumsy forays into true sorcery. Now, in times of stress, she transforms into an armored, supernatural monster!

*Doc A had a differnet name for this one, but its completely slipped my mind.

**... and he's a werewolf. Sorry, quote, Lukos is odd wolf out.

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Alternative Ideas:

Lidaelle + Dead Head = Katie Dead: Surprisingly upbeat teen zombie infested with various insects.

Jester + Tempest = The Pest: Puckish elemental sprite.

Malice + Anybody = Uh Oh: + Jester = Jealous, + Magnificent = Maleficent, + Colt = Moar Dakka, etc.

Young Freedom + The Midnighters + The Knights of Freedom = The Young Mid-Knights: Kinda like if the Scoobie Gang were the monsters.

Jack of all Blades + Anybody = Some Guy Named Jack: It's like taking 10 on naming: Grim Jack, Doktor Jack, Jack of all Bows, etc.

Gossamer + Fleur de Joie = Ivy: She got vines! For hair!

Breakdown + Magnificent = Sensational: A Magician Named GOB... only awesome.

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Phantom + Psyche = Pasithea: Charged with protecting the collective unconsciousness of all humanity, this cloaked figure patrols the dreamscape, ensuring that the it says separate from the waking world.*

*Doc A had a differnet name for this one, but its completely slipped my mind.


Jack of All Blades + Dead Head = Dead Man's Hand

There were some other good NPC/PC ones mentioned last night.

Talos + Malice = Malice finds Talos' inert form and uses it to replace his damaged/missing bits, but Talos' mind slowly starts taking over, and Malleus (as in Malleus Maleficarum) expands his "kills all metahumans" policy to "kill all humans!". Malice eventually breaks free of Talos; Talos retains much of Malice's insanity, starting him on the path of a Heel Face Turn.

Daedalus + Doktor Archeville = When he lost his son, Doktor Daedalus didn't just turn from the Greek Gods, he turned to the Old Ones!

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There's been enough interest in this to justify coming up with some stats for these guys. Each amalgamated character has a number of PP equal to the highest total among it's component parts. If you were combining a 90PP character and a 150PP character, for example, the result would be constructed from 150PP.

If you have an idea for your amalgamation different from the one presented here, post the concept here first, to make sure you 'get it'. Likewise, if you ave any questions, fire away. Taking a look at these scans from the original Amalgam Comics is highly recommended!

Assuming this does make it into practice, what say you, refs? Each post from the amalgam worth 1/2 post for each component character?

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