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Pic Request Thread II: Electric Boogaloo

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(Thanks, Brain! No not that one. The one with the name.)

OKAY, so! The way it works is simple: I go down the list and update every so often on the progress of each drawing, if said character has a secret identity I'll be adding it in there somehow. But there's a few things I suppose most folks should know about my drawings, habits, and drawing habits.

1.It's loosely animu based, my early years of drawing was pretty much influenced on KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC (yeaahhh!) and Ronin Warriors. So expect the drawings to not look realistic at all.

2.I'm not that great of an artist and I'm still learning but I'm a determinator, so I'll keep drawing/re-drawing/going into a corner and crying until I get it right.

3. Said determination might cause some slowdown on my updates. Super sorry!

4.I don't like putting a "finished" look on pictures since I believe having a whole "Sketchy" feel to the drawing shows my work and the many times I've had to redraw it. And I get this sort of "Ew, it looks bland" whenever I DO attempt inking/outlining. But worry not! I'm decent at coloring.

5. I'm easily distracte--

5 Part 2. I'm easily distracted by the internet and mostly TvTropes (but sometimes Ragnarok Online) so there may be times where there won't be any word of me from the drawings. But I eventually get back to it.

6. I don't draw..a lot. Mostly they're zany sketches done in MSN and short bursts of awesome. Coupled with the prolonged times of reading TvTropes I tend to go uninspired and just feel awful when I force myself to draw.

7. There's bound to be a lot of slowdowns at times is what I'm getting at!

Now that that's out of the way, I'll post a list of accepted PCs and their progress. If the drawing is done it'll be linked from the PC's name. It'd be super nifty if a Mod would add it to the first post.

Divine- Done!

Seraph - Work in Progress (40%)

Fleur de Joie

Freedom Angel

Jack of All Blades

Midnight II



The Black Hand

Wesley Knight



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Geckoman hasn't actually got a proper picture. :(

He's essentially the Ted Kord Blue Beetle, albeit without that odd beetle design. Green jumpsuit, orange goggles, bright yellow G on his chest. His gloves and boots are a darker green, and he has a yellow utility belt (like Silver Age Batman's)

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