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As many of you know, we have a page at TVTropes.org. Technically, while there are a couple of us who keep an eye on it (it is, after all, a giant advertisement for this site), anyone can make a TVT account (it's really, really easy) and edit the page.

However, while everyone can, only a small handful of us actually do. And those of us who make up that small handful have been bombarded with edit requests for the page from those too intimidated or lazy to just make the edits themselves.

In order to make sure no one feels shut out, I've decided to start a thread where people can post requests for edits to the tropes page. If you have a trope you'd like added, or a character you'd like added to (or removed from) a trope entry, go ahead and post a request here, and we'll do our best to make sure everyone feels included.

Remember, this is not my page, or your page - it is our page.

EDIT: Same goes for the Wiki.

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