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Wealth For Starting Equipment


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Can a character with above avarage wealth (In my case: Wealth 2/Rich) buy MUNDANE equipment at the start without getting Equipment Feat? I dont mean anything fancy, in fact my list consists only of:

Shurikens [Dmg +1; Range: 10ft; Piercing, Autofire] (3ep)

Undecover Shirt [Toughness +2, Subtle] (3ep)

Grapple Gun (Speed 1+Super-Movement 1 [swinging]) (3ep)

Caltrops (1ep)

Smoke Bombs [4ep]

Im asking becouse Im having troubles cutting down more points for Equipment, and my character is rich anyway... so yeah.

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There's a list somewhere of some mundane items that a character of a certain wealth level can be assumed to have access to for no cost. I think cell phones and normal cars are on that list. I'm certain that nothing on your list is. Sorry. :(

If it affects die rolls, then odds are very good that you actually have to buy it as Equipment or Devices.

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