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Urban Ronin---PL 10---Lone Star

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Under construction!

Characters Name: Urban Ronin

In Brief: Like Batman, only not rich.

Power Level: (10) (150/150)

Trade-Offs: None

Unspent PP: 0

Alternate Identity: Roland Morgan

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 6’-0â€

Weight: 180 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Description: Roland, in his street clothes, looks like a well-built young adult. He has jet-black hair that he gels up into spikes. He generally wears comfortable street clothes, in grey and red, his favorite colors. As Urban Ronin, he wears a hoodie jacket and jeans, both in urban camouflage. He also wears a simple domino mask, also in a shade of grey. He has a motorcycle for transportation, a Kawasaki Ninja.

History: Roland grew up in The Fens, the lowest and most sleazy part of Freedom City. His father was usually at work getting meager sums to get their rent taken care of, leaving Roland to be raised on the streets. He tried to keep to himself, but as he reached his teenage years, he had to start fighting back. He was approached by a trio of South Side C's, and they asked him to join their gang. Roland had time and time again proved his ability to fight on the street when he was attacked by muggers or other street crud, and they wanted him to be in their gang. Roland declined, and the gang members attacked him. He beat them senseless, and left them in a bloody heap on the street. Later that night, when his father and him were eating dinner, a car pulled up to their house and four gang members opened fire, tearing great holes in the wall of their small apartment. His father was shot in his chest, and Roland ducked down, avoiding the shots. When his father was rushed to the hospital, the paramedics told Roland his father would make it through, but he would need months to recover from the incident. Roland returned home that night, and donned his costume. It was not a very complex costume, simply his hood and jeans, both in urban camo. He found the South Side C's about an hour later, robbing an electronics store. He got the drop on them, and beat them, tying them up with a length of chain he brought. When the police arrived, they congratulated him. Roland had found a purpose: to stop criminals from destroying his part of the city. Through the reception of his motorcycle and armor from the city, he is able to expand his crime-fighting route to other parts of Freedom City, and fight against the big-leaguers as Urban Ronin.

Personality & Motivation: Although Roland did not lose his father, the traumatic incident of it has affected his personality. The young man that was once happy is now rather cold inside. He does not show emotions readily, nor will he open up to people he does not know very well. He is motivated by his desire for justice, as well as revenge against the gang members that hurt his father.

Powers & Tactics: Since Roland does not possess any powers, he relies heavily on his melee and intimidation abilities to get by. He plays the scrapper in any team he is in, using close combat and his chain to beat down his opponents. His motorcycle and driving skills also make him handy for getting away quickly.

Complications: Roland, although he fights criminals, has a certain hatred for street-gangs, especially the South Side C's. If he encounters a gang member, he will drop everything to make sure he is behind bars (after a good whomping).

Stats: 10+4+10+2+6+4 = 34pp

Str: 20 (+5)

Dex: 14 (+2)

Con: 20 (+5)

Int: 12 (+1)

Wis: 16 (+3)

Cha: 14 (+2)

Combat: 12+20 = 32pp

Attack: +6 (+10 melee)

Grapple: +11

Defense: +10 (+5 flat-footed)

Knockback: -0

Initiative: +2

Saves: 0+8+12+8 = 28pp

Toughness: +10 (+5 Con, +5 other)

Fortitude: +13 (+5 Con, +8)

Reflex: +14 (+2 Dex, +12)

Will: +11 (+3 Wis, +8)

Skills: 92r = 23pp

Acrobatics 12 (+14)

Climb 12 (+17)

Drive 10 (+12)

Intimidate 14 (+16)

Knowledge (Current Events) 7 (+8)

Knowledge (Popular Culture) 8 (+9)

Knowledge (Streetwise) 9 (+10)

Notice 8 (+11)

Stealth 12 (+14)

Feats: 0pp


Improved Block

Improved Trip

Power Attack

Sneak Attack 2

Acrobatic Bluff

Attack Focus (Melee) 4

Defensive Roll 2


Endurance 2

Equipment 6


Fearsome Presence 5

Hide in Plain Sight

Improved Critical (Chain) 2

Equipment Name [30ep]

Camo Clothing (1), Undercover Vest (4), Brass Knuckles (2), Chain (7), Motorcycle (9), Binoculars (1), Flashlight (1), Cell Phone (1), Video Camera (2), Computer (Laptop) (1), Gas Mask (1)

Powers: 0+0+0 = 0pp

Drawbacks: 0+0+0 = 0pp

Example: Name (description; frequency, severity; -X)

DC Block:

Melee --- DC 21 Toughness --- Bruise

Chain (18-20 crit) --- DC 22 Toughness --- Bruise

Costs: Abilities (36) + Combat (32) + Saves (28) + Skills (23) + Feats (25) + Powers (00) - Drawbacks (00) = 144pp

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Fluff looks fine But make sure that you don't start to dip too much to the grim-dark side. Right now I think he's fine but I see potential for him to slide that direction.

Attributes: I count 36

Combat: Grapple should be 15 Grappling counts as melee so your melee focus counts there.

Saves: Good

Skills: Good

Feats: I count 29, Diehard is free to all heroes. Improved block is almost useless as block takes an action to use. Defensive roll has similar issues since you lose it when flat footed but for a no powers "bad-ass normal" its kinda necessary if you don't defense shift.

Equipment: We let you have cell phones, flashlights, and maybe binoculars without spending EP on them.

Your point total looks to be at 149 right now so list the correct totals on the sheet (36 for attributes 29 for feats), fix the grapple score, and spend the last point and you'll be good to go.

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