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Furry Fracas - Ani-Earth's Finest OOC


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For Avengemouse and Foalcrum!

Yes, the intros are all the same. The gist is that the Ani-Earth heroes have arrived in Earth-Prime to bring back the Factor Fur, who are in Freedom City for their own nefarious purposes. To that end, Science Squid has given each of them a device which will home in on their respective human counterpart. The first part of each thread will be Ani-Earth heroes tracking down and meeting their Earth-Prime double. Then: fighting!

Since it came up earlier, the Ani-Earth crew are anthropomorphic cartoon animals in the style of Darkwing Duck or Usagi Yojimbo. I'm taking a cue from the more recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles iterations and saying that they average closer to five feet tall than six... er, except for Foalcrum, who's evidently been eating her oats.

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