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Green with Envy (OOC)


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A basic opener. The nearest meteorite landed in Lantern Hill on one of the narrow streets lined with refurbished colonial houses. Notice checks DC 20 will reveal the strange astronomical event. :)

I'll leave it up to the heroes how they get involved. As for ideas, perhaps...

Breakdown may well here it over the radio.

Fleur de Joie hears that strange signal from the forest, and an even weirder vibe from Lantern Hill.

The battle has smoke rising, so Freedom Angel may notice that or even the low-flying meteor.

Jack's energy awareness freaks out with a cold, pulsing, slimy alien feeling.

Kid Cthulhu feels a similar sensation, or even more oddly, one that beckons him.

Hellion? may feel the tingle of dimensional ripples as if something just phased fully into our world.

In any event, I'm working up a description of the scene. Thanks for joining me and I hope you all have a good time. Be gentle. :)

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Jack makes the Notice check automatically with Skill Mastery. He'll make a DC 25 Stealth check by the same token, hiding out on the rooftop across the street from the mob.

We probably won't need this for a while, but since I'm not sure how frequently I'll be on over the next couple of days, here's an Initiative roll in advance: Initiative. (1d20+9=19)

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Well, to follow the theme of "Follow" I was going for a "get places and find things" set of powers. So yea, that would probably be a good assumption. I'm just being lazy about it right now, But if you want me to spell the entire thing out, I'm sure I could come up with something :)

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Haha, well, I wouldn't want to steal his act, anyway! I'm pretty sure Jack's personal timeline is a mess as far as that goes, but I'm not going to sweat it too much. He's just like a real comic book character! Superboy-Punch!

Of course, if Jack finds out that James is the one who caused the Invasion! in the first place...

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Okay, I was confused at first about which character Cy was using for this thread. I've edited my first post and gone ahead and brought Stesha in on the action. Since she's reacting to the plants and not to the people, I had her teleport into the backyard. Using ESP, medium plants, to try and see what's going on in there.

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We were just kidding about the telepathy thing, Darius. Mind reading tends to solve problems really quickly, so it's common in both comics and the game for the writer/GM to handwave the telepath, or at least their powers, out of the fight. Martian Manhunter gets that a lot.

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Don't feel bad. Here are the actual base Initiatives for my D&D character last Saturday:


...and I have +3 bonus. I tore things up with spells, but I was one distracted halfling. ;)


1) Breakdown 25

2) Jack-of-All-Blades 19

3) Zombie Neighbors/Piranha Plants 14

4) Hellion 6

5) Fleur de Joie 5

2 Up/Monsters/2 Up. That works out nice. I usually go first-come-first-serve before/after the villains. Any preferences or does the community prefer initiative count?

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And without further ado, I shall make my first move. Sorry this took so long. Been distracted as of late. (Read: Thanks for waiting!)

Move Action: Reconfigure

Stun 11 (Extras: Area/Cone) [33pp]

Super Movement 1 (Duck Walk) [2pp]

(That second power is just for Ha's and is courtesy of Sandman :P

Standard Action: Stun!

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