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Interview with a Werewolf [OOC]

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Wherein Doktor Archeville goes hunting for vampires, but finds a werewolf instead. Specifically, Lukos.

My idea had been that Doc goes on patrol, finds a werewolf (Lukos), the they either

a] fight, come to a draw, back off from one another, then later Doc shows up at Luko's place while he's in squishy human form and offers to start again in a more civilized manner, or

b] fight, Doc wins, subdues him, takes him to his laboratory (muah hah hah hah!), Lukos eventually resumes human form and they chat, or

c] fight, Lukos wins, and he... I'm not sure, actually.

Your ideas?

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As per Chat:

March 3rd: Lukos has a run in with some gun toting mobsters. After forced to transform into his wolf form, and nearly mauling a mob boss to death, Lukos flees the scene of the crime with nothing but the hair on his back. The only witness to these events was an extremely injured Homicide detective named Candy - Or so Lukos thought.

March 4th: Thomas Young wakes up in a small, well hidden cave in the forest. After cleaning himself up, and putting on a few articles of clothing he had previously stashed there, Thomas makes his way barefooted into the city. On his way back, he is intercepted by none other than Dr. Archeville! (Who may or may not have also witnessed the events of the previous night). Later that day Thomas pays a visit to the police station where Detective Candy works, in fulfillment of a promise.

March 10th: A Convalescing Detective Candy pays Thomas Young a visit at his apartment to discuss the case against a certain Gun running mobster.

How does this sound? It's about all I can publicly give away without ruining the story for anyone who wants to read On The Prowl in it's entirety.

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I was actually thinking about that last night. How about these:

Archeville: On Lycanthropes

Medical Journal: Lycanthropy

Wonder and Werewolves

Werewolf Inquisitory

Interview with a Werewolf (a la Interview with a Vampire)

or possibly even the classic Archeville vs. Lukos or something along those lines. My vote so far would go for "Interview".

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It really doesn't matter either way to me. It's not like he's got a wallet on him to pay for a cab. He's hoofing it all the way back to his house... in Southside. He's got to go through the Fens at some point, unless he wants to walk around it entirely, right?

There is a small bridge just past state route 6 that runs across the river. It starts in the Fens. He could walk that. If you WANT to move the thread, I won't complain, but if you want to be lazy, that's fine too.

For now I'm assuming that this is actually IN the city, and not in the forest still.

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Also, I think I asked you this in chat, but I'm not sure if you ever got the message, Doc.

Are the assumptions that I've made with Lukos' senses okay? Or would you like me to rewrite/revisit them. You weren't explicit about the things that he had with him, but I gathered from his "This time I came prepared for werewolves" line that he would be packing a lot of silver. Smelling that, Thomas would not be all that friendly with Doc off the bat. He kind of sees it as a challenge, in an animalistic fashion. "So you're on the warpath, huh? Don't make me go there."

In terms of character interactions, if Lukos were an NPC, his mood towards doc at this point would be somewhere around "unfriendly" if not borderline Hostile. The good news, is that Thomas is a pretty accepting individual. Say the right things and it may be easier than you think to get him to like you :)

Again, if you're not okay with the assumptions that I've made let me know, I can change whatever is required.

Also: This is just a general "where are we on this thread?" Need anything more from me? Or are you just trying to think of a response?

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An idea! Though one I need your okay on.

Doc's response would be something along the lines of "Hey, I know what you are, and I'd like to help. How do I know what you are? Elementary, my dear Watson: because of [A], , [C], etc."

Folklore's filled with ways to tell a person is a werewolf even while in human form. Such as

    [*:6hdr5wcv]Slanted eyebrows, or eyebrows that meet at the bridge of the nose (Unibrow!);
    [*:6hdr5wcv]slightly elongated canine teeth;
    [*:6hdr5wcv]Sore jaw muscles the morning after a transformation, due to having used those muscles so very much the night before;
    [*:6hdr5wcv]excessive body hair;
    [*:6hdr5wcv]Hairy palms, or rough palms from constantly shaving the hair that grows on them;
    [*:6hdr5wcv]elongated ring finger, as long as the middle finger;
    [*:6hdr5wcv]fingernails (sometimes just a thumbnail, sometimes just on the left hand) that are longer than usual, or that are slightly curved

Any of those sound like something Thomas would have?

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Actually, no. My version of the werewolf doesn't really follow in keeping with many of the myths. I hold that most of those silly myths are just that, myths. Its way more likely that people would have THOUGHT someone's fingers were longer or just conjured up that observation after already having determined them to be werewolves, etc.

I also am striving for a break from the whole "Wolfman" thing. Therefore there is likely little extra hair growth on Thomas' body due to his "condition". Also, he is of Shawnee decent, and correct me if I am wrong, but those of Indian decent are not the most hairy in the world. Especially not compared to, say, Italians, or other Eastern European people.

Outwardly, it is extremely difficult to tell that Thomas is in fact a werewolf. This is one reason why it is a secret that he's kept for so long even from his parents. The most likely reason that Archeville would know he was a werewolf, was because he would have seen him the previous night. That, and because who comes wandering out of the forest wearing nothing but jeans and an undershirt at like 6 in the morning in 26 degree weather :P

Again, I apologize if I'm making your job a little difficult.

Though it would be funny to hear doc ready to make all of those accusations and find that in reality, none of them are true :P

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The dangers of having both Intelligence and Charisma higher than one's Wisdom. And being mad. ;)

Observation: This man appears to be a werewolf. Or, rather, some sort of metahuman with transmogrification powers that fits the classic werewolf myth.

Experiment: Find out what triggers his transformation. Moon-linked only? Or (also?) stress-induced?

Method of Experiment: (Verbally) poke him!

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I'll say that you came rather close. Though, after two years of being a werewolf, if he couldn't hold on to his sense of self amidst verbal provocation, he wouldn't be much of a hero. So unless you're going to forcibly provoke one of Lukos' complications, I'm going to go with what I've posted.

I really like the stand off, though. It brings out that territorial part of Lukos' personality.

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I realize that question will be a little tough to answer without seeing more of my solo thread. I made some serious progress with it the other night, and I'm hoping to get to at least the point where this thread would interject today. I'm off to write more of it as we speak, hopefully this will help your answer.

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