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Wascally Wabbit


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Okay, so you know how a couple of the sourcebooks mention an an alternate universe called Ani-Earth, featuring Furrydom City, populated by cartoonish anthropomorphic animals like Captain Thunderkat and Dr. Metropimouse? Well, I got to thinking. Jack of all Blades is an agile but ultimately fragile guy who wears a wig to help conceal his identity. It makes sense that his Ani-Earth counterpart would be something like a rabbit, and if he wore a pair of fake antlers as part of his costume...

You can see where I'm going with this.

Basically, I'm looking for a small group of heroes interested in teaming up with their Ani-Earth doubles to battle the combined might of The Factor Four and The Factor Fur! Professor Fishom! Grizzly! Pyre-thon! Spider Sylk! They're here to drop anvils and chew bubble gum, and they brought plenty of bubble gum!

For the sake of argument, each player would be in charge of playing their regular character and their Ani-Earth counterpart. If this goes well, it would be a lead-in to something I'm think about calling... Crisis of Infinite Jacks!

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Just wanted to reaffirm what I said in chat: Avengmouse! A perfectly normal mouse, if unusually driven and secretive, whose abilities make him a sneaky, terrifying combat monster with great mobility and keen senses. His wings are just part of his costume, of course, and the fangs are just to scare bad guys. He's just a mouse in a bat costume. Really. <_>

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Alright, so that's interest from:

  • Jackalope of all Blades
    Calico Angel

Nice. I'm going to need to figure out some way of running this effectively; that's going to be a lot of 'people' running around, especially once the bad guys are taken into account. Hmm... I'll get back to you!

* Tabby refers to a striped fur pattern, not a breed, while calico is a mottled, patchwork pattern. Cats facts!

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Nnnnyeah, alright. This is gonna be pretty mental insane-o at this point anyway.

My plan is to split this into three threads, with 2, 2 and 3 players, respectively. The Ani-Earth characters will arrive in Freedom, and track down their counterparts to help stop t3h evul. We can run a little social thread with everybody at the end to cap things off. Does anyone have a preference for whom they team-up with, or shall I decide?

As for Fulcrum's counterpart, she'd presumably he a larger animal. Fulcow?

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Ooh! Ooh! Okay, scratch Fulcow. If she was inspired by the Centaurian, she'd be... Foalcrum! Yes.

Anyway, the three threads will be:

  • Avengemouse and Foalcrum in Ani-Earth's Finest!

    Jackalope of all Blades and Calico Angel in Mythological Creatures!

    Feline, Lambkos and Jestnut in The God, The Big Bad and the Nutty!

I'll work on getting everything together, but it might not be until Monday. Busy weekend!

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Alright, the threads are up here:

Ani-Earth's Finest, OOC

The God, The Baaad and the Nutty, OOC

Mythological Creatures, OOC

Yes, the intros are all the same. The gist is that the Ani-Earth heroes have arrived in Earth-Prime to bring back the Factor Fur, who are in Freedom City for their own nefarious purposes. To that end, Science Squid has given each of them a device which will home in on their respective human counterpart. The first part of each thread will be Ani-Earth heroes tracking down and meeting their Earth-Prime double. Then: fighting! I'll leave you to it.

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