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Out of Place (OOC)


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Please put any rules clarifications, justifications, or explanations of your actions in this thread.

For example, please put things like this in the OOC thread:

Create object (trap). DC 25 reflex save vs captured. Targeting the thug with the bat

When you get the chance, please delete that section of your post. The story flows better that way, as it doesn't have to break for things like "my character punches him." Just remember, IC threads are for reading, not rolling ;)

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Okay, time for the crunchy stuff.

I'm not going to bother rolling the man's reflex save. They're mooks and it is unlikely that he'll make that. I rolled toughness for the cage. I could have just taken ten and it would have suffered only a bruise, but I figured that it was ice and should have some chance of being shattered by metal so I rolled.

For Lukos' part, he can power attack for full and take 10 on an attack roll and still have no problem hitting these guys. A DC 27 toughness save qualifies as impossible for them, so they're KOed. The different attacks are just descriptions I wanted to throw in to describe how he fights. Lukos has Takedown attack, so he took out both of the fighters "within reach". Essentially, if you want to dig into the details, this was a readied attack to attack anyone who attack him. He then used Takedown on the only other man he could reach.

A successful DC 15 Knowledge (Pop Culture), or a DC 15 Knowledge (Tactics) will tell you that he is using Muay Thai. Both checks can be made untrained, though you may only choose to attempt one. Failure just means Aurora will realize the obvious: He's really good at Martial Arts.

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There may or may not be a moderator post incoming to reinforce this, but I'll say it anyway.

You're create object power lacks the Selective extra. Without that, you would have to create one very large snowman to crush the group of thugs. This would of course target Lukos as well (again, it lacks selective).

You may, however, use Extra Effort to power stunt a selective create object if this is still the effect that you want to produce.

As it stands, something's going to have to change, just let me know what it is and I'll make a response :)

EDIT: You can of course go ahead with the large snowman, as well. Just be aware that it would target Lukos as well.

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Mod note:

Libra, that's a DC 20 Reflex/DC 25 Tou save. Unlike most Area attacks, a successful Reflex save results in no damage, not 1/2. You has to have enough Create Object volume to cover the area he's dropping it on, and unless he has Selective, everyone in that area has to save. Note that you are hitting everyone in that area except yourself, since you don't have Selective.

Additionally, Libra, I have another concern:

We maintain some pretty rigorous standards here as far as writing style. You need to write in a way other people can understand, particularly the lurkers who hare attracted here by the quality of our craftsmanship. That means you write in the third person style. Thoughts go in italics, or underscores, or anything to separate them from your actions. The same goes for dialogue. The only way you have of communicating in this game is by means of what you can write, and if you're not writing in a comprehensible way, it's going to make things very challenging for you.

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Sometimes the simplest course of action is the best. And I must say, that post is MUCH easier to understand than the last. Good job :congrats:

"Fredie" can actually make that save. TOU DC 25 (1d20+5=21) But he comes up short. KO!

Now it's the thugs/my turn.

Attack vs. Lukos DC 18 x2 (1d20+5=10, 1d20+5=17) Two misses.

Lukos will retaliate in the same fashion as last time. This KOs the last two standing thugs. The only one left conscious is the one trapped in the ice cage.

After my IC post, it will be your turn to do whatever, but this will more or less mark the end of combat.

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