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Quotemyname - Mia Carlyle - PL8 Hero (NPC Tier 1)

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My second NPC for Lukos. Mia will serve as a possible love interest for him, as well as a constant source of drama, and friction between Lukos and the rest of the Pack.

Power Level: 8

Trade-Offs: +3 Attack for -3 Damage, +5 Defense for -5 Toughness

Characters Name: Mia Carlyle

Alternate Identity: None

Age: 24 (Born: June 16, 1986)

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4"; 3'8'' [Wolf Form]

Weight: 110lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown


Description: Mia is a small person, though she is of short stature and has a lightweight, yet very fit frame. She would be beautiful if she cared enough to be. She all but refuses to wear even the most basic make up, and never does anything with her hair except tying it back so it is away from her face. On special occasions, she may put it up into a bun instead of wearing it in a ponytail as she usually does. She prefers to keep her hair short so that it does not interfere with her work. When she lets it down, it falls only to the top of her shoulders. When in public, Mia is most comfortable wearing jeans and a small top such as a tank top. In terms of footwear, she is most comfortable in flip flops. While on the job, she dresses in a blue work suit, and brown work boots so as not to ruin her clothing. Underneath the work suit she typically dresses lightly in simply a white spaghetti strap top that is little more than a sports bra, and a very baggy pair of blue basketball shorts.

When in wolf form, Mia sports a thick coat of silvery-white fur, with few distinguishing markings besides the small brown patches at both the tip of her snout, the end of her tail, the tips of her ears, and at her paws.

History: Mia has lived her entire life in and around Freedom City. She is a graduate of FCU, and holds a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Mechanics have always been a calling for Mia. It is a skill she both excels at, and enjoys doing. After college, instead of pursuing a career with any of Freedom City's large companies, she opted to follow her passion and become a simple mechanic. For an intelligent girl like Mia, getting her degree was a cakewalk. Dealing with being a Werewolf, however, continues to stress her greatly to this day. It has been 6 years since she was bitten, and she has run under the light of the full moon with the Freedom City pack countless times. She still refuses to talk about who, or how she was turned into a Werewolf. It's a part of her life that she would sooner leave behind.

Recently, Mia lost her job at an autobody shop in central Freedom. Despite the insistence of the pack's alphas, she decided against moving into the pack's shared home. Instead, she moved her things to a smaller apartment and got a job at a smaller shop with a very nice man named Monty.

Personality & Motivation: The word tomboy is a good place to start when describing Mia. All throughout her childhood and education, she was always the most athletic girl in gym class. She was never the one at the lunch table full of girls applying their makeup in the middle of their low-carb wraps. As a result, Mia was heavily ridiculed throughout her schooling. Mia is quiet, yet self confident. She is stubborn and standoffish. The reason she has few close friends is directly because she refuses to let anyone get close to her. Becoming a Werewolf and dealing with having to keep her secret to herself only made this instinct worse. She is very quick to suspect and doubt those that would be her friends. Her feelings of wariness were likely the result of the social mistreatment she received in high school, and was only made worse when she became a Werewolf.

With few romantic prospects available to a standoffish young girl whose face is covered in grease more often than makeup, and few of her high school friends remaining in touch, Mia is reduced to a relatively small social pool. There are a few of her friends from college left in town, but getting to see them is tough when you're a 24 year-old Werewolf trying to make ends meet. There is always the pack, but considering how little she enjoys the incurable disease that they've laid upon her, spending time with them is quite low on her list of priorities. As it is, she all but refuses to go to the pack house unless it is the night of a full moon.

Mia is very close to being ashamed of what she is, and all but resents the gifts lycanthropy has bestowed upon her. Despite her feelings, Mia spent her years as part of the pack clawing her way (literally) up through the pack's ranks. The only reason she tolerates and supports the pack's social ladder is because the rank she has attained allows her to take as little crap as possible from newer members. The fact that even a simple dislike and the littlest offense is excuse enough to beat another pack member senseless and be encouraged for it rather than facing consequences is the only thing Mia likes about being a Werewolf.

Powers & Tactics: Mia is a Werewolf and a member of the same pack as Lukos. Her powers are the same in nature as his, and work more or less the same way. Though as every human is unique, every Werewolf's powers differ just slightly. Due to her dislike of her own nature, her refusal to embrace the gifts the lycanthropy has given her has resulted in their stunted growth. As a result, she is less powerful than another werewolf that works to embrace their gifts.


- Tomboy: Mia acts more like one of the guys than a girl.

- Responsibility: Mia works a full time job at Monty's garage. She needs this job to pay the bills.

- Loner: Mia would sooner reject the companionship of others than embrace it.

Stats: 0+2+0+6+2+4 = 14pp

Str: 10/18 (+0/+4)

Dex: 12 (+1)

Con: 10/16 (+0/+3)

Int: 16 (+3)

Wis: 12 (+1)

Cha: 14 (+2)

Combat: 12+12 = 24pp

Attack: +6 Base; +11 Melee

Grapple: +11, +15 w/enhanced str

Defense: +6 Base; +13 Dodge Focus; +3 flat-footed

Knockback: -0, -1 w/enhanced con

Initiative: +1

Saves: 0+3+2 = 5pp

Toughness: +3 (+0 Con, +3 Enhanced Con)

Fortitude: +3 (+0 Con, +3 Enhanced Con)

Reflex: +4 (+3 Dex, +1)

Will: +3 (+2 Wis, +1)

Skills: 44r = 11pp

Craft (Mechanical) 12 (+15)

Intimidate 6 (+8)

Knowledge (Mechanical) 12 (+15)

Notice 5/11 (+6/+12)

Sense Motive 9/11 (+10/+12)

Stealth 0/8 (+1/+10)

Survival 0/4 (+1/+5)

Feats: 15pp

Attack Focus (Melee) 5 [5pp]

Dodge Focus 7 [7pp]

Equipment 2 [2pp]

Skill Mastery (Knowledge [Mechanical], Craft, Notice, Intimidate)

General Equipment


Cell phone

Mechanical Tools

Specialty Equipment

Knife (Strike 1 [PF]) [2ep]


Scratch Motorcycle [8ep]

- As motorcycle, except Speed 4

Powers: 35+8+6+1+11+1+12 = 74pp

Alternate Form 7 (Wolf Form; Extras: Duration/Continuous[+1]; Drawbacks: No Hands [-3], Only speaks were-speak [-2], Action/Standard [-2]) [35pp]

Enhanced Strength 8 [8pp]

Enhanced Constitution 6 [6pp]

Immunity 1 (Disease) [1pp]

Regeneration 12 (Recovery Rate: Bruised/No Action [3], Injured/1 Minute [3], Staggered/1 Minute [3], Disabled/20 Minutes [3]; Drawbacks: Power Loss: Silver-Based Damage [-1]) [11pp]

Speed 1 [1pp]

Super Senses 13 [12pp]

- Visual: Extended, Counters Obscure (Darkness; Limited to Low Light) {2pp}

- Auditory: Extended {1pp}

- Scent: Accurate, Acute, Extended, Tracking {5pp}

- Danger Sense: Mental {1pp}

- Direction Sense {1pp}

- Ultra-Hearing {1pp}

- Detect Mood, ranged; Flaws: Limited: Lycanthropes only {1pp}

Comprehend 2 (Speak and Understand; Limited to Wolves) [1pp]

Enhanced Skills 20 [5pp]

- Notice 6

- Sense Motive 2

- Stealth 8

- Survival 4

Speed 2 (Total Speed 3) [2pp]

Strike 1 (Bite; Extras: Linked to Trip; PF: Mighty) [2pp]

linked: Trip 5 (Bite; Flaws: Range/Touch; PF: Improved Trip) [3pp]

AP: Enhanced Feats 5 Fearsome Presence 5 [5pp]

Super Senses 19 [19pp]

- Visual: Counters Obscure (Darkness) {1pp}

- Olfactory: Acute (Total Acute 2) Tracking 2 (Total Tracking 3); Detect (Mood and Physical Condition; Extras: Ranged); Counters Concealment/Illusion/Obscure (All); Penetrates Concealment {18pp}

Drawbacks: 5+3 = 8pp

Weakness (Silver Allergy; Uncommon, Moderate (cumulative –1 penalty to all checks, attack rolls, and Defense every round); -5)

One Way Transform (Only revert to Human Form after unconsciousness; Very Common; Minor; -3)

DC Block:

Unarmed --- 19/Toughness --- Bruised, Staged

Knife --- 20/Toughness --- Bruised, Injured, Staged

Strike --- 20/Toughness --- Bruised, Injured, Staged

Trip --- 15/Reflex --- Prone

Costs: Abilities (14) + Combat (24) + Saves (5) + Skills (11) + Feats (15) + Powers (74) - Drawbacks (8) = 135pp

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Well, this build is a perfect example of why we don't make or approve characters while drunk.


You forgot to calculate your grapple, knockback and initiative, and when you do, please denote the difference between de-powered and powered.


Please denote the protection for your toughness save and the difference between normal Con and enhanced Con, do similarly for your Fortitude.

Also, your Wisdom and Dexterity modifiers are only +1, not +2 and +3 respectively.


The ability modifiers for Intimidate, Notice, Sense Motive, Stealth and Survival are wrong.


Denote that it's Knowledge (mechanical) as part of Mastery.

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