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Family Visit (IC)

Moira Morley

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Faith hadn't seen Nicholas in what seemed like ages. She had been busy with Claremont Academy and Young Freedom and especially Mark. Even though they kept in touch weekly, it had been almost a month since they had seen each other. He was the one that dropped her off at Claremont. So, in all her wisdom, she decided to go visit him. She made a couple of pizzas from scratch for their lunch. If she could persuade him, they would go on a picnic. But hey, she and him stayed many a night with him in that office. It didn't bother her.

Faith showed her badge and basket to the receptionist in the lobby. She already knew who Faith was, but it was procedure to check anyway. That and the pizzas were still warm and aromatic. After that Faith made her way up in the skyscraper's elevator to Nicholas's office door. She knocked on the door waiting for her permission to enter.

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Nicholas was standing behind his desk gazing out the window when he heard the knock on his door. He paused a moment before answering, reflecting on how busy he had been at work and regretting not having seen Faith recently. "I should have made time," he thought, though he knew she was likely just as busy at Claremont. Catching his reflection in the thick glass, he smiled and raked a hand through his hair before crossing the plush blue carpet and opening the door to his office.

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