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Aurora PL 10 heroine

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Power Level: 10 (150/151pp)

Trade-Offs: none

Unspent PP: 1

Characters Name: Alexis West

Alternate Identity: Aurora

Age: 22 (December 21st 1988)

Gender: Female

Height: 5’7â€

Weight: 134lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Platinum Blond

Description: Fair skinned, shoulder length straight blond hair, and a winning smile, Alexis looks every bit the part of a rich heiress, though her dress is far more conservative, keeping to simple and modest wear, often sporting a pair of reading glasses as well on her button nose.

Aurora’s outfit consists of a white hooded winter cloak, sporting a sky vlue padded jumpsuit with an icicle patter radiating down from the soulders, as well as a snowflake print accost the belt. She wears a pair of shoulder length white gloves, with a matching pair of boots. On her face is a blue domino mask with white eye coverings. Around her neck she wears the Heart of winter, a blue sapphire which is set in a silver chain, and the source of her powers.

History : Growing up with money, Alexis never really worried to much about the state of the world. Given her mother’s habit of pampering both Alexis and her older sister Emily, there was seldom anything that Alexis wanted that she didn’t get. It is fortunate that she developed an interest in learning, rather than parties and indulgences that her sister did as they entered into their teenage years. But even then, her decision to attend college was influenced by her father’s wealth, a fortune built over generations of trade in oil. Able to afforded buying attendance in any school she wanted, Alexis went to California to attend Berkeley.

Given the school’s reputation for political activity, having been a site of numerous movements since the raise of counterculture, it was there that Alexis took her first genuine interest in the happenings in the world, and what she learned wasn’t pretty. Falling in with the environmentalists, Alexis found her developing concern for the planet strongly at odds with the image she’d held of her family. For the first time, she felt a sense of shame towards her heritage.

As the years passed, a gulf grew between Alexis and her father, one that steadily expanded as she grew stronger in her convictions that the business her life had been building up to lead was not mealy misguided, but destructive and wrong. The conflict grew so wide that Alexis’s father even went so far as to demand that Alexis attend another school. Acting out, she signed up to act as an intern at the south pole research lab. It was probably for the best, she needed her space.

At the bottom of the planet, she spent the next several months helping drill ice cores with which to study the environment of the past and help learn how it was changing.

During a normal day of collecting sample, a blizzard arose suddenly, plunging the research team into white out conditions. In the storm, Alexis was separated from her companions, left alone with nothing but her snowmobile, some ice cores, less than day’s rations, and only her wits and snow gear to survive on. Knowing full well that this was a potentially deadly situation, she’d been told so enough times by the other scientists, Alexis stayed put, waiting for a rescue that she only hoped would find her in time.

Unfortunately, a polar bear, half mad with hunger, found her first. If the snow storm was bad, than this was worse. She’d seen enough documentaries to know that this thing could kill her without even trying. As the beast attacked from out of the snow, she used the only thing she had to defend herself, the core samples. Swinging the ancient ice wildly, it struck the bear and shattered. In a Miracle, a great eruption of snow and ice burst out of the column. Monetarily blinded, Alexis stumbled about, expecting any moment to feel the crushing weight of the bear as it struck he down, feel its claws slice through her coat and flesh. But the blow never came. As she regained her vision, she saw the bear, completely encased in ice, a glowing blue stone loaded onto the surface.

Still to dumbstruck to fully comprehend what was happening, Alexis pried the stone free, almost sensing the power it contained. As she half it, she felt the cold of the storm disappear, and no longer feared the arctic tundra. When the rescue party arrived, she was calmly sleeping.

Though unable to explain how she’d survived, or where the ice cores had gone, Alexis didn’t really care. She was far to fascinated by her find. Though she hadn’t the faintest clue what it was, it seemed to possess the very essence of ice and cold within it. More amazing, if that can be said, was how this power could be commanded by forcing her will. She had two months before heading back home from her internships. Two months is a long time to think.

After completing her senior year, graduating in the top 20 of her class, holding a degree in climatology, Alexis Had her plan set. She transferred to feedom city, moving to gain her masters degree. She’d already secretly been building her costume, believing that she’d been given this power over the ice and snow for some reason, even if she didn’t know what. But she knew this was a chance to do some good, something to make up for the crimes that had been done against the very planet thanks to the greed of her family.

Personality & Motivation : Aurora’s drive stems greatly from a sense of responsibility, borderline debt, for the evils that her family has committed in its greed. Believing strongly that those with power must due for society what society cannot due for it; she took up the guise of Aurora to use her power for the good of others. A bit to much of an idealist, she sometimes has too much faith, both in herself and others. Given her natural flair for dramatic, this can cause her to come off as young and cocky, especially when in costume. Out of the outfit, she’s a bit more level headed. While not unusually stubborn, she dislikes losing, and will fight for what others may see as a lost cause, and trying to convince her otherwise will only strengthen her resolve.

Powers & Tactics : Best at ranged, Aurora uses her impressive mastery of snow and ice to overcome her opponents, using its flexibility to bring to bear whatever fore is needed. Capable of precision strikes and blanketing the opposition, she wears down opponents by numbing them to the bone, freezing them solid, or pelting them with an avalanche of force.

Complications :

Black sheep: To say the very least, Alexis and the other members of her family seldom see eye to eye when it comes to the family business, that is if their even on speaking terms.

Secret Identity

Responsibilities: Still working to earn her master’s degree, Alexis has to fit her time as a hero in with her time as a student

Green Horn: Still new to super heroics, she’s got a lot to learn and her inexperience can lead her to trouble.

Stats: 0+6+2+8+6+2 = 26pp

Str: 10 (+0)

Dex: 16 (+3)

Con: 12 (+1)

Int: 18 (+4)

Wis: 16 (+3)

Cha: 14 (+2)

Combat: 12+12 = 24pp

Attack: +6

Grapple: +6

Defense: +10 (+3 flat-footed)

Knockback: -5

Initiative: +2

Saves: 7+6+5 = 18pp

Toughness: +10 (+1 Con, +9 other)

Fortitude: +8 (+1 Con, +7)

Reflex: +9 (+3 Dex, +6)

Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5)

Skills: 68r = 17pp

Bluff 8 (+10)

Diplomacy 4 (+7)

Gather information 4 (+6)

Knowledge (earth science) 12 (+16)

Medicine 12 (+15)

Notice 8 (+11)

Sense motive 8 (+10)

Survival 12 (+15)

Feats: 16pp


Benefit wealth 2

Dodge focus 4

Equipment 6


Ranged Pin

uncanny dodge (audio)

Equipment Name [30ep]

Stately manor Size: Huge; Toughness: 10; Features: Communications, Computer,

Concealed, Dock, Garage, Gym, Hangar, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library,

Living Space,Pool, Power System, Security System, Workshop. [19ep]

Sports car [7]

Armoured jumpsuit [3]

Communicater [1]

Powers: 52 = 52pp

Device (hard to lose) 13 (Heart of Winter; Extras: None Flaws: None; Power Feats: Indestructible; Drawbacks: None) [ 53pp]

Ice blast 10 (Ice Mystic; Extras: Fortitude save (+1); Flaws: None; Power Feats: Accurate 2, Alternate power 6, Precise; Drawbacks: none) [39pp]

AP: Create object 10 (Ice mystic; Extras: Continuous; Flaws: None; Power Feats: Progression 2, precise; Drawbacks: none)

AP: Ice prison (Snare, Trip) 10 (Ice freezing, mystic; Extras: linked; Flaws: none; Power Feats: accurate 2, Reversible; Drawbacks: none)

AP: Environmental control (cold 2, hamper movement) 10 (Blizzard; Extras: None; Flaws: None; Power Feats:None ; Drawbacks: None)

AP: Drain toughness 10 (Ice freezing mystic; Extras: Ranged; Flaws: None; Power Feats: accurate 2, slow fade; Drawbacks: None)

AP: Paralyze 10 (numbing cold mystic; Extras: ranged (+1), fortitude save (+0); Flaws: None; Power Feats: accurate 2; Drawbacks: None)

immunity (cold) 10 ( mysticExtras: None Flaws: None; Power Feats:none;Drawbacks: None) [10pp]

Flight 5 (Freezing winds, mystic; Extras: None Flaws: none; Power Feats: none; Drawbacks: None) [ 10pp]

protection 6 ( Mystic; Extras: None Flaws: None; Power Feats: none; Drawbacks: None) [ 6pp]

Drawbacks: 0+0+0 = 0pp


DC Block:

Frost blast 10 --- 20/Fortitude --- Bruised, Staged

create object (drop)---20/reflex---25/Toughness---bruised,staged

create object (trap)---20/reflex---trapped

ice prison---20/str or dex---20/reflex---tripped/snared, staged

drain toughness---20/fortitude---drained

paralyze---20/fortitude---paralyzed, staged

Costs: Abilities (26) + Combat (24) + Saves (18) + Skills (17) + Feats (16) + Powers (53) - Drawbacks (00) = 150/151pp

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I like the fluff.

Her grapple should be +6.

You really like the massive arrays, huh? Hrm.

Libra, since you're new to the game, I strongly advise you to cut back some on this giant array. It's very complicated even for an experienced player, and you're going to have some major issues with it. My suggestion is drop the linked power stuff and give her more skills and feats so she can actually do something besides be an ice cannon.

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