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Knight! Damsel! Cue Rescue! [OOC]


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Thugs: Basically human, with some rather strange overlays, and what seems like the shifty nature of, well, shapeshifters. (I'd say you've got just enough experience with magic to recognise hints of that) Said overlays seem canine in nature, and not the domestic version. Currently they all feature slightly improved muscles and reflexes from the human baseline.

The 'boss' seems to have a stronger version of whatever the others are on.

The lady: She's pretty much only human in her shape, her 'essence' seems to be a rather thorough mix. Parts of what you recognise seem to be demonic, and a few streaks (or whatever) that seem kinda similar to Grim's fey nature. The impression is slightly chaotic, some parts of her make-up seem to contradict others. Overall she's in mighty fine health though, very healthy indeed.

Initiative might be in order.

Five 'tough' minions (can't take then to attack them, and they need to fail by 5 or more to be knocked out).

The 'Boss' is a full character.

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Mongrel Angel - Inititiative (1d20+1=15)

Mooks - Inititiative (1d20+4=17)

Leader- Initiative (1d20+8=14)

Initiative Order

Wesley - 18 [Healthy, No stat Effects, 3HP]

Mooks - 17 [5/5 - Healthy, No stat Effects]

Mongrel - 15 [Healthy, No stat Effects, 3HP]

Leader - 14 [Healthy, No stat Effects]

You'll get to act as soon as I get an IC post up detailing what the others' reaction to your glowy eyes happens to be.

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