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Rhine PL 10 heroine

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Player Name:Rhine

Power Level:10

Trade-Offs: none

Unspent PP: 0

Characters Name: Rhine

Age: 20 months, Biologically 23

Gender: Female

Height: 5’4â€

Weight: 108lbs

Eyes: black, glowing violet when using her powers

Hair: Black

Description: Very slender, somewhat pale, Almost like fragile porcelain. She has short black hair, cut evenly around her face. Her expression is usually kind, if somewhat reserved. Having not had time to create a costume, she dresses in donated clothing, lacking any of her own, so her wardrobe is just as likely to be too small or too big as it is to fit, and is almost always at least slightly warn out. When using her powers, her eyes glow a brilliant violet, and a radiant aura appears around her, a visible manifestation of her power.


From the desk of Dr. David M. Hall

File #144, Project Synapse-Preface.

July 18th, 2008

Final Preparation for the project has been completed. Grant funding has secured a 18 month window for lab work, with an option for an additional 2 years based on results achieved after the initial 18 month period. Due to sensitivity of experimentation, myself and my associates will keep the project as secure as possible to prevent the possibility of outside contamination. While the subjects will be physically isolated at all times, the possibility remains of unknown factors introducing a disability and preventing a successful yield. Work begins on Monday.

Personal Notes:

The common held belief that the average human only uses 10% of their mind is a complete lie. Given that the brain requires as much as 60% of the nutrient resources that the body consumes, evolution would have long since favoured any genome variation in our ancestry which would have produced a smaller, more efficient cerebrum. But there is some truth to the idea, that as a whole, Homo Sapiens fail to fully tap into the abilities locked inside their minds. Numerous Documentations have shown the existence of a handful of individuals whom break out of this mediocre doldrums and achieved feats of mental strength which many would deem as impossible. The question at hand is why. Why do some people manage to delve into their inner strength, while others do not? More specifically, how does such a power develop?

It’s a question I’d much like to see answered, and the reason for this experimentation.

Having obtained, post mortem, a handful of DNA samples from a sensitive of minor, but credible, abilities, the hope is to observe the development a collection of cloned replications. I’m eager to get started.

From the desk of Dr. David M. Hall

File #144, Project Synapse

July 22th, 2008

Artificial fertilization and gene augmentation have completed. 12 subjects have been generated, with 8 unsuccessful impregnations of prepared eggs. As per previous notation, immediately following fertilization, each subject was placed in isolated bio tube. See page 12-B for read out on nutrient ratios. Due to time restraints on funding, Subjects have been separated into two equal sized groups. Group A will act as a control while group B will be receiving the Accelerating to promote development.

Personal Notes:

I am a tad disappointed that little more than half of the attempted subjects have successfully begun cell division. Still, all things considered, The sample group is large enough, albeit just barely, for viable results to be observed. The First six are to be left alone, allowing a detailed observation of early brain development. The remaining six are already being treated with artificial mitosis stimulation to accelerate their natural aging process. All expected projections show that this will have a minimal impact on any potential cognitive advancements.

From the desk of Dr. David M. Hall

File #144, Project Synapse

October 4th, 2008

Due to age acceleration, Group B has progressed to a biological maturity of approximately 5 years of age. Nutrient impute has been monitored to ensure proper nutrition. As expected, CAT scans indicate early signs of muscle atrophy due to lack of use. All subjects in group B are being kept sedated at all times. Subject 4 in Group B showed slight elevations in synaptic firing rate. Will observe.

Personal Notes:

While outwardly, each of the girls appears fully normal and indeed, identical, Inwardly I suspect that this will begin to change. Number 4’s cognitive firing rate, while still within the norm, has remained elevated for the past 36 hours with very little variation. Early manifestations of heightened abilities? Perhaps, though it is more likely to be a statistical deviation. Even so, I’m quite excited to watch things progress.

From the desk of Dr. David M. Hall

File #144, Project Synapse.

November 12th, 2008

Of group B, Subjects 1, 4 and 6 show significantly high synaptic firing rates. Subject 4 has received a .2 mL increase in sedatives due to brainwave patters suggesting that it was in danger of achieving consciousness. Subjects 2,3 and 5 have yet to display any variation from normal development levels.

Personal Notes:

It’s better than anticipated. Subject 4 has achieved a level of cognitive activity that is on par with a fully conscious individual despite remaining in a near vegetable state. Subjects 1 and 6 are nearly as impressive, albeit tailing behind subject 4. Understandable, as 4 developed slightly ahead of the other two. My associates seem to feel the same way, despite our best efforts to remain unbiased, I can see that the interest in these three surpasses the other 9 subjects.

From the desk of Dr. David M. Hall

File #144, Project Synapse.

December 20th, 2008

All subjects in group B have reached a physical maturity of approximately 10 years of age. Sedation levels have again been raised on subject 4, prompting a monitor set up to warn of any subsequent flare ups which might lead to unexpected consciousness.

Personal notes:

Numbers 1 and 6 continue to progress at a liner growth rate, while 4 has defied all our expectations and is accelerating in mental activity at an exponential rate. Though Inert...there is a bizarre sense that she’s aware of what’s going on. Though this would seem impossible, we are beginning to stray into the realm where normal science no longer is of any aid.

From the desk of Dr. David M. Hall

File #144, Project Synapse.

July 22rd, 2009

Subject 6 has died due to as of yet unknown reasons. Current analysis suggests a stroke. Subject 1 has slowed in terms of cranial development while subject 4 has maintained its growth pattern. Current estimated age of physical development, 20 years. Will begin decreasing accelerant, expecting growth rate to slow similarly.

Personal notes:

A year ago, we began this project, and never in my wildest dreams did I expect to get so far in such a short time. Subject 4 has not only surpassed expectations, but continues to achieve what we believed was impossible. Minor telekinetic acts occurring around her Bio tube. More amazing is the presence that she occasionally exhibit. My associates and myself have more than once felt as if she was inside our mind, observing our thoughts and memories. If so the ramifications are staggering.


Considering the extent of abilities she’s exhibiting, while physically inert, I can only guess what will happen when she eventually wakes up. Despite having been grown in here from a few scraps of DNA, I cant help but think that there is something human about her. Can we justify keeping her here forever? If she continues developing, will we even be able to?

From the desk of Dr. David M. Hall

File #144, Project Synapse.

June 4th, 2009

Personal Notes:

We can feel it now. She’s almost completely awake. Subject 4, whenever we’re near her, there’s a sense of being watched. Its maddening. And yet, in my curiosity, I can’t stop myself. Taken off the accelerates, her mental growth rate has slowed considerably, but it’s not enough. Subject 4’s mind is functioning with such a frenzy that its Not mearly amazing, but beautiful. I have very little doubt that she could kill any one of us with such power. At all times around her bio tube, small objects shudder and move under the presence of her mind. One of my associates, Thompson, was so disturbed by the presence he felt in her that he nearly killed himself. We removed him from the team. Perhaps that best shows the nature of what we’ve released. A frail young woman who has never even opened her eyes managed to fill a grown man with such unease that he wanted to die rather than continue to face it.

From the desk of Dr. David M. Hall

File #144, Project Synapse.

November 15th, 2009

I’m the only one left. Of my 4 remaining companions, I’m the only one whose stayed through to see this to its completion. I feel like I might be going mad. I know the horror that Frankenstein felt in his chest as he gazed upon his modern Prometheus. Compelled to destroy it, yet unable to do so. The grant expires in a week. My employers already made it more than clear that they intend to see the full yield of the research. And that means that Subject 4 is going to wake up. They want to see what she can do. I think its madness, despite their false-safes and half truth assurences that nothing can go wrong. Have they been in her presence for these endless months? Have they felt her presence clawing inside them? Do they know my creation better than I do?

They are fools. Its taken all the will I have not to put a bullet in her head, to spare the world whatever she might do. Imagine a child who could summon lightning with a thought, turned free onto a city. Unable to know right from wrong, it would take no heed of the destruction it brought. That is 4, its nature. Benevolent or not, I see no safety once she’s awake.

Records from Jane Doe Patient

Freedom Medical Center.

Patient arrived at 1:45PM, November 22nd. Several other individuals we’re caught in some kind of explosion on the outskirts of town. No eyewitnesses yet. Individual is approximately 20 years old, white, no ID. Jane Doe appears to have mild head trauma, no lacerations, as well as several abrasions and minor scratches.

Update. CAT scan indicates minimal head trauma and no sign of brain damage.

At 4:30PM on the 23rd, subject regained consciousness. Exhibiting signs of full amnesia, with no recall of name or any indication of identity. Despite lack of head trauma, Jane appears to have minimal hand eye coordination or muscle control. Recommended treatment, Immediate physical therapy and psychiatric evaluation.

Psychiatric Log-Elizabeth Bronze.

This Jane Doe patient is really quite fascinating. She’s regained nothing of her memory, but retained a complete recall of language and identification. Her knowledge of what objects are and their function seems undamaged. Most remarkable. More importantly, she seems to have several residual understandings, showing a grasp of biology as well as computer mechanics, though unable to explain how she knows what she does. She’s much like a child. Extremely trusting, and for lack of a better term, Innocent. She talks with many of the other patients, inquisitive about everything they have to offer. Its proved to be quite therapeutic to some of the more sever mental conditions.

Transcript from the Freedom City Evening News, February 26th, 2010.

In a remarkable turn of events, a heroic scene played out at Freedom Medical center today. Shortly after noon, a group of armed gunmen ambushed the guards and seized control of the building, demanding access to the hospitals drugs, using the entire staff and patients as hostages. Arriving on the scene, Police managed to lay siege to the hospital, but we’re reluctant to engage the gunmen directly for fear of provoking them.

At approximately 2 o’clock, there was a sound of scattered gunfire, followed almost immediately by loud crashes the men we’re bodily thrown out of the hospitals second floor window

While The hospital director was unwilling to give a comment, several eyewitnesses claimed that the men we’re overpowered by one of the psychiatric patients, apparently by a single young woman. In the words of one of the hostages, she “Had gotten increasingly upset as the gunman shouted, and then pointed at them before yelling for them to ‘go away’.†At which point, the men we’re lifted up by some unknown force and forced out of the building, managing to fire off several rounds in the process, but ultimately winding up in police custody.

Psychiatric Log-Elizabeth Bronze.

It is a most unique circumstance in which I now find myself. On the one hand, The Jane Doe patient. Ignoring her amnesia, she’s completely fine. Every test available to me indicates that she’s mentally healthy and stable. More than stable if anything, since few normal minds can move objects about just by thinking about it. My gut tells me that this child, whoever or whatever she is, has a bigger destiny than I can even guess at. She’s got radiance about her, a powerful mind and a kind heart. In some of our sessions following the raid, I’ve asked her what she plans to do with her power. And she asked me, without hesitation, how she could use it to help people. As simple as that. Part of me worries that she’s still very unsure, most of all about her own identity.

Psychiatric Log-Elizabeth Bronze.

Jane doe came to me today and said she thought she found a way to help people. She’d been talking to some of the other patients, ones whom we’re recovering from injury in the main hospital. Since her actions in the raid, most of the staff has been willing to let her come and go as she pleases. She heard from many of them how they’d been saved by the hero of freedom, and I could see from the way she talked that she was inspired by these stories. As Much as I’d like to see her stay, I told her that if she was going to become a heroine of the city, she’d need a proper name. I gave it to her.


Personality & Motivation: A Innocent, childish mind. Rhine believes in the goodness of people, having never consciously experienced anything but the contrary. She harbours a great deal of doubt, but pushes forward regardless, believing that she does have a purpose and wanting to know what that is. Holding an innate curiosity, she enjoys learning and discovering, partially out of a hope that it wills onceover some of her past. Friendly and kind, she has a knack for earning peoples trust, And is equally ready to return that trust. As is, she’s still very young and equally impressionable.

Powers & Tactics: Rhine's approach in combat is Direct. She seeks to overpower her opponents with her telekinetic power and restrain them. Failing that, liberal use of psychic blasts is used to soften opponents up. Her telepathic powers are less developed, and used primarily for scouting and information gathering. Having no strength for close quarters combat, she attempts to keep her opponents at a distance.


Amnesia: Rhine has no memory of her past, and her unusual development leaves holes in her knowledge of the world.

Claustrophobic: Likely a result of her confinement to the tube where she was grown, Rhine has a great fear of small spaces.

Green Horn: New both to the world and to being a super hero, Rhine has much to learn in terms of both, and there are those who might look down on such a young, bright eyed girl.

I just know these things: Having absorbed information from her greaters through residual psychic contact during her growth, Rhine occationally has inexplicable moments of déjà vu as she is affected by these remaining impressions.

Naive: While not stupid, she is overly trusting and believes to much in the good of people at times.

Paid in full: The people who funded Rhine’s creation could certainly come looking for their lost science project.

The Darkness of Meer Being: Without an identity, Rhine has trouble finding confidence in herself, and can fall prey to doubt in the nature of her existence.

There is another: Only Rhine was recovered from the lab. The location of subject 1 is unknown.

Uncanny Valley: While usually not a problem, there are moments when her unusual mindset can make her seem very alien, even disturbing.

Stats: 0+2+0+6+6+4 = 18pp

Str: 10 (+0)

Dex: 12 (+1)

Con: 10 (+0)

Int: 16 (+3)

Wis: 16 (+3)

Cha: 14 (+2)

Combat: 8+12 = 20pp

Attack: +4

Grapple: +3

Defense: +10 (+3 flat-footed)

Knockback: -5 with force field

Initiative: +1

Saves: 3+3+7 = 13pp

Toughness: +10 (+0 Con, +10 other)

Fortitude: +3 (+0 Con, +3)

Reflex: +4 (+1 Dex, +3)

Will: +10 (+3 Wis, +7)

Skills: 32r = 8pp

Concentration 8 (+11)

Notice 12 (+15)

Search 12 (+15)

Feats: 5pp

Diehard (Free)

Eidetic Memory (1)

Dodge focus 4 (4)

Equipment Name [Xep]

Equipment Name [Xep]

Powers: 38+23+10+10+2 = 83pp

Super sense 2 (Danger Sense [Mental], Uncanny Dodge [Mental]) [2PP].

Telekinesis 10 (Descriptors: Psychic force; Extras: Perception(+1); Flaws: None; Power Feats: Accurate 3, 4Alternate Powers, Precise; Drawbacks: None) [38pp]

AP: Blast 10 (descriptor; Psychic Force Extras: Perception(+1); Flaws: None; Power Feats: Precise; Drawbacks: None)

AP: Create objects 10 (descriptor; Psychic energyExtras: Moveable(+10 Flaws none:Power Feats:precice, progression 2; Drawbacks: None)

AP: Damage 10 (descriptor; Psychic Force internal attack Extras: Ranged(+1), Fortitude save(+1); Flaws:Power Feats: Accurate 3; Drawbacks: None)

AP: Move Object 13 (descriptor; Psychic Force Extras: Burst(+1), Selective (+1); Flaws: Touch (-1); Power Feats: Progression, accurate 3; Drawbacks: None)

Telepathy 10 (Descriptors: Psychic; Extras: None ; Flaws: None; Power Feats: Comprehend (2 points), Alternate power 1; Drawbacks: None) [23pp]

AP: Telelocation 10-linked-quickness 10 (descriptor; Psychic Extras: Linked; Flaws: none; Power Feats: none; Drawbacks: None)

Protection 10 (Descriptors: Psychic Force Field; Extras: Force Field (+0) ; Flaws: None; Power Feats: None; Drawbacks: None) [10pp]

Telekinetic Sense 11

Super Sense: Tactile (Acute, Accurate, Touch range, radius+ Penetrates Concealment (4 ranks), Ranged (1 rank), Extended (3 ranks), Rapid (2 ranks)) Cost: 11

Drawbacks: 1pp

Impoverished (-1pp)

DC Block:

Blast--- 25/Toughness --- Bruised, Staged

Create Object (Drop)---25/Reflex---25/toughness---Bruised, staged

Create Object (Trap)---25/reflex---Caged

Internal attack---25/Fortitude---Bruised, Staged

Mind Reading---25/Will---Mind Reading


Costs: Abilities (18) + Combat (20) + Saves (13) + Skills (8) + Feats (5) + Powers (83) - Drawbacks (01) = 146pp

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I find this site helpful when planning out a character's height and weight. This is what 5'4" / 110 lbs. looks like. Don't know if that's the mental picture you had in mind or not.

I think it's just a typo, but Dr. Hall's first log entry is dated a year after the subsequent entries. In fact, running the whole thing through spellcheck wouldn't hurt.

The fluff is fine as-is. However, I feel that I should clarify the following points:

1) This wasn't just harmless scientific research. It was the construction of biological weapons, and exploitation and confinement of what the law would consider a non-consenting, sentient, sapient person. People, in fact. This is all highly illegal, brands the people involved unquestionably as villains by the ethical standards of the setting, and if the project ever becomes public knowledge, everyone involved will go to prison for the rest of their lives. Especially since, if I understand the background correctly, this was a private venture with no government involvement whatsoever.

2) This background feels a little less like a superhero origin story and a little more like the plot to an anime or a video game. I'm OK with that. But please try to remember that, while being influenced by anime is fine, the source material for this game is primarily Western superhero comic books, usually of a not-so-grim/dark tone. I'm not asking you to change anything. Just keep it in the back of your mind.

On to the crunch.

There's no need to actually list the Diehard feat on your sheet.

The Super-Sense should cost +1PP more. You're not adding all those extras onto your Normal Touch, but rather, purchasing a whole new sense.

I see you're using the Telepathy power from the books, Linked Communication + Mind Reading. There's a couple of things you should keep in mind. First, while Mind Reading isn't language-dependent, Communication is. So without Comprehend 1 (Speak Any Language) linked to it, she can only send thoughts in her native language. Second, you're not required to buy both powers to the same rank. Communication 9 linked to Mind Reading 10, or Communication 15 linked to Mind Reading 1, are both perfectly legal builds.

Also, since it's a Perception-range effect, Mind Reading is capped at the PL. She can't have more than 10 ranks.

The point totals for the array are way off. Dynamic APs cost 2PP each. You don't buy Dynamic as a feat within the AP. Similarly, adding the Dynamic feat to the base power doesn't increase the point total available to APs in the array.

A rank 13 power, at 3PP/rank, with 10 DAPs at 2PP each, and 2 1PP feats, should come out to 61PP, not 51PP.

On a purely strategic note, you may want to consider ditching a few of those AoE APs and leaving them to occasional power stunts.

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Oh, I forgot to mention, we allow the "Two-Way (+1)" extra on Communication here. It's kinda like Affects Others and Ranged, Limited to conversing with the character who's the "source" of the Communication effect. It's an alternative to the confusion that can come with trying to reconcile an Extended Range power like Communication with a Perception-range power like Mind Reading. The other two telepathic characters on this site have Two-Way Communication and Mind Reading as separate alternate powers, and if you prefer that option, you're free to go that way, too. Or not, whatever you want.

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(10:58:14) ShaenTheBrain: OK, Libra, there's my first pass at your character sheet.

(11:01:26) ShaenTheBrain: And an addendum.

(11:04:20) Libra: Alright, I'll see if I can address your points

(11:05:10) Libra: I would like to point out that in the beginning it was never intended to create anything nearly as powerful as what they actually did

(11:05:39) Libra: The psychic who's dna they used, in my mind at least, was barely at the spoon bending level.

(11:06:26) ShaenTheBrain: I'm confused - Did you not intend for the scientists to come off as villains?

(11:07:03) ShaenTheBrain: It's not like they were planning on enrolling her in school afterward. They were breeding a tool to be used by their employers.

(11:07:05) Libra: no, most certainly they we're. Its just the first thing that came to mind

(11:07:14) ShaenTheBrain: OK, we're on the same page then.

(11:07:37) Libra: just more of a 'road to hell is paved with good intentions' kind of villain

(11:08:02) Libra: That, and growing super clone weapons is very much a cliche which I wanted to avoid

(11:08:21) Electra: What were they planning on doing?

(11:08:49) Libra: nothing more than learning how the mind works. THe employers on the other hand...>:-D

(11:09:22) Libra: the height weight picture looks accurate, so I dont think I'll be changing that

(11:09:24) Electra: No I mean, with the people they made.

(11:10:06) Libra: you know...in all honesty...that question never occured to me

(11:10:39) Libra: probably because the first draft of the backstory had all of them dying, but I changed my mind to leave at least some alive for potential plot hooks

(11:11:31) ShaenTheBrain: I got the impression the scientists were planning on handing the people they made over to the people who paid to have them made. Who probably would have used them as slaves of one form or another.

(11:12:33) Libra: I can see where your coming from there

(11:13:23) ShaenTheBrain: If that's not what you had in mind, then you should clarify their intentions.

(11:13:37) ShaenTheBrain: Because I think most people will interpret it the same way I did.

(11:13:45) Libra: like I said, I didnt think of that part

(11:15:21) Libra: I dont want the doctors to come off as to evil

(11:15:24) ShaenTheBrain: Also, come to think of it, you should clarify what her current living situation is. Does she have a job? A name? Social Security number? Her own apartment? Is she still living at the hospital?

(11:15:39) Libra: hospital

(11:15:39) ShaenTheBrain: That's a tall order.

(11:17:13) Libra: looking over the house rules, I'd think she qualifies for the drawback (Impoverished) Flaw

(11:17:44) ShaenTheBrain: Also, since she had a very public "breakout" and is known to the government and public as a metahuman at this point, it's possible that one of the entities in the setting that deals with such matters would get involved in her case - ASTRO Labs, the Freedom League, maybe even AEGIS.

(11:18:07) Libra: most certainly

(11:18:30) Libra: but I thought that would be more interesting to play out rather than describe in her history

(11:18:45) ShaenTheBrain: Fair enough.

(11:20:07) Libra: check my math here

(11:20:20) Libra: I need to get 10 points off of the telekinesis power

(11:20:21) ShaenTheBrain: Say "please."

(11:20:42) Libra: Shaen, might I please trouble your cognitive prowiss to review my calculations?

(11:21:04) ShaenTheBrain: Oh, I forgot to mention one other thing - are you really sure you want to give her such a low Attack bonus and Fortitude save?

(11:21:15) ShaenTheBrain: Or such a low Defense?

(11:21:44) Libra: I thought her defence was pretty high as is, given she's never been in actual combat or anything

(11:22:05) ShaenTheBrain: +13 Damage is powerful, but it's not going to hit more than once in a blue moon with +3 Attack. And +10 Toughness isn't very much when your Defense is only +5.

(11:22:41) AvengerAssembled: Meeeeet caaaaaps

(11:22:48) ShaenTheBrain: It's something of a genre convention for most superheroes to be able to hold their own in a fight even if they "have no combat training."

(11:23:02) Electra: I was wondering about her dex. You'd think she'd be way clumsy with have a 20 year old's body and a four-month-old's experience in actually moving. ;-)

(11:23:43) ShaenTheBrain: If your character doesn't meet their PL caps for combat (attack, damage, defense, toughness) under at least some circumstances, you'll be underwhelmed with your performance in combat, to say the least. And this is a superhero game, so there will be combat, sooner or later.

(11:23:51) Libra: Gamma from The Freedom city books had a much similar situation

(11:24:03) Libra: in terms of dex to age ration

(11:24:48) ShaenTheBrain: If you really, really want to be severely undercapped, you're technically free to be. But I'm warning you right now, it's gonna hurt, to the point where it might not be fun anymore.

(11:25:19) Libra: A lot of Rhines powers are perception range or area, so Im not sure why she needs high attack?

(11:25:39) Libra: unless her opponents get close enough to get in melee, in which case she's supposed to do badly

(11:26:33) AvengerAssembled: Because she can't do +13 area or perception damage as a PL 10 character.

(11:26:37) AvengerAssembled: It's capped at PL.

(11:26:41) ShaenTheBrain: I saw some Ranged powers in there. And even when you pick up an object/person with Perception TK, you still have to make an attack roll to throw it at something.

(11:26:55) Libra: even with the trade off?

(11:27:02) ShaenTheBrain: That's another thing. I mentioned that with the Mind Reading, but it slipped my mind with the main array. :?

(11:27:10) AvengerAssembled: You can't trade-off area and perception attacks.

(11:27:14) ShaenTheBrain: Perception-range effects don't get tradeoffs. There's no attack roll to decrease.

(11:27:20) ShaenTheBrain: Yeah, same with General Areas.

(11:27:24) Libra: huh

(11:27:51) Libra: if I drop her powers down to rank 10, how many points would that free up?

(11:28:11) ShaenTheBrain: However many points they cost per rank, times 3.

(11:28:17) Libra: Shoot...I got to jet out or I'll be late

(11:28:39) Libra: I'll be back in like an hour and half, maybe two hours

(11:28:39) ChatBot: Sandman_XI logs out of the Chat.

(11:28:56) Libra: bye

(11:29:00) ShaenTheBrain: I honestly question the usefulness of making any part of that array dynamic

(11:29:02) ShaenTheBrain: Later

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