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Three of a Kind IC


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Erik Espadas had to admit, of all the advantages joining The Interceptors as Jack of all Blades had yielded, a steady paycheque was one of the best. After a few years working every part time gig that would have him, struggling to pay bills around the house while putting away enough into his sister's tuition fund, there was something to be said for knowing how much you were pulling down any given week, and being able to plan accordingly.

Of course, there was still the matter of making sure everything ended up in the right accounts, that all the right amounts got mailed got mailed to the right utilities and so forth. Erik suspected he could have just asked Vince or Doktor A to take care of it automatically, but the fencer was in many ways old fashioned at heart, and he still preferred to do his banking face to face, seeing for himself where his money was going.

That was what brought him to his local branch on a blustery March morning. Though the wind was chilly, the bodysuit he wore under his civilian clothes kept him warm. The rest of his 'work clothes' rested in a beaten backpack he slung over one shoulder. Though the energy manipulating hero had long since decided on a policy of being forever prepared, a small part of him had to admit it felt a little bit like tempting fate.

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The bank was only a small local branch, with a pair of ATMs by the entrance leading to the main room. A single teller worked behind the counter and a single office lay to the side, the mismatched chairs outside the door surrounding a coffee table laden with magazines from the past decade. Erik waved to the lone security guard as he stepped inside. Martin Bey had been working there for as long as the younger man could remember, a born and bred West Ender. Likewise, the elder of the Espadas children knew Mrs. Janice, the middle aged bank teller working that morning. Her niece had been in the same year as Erik in school, and the dotting aunt had often arrived to drive her home after class.

There was a short line in front of the counter, and Erik sauntered over to flip through a dated National Geographic, in no great hurry to conduct his business. Skimming the articles, he almost didn't notice when a young woman walked confidently into the bank. About his age, the petite blonde woman sported a fetching pixie cut and a dimpled smile. Despite the chill outside, she wore black denium shorts and a deep red top with a striking heart-shaped cut out in the chest, off set by a matching set of thick chain link belt and choker necklace. She clearly made an impression on Bey, who held a hand to his hat as he turned to watch her enter.

Erik's eyes widened as well, in recognition. The young woman was Rose Copas, a former beauty pageant queen and extreme athlete. She also happened to he his opposite number from the mysterious House of Cups, and a dangerous supervillainess.

Time to earn that steady paycheque, he reflected.

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"If a gal could have your attention, folks," Rose called to the occupants of the bank, slipping her hands into her pockets. Bey's hand went to his holstered weapon instinctively, but wavered in confusion when the young woman withdrew a pair of brass knuckles and placed them on her hands. "Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to be taking all your money now, m'kay?"

The customers and teller exchanged confused looks. "Now see here, miss," the security guard began.

Rose sighed in irritation. "Argh, c'mon, this isn't a toughie." She pointed to herself, enunciating clearly. "Su-per-vill-ain. Questions? Comments? A demonstration, maybe." Drawing her arms apart, she brought them together with a thunderous clap, the resulting shockwave tossing the customers waiting in line back into the counter.

Reacting swiftly, Bey drew his weapon and fired. His aim was true, catching Rose squarely in the back. Instead of dropping the criminal however, there was a slight shimmer as the she absorbed the bullet's kinetic energy. Turning to face the security guard, she smirked. "That'd be the 'super' part, right there."

Using the confusion to is advantage, Erik quickly ducked into the office and unzipped his backpack, withdrawing a heavy greatcoat.

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