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Fixing Miss Martian

Moira Morley

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angrydurf has pointed out that the way I have built Miss Martian is not conclusive to what I wanted and has suggested this fix

BE: Emotion Control 12 (Extras: Area/Burst [General, Attached], Aura; Flaws: Range/Touch, Sense Dependant/Olfactory)

AP: Mind Control 12 (Extras: Area/Burst [General, Attached], Aura, Duration/Sustained, Instant Command; Flaw: Distracting, Range/Touch, Sense Dependant/Olfactory; Power Feat: Mental Link; Drawback: Noticeable)

AP: Mental Transform 12 (memory alteration [2/rank]; Extras: Area/Burst [General, Attached], Aura, Duration/Continuous; Flaw: Range/Touch, Sense Dependant/Olfactory)

This is what I was looking for, an area where everyone has to hold their breath/be breathless or suffer the consequences. That's all well and good, but the problem is the base effect is 1/rank, the alternate powers are 3/rank. I definitely want her Emotion Control to be default, so what else could I put there? I'm thinking of opting for an effect that works only on the emotion controlled people, it could be up to 24pp.

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The most simple answer is to make a 2PP/rank Array power which contains enough points for the most expensive alternate power, give it a fancy name, then make the Emotion Control the base power like you want to. This is how it works in Ultimate Power.

Here's an example:

Core Book Array

Mental Blast 10 (40PP)

AP: Mind Control 10 (20PP)

AP: Mind Reading 10 (10PP)

UP Array

Psionics 20 (40PP Array)

BP: Mind Reading 10 (10PP)

AP: Mental Blast 10 (40PP)

AP: Mind Control 10 (20PP)

If you're actually looking to shave points from the more expensive APs, then that's another story altogether.

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