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The Crash (OOC)


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you did say the hole was _above_ the waterline. Therefore removing the object should have no effect on the water intake. (and actually should raise the ship's waterline as the additional weight from the spaceship won't be weighing the cargo vessel down)

Am I not picturing this right?

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That's true, but because the vessel is listing and the sea is mobile, unplugging the hole would temporarily allow more water to splash in while the weight of the starship is still on the barge. Also, keep in mind that Wolverson doesn't like Metas, and intentionally underestimates Dark Star's power and intelligence in a subtle manner. Removing the starship would actually probably go a long way toward saving the barge, but Wolverson unconsciously considers it worthwhile to throw veiled insults at a group of people he dislikes while he has a captive audience.

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I'll make an attempt to deflect the other missile. Move action to reconfigure my Music Mastery and Standard to use it.

Deflect 12 (Fast Projectiles; Extras: Reflect; PF: Extended Range 9, Interpose, Subtle) [35pp]

So I'll roll to deflect this missile: Deflect Roll vs. Missile (1d20+12=18). I am not impressed. If that doesn't hack it, I'll use an HP to re-roll getting: Deflect Roll vs. Missile (1d20.minroll(11)+12=32)

This will Bring BD's HP total to 2 if the re-roll is needed.

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quotemyname and Dariusprime:The Deflect DC was 20, so we'll call it an "aid another" action and say the hero point was saved. It may be needed soon.

Cyroa: The attack was a miss, but I'll keep the effects of the power in mind.

Despite their size, the Broan ships are fairly nimble. Unless someone slows or immobilizes them, or damages their maneuvering thrusters, their Defense is 20.

EDIT: The Broan ship that Zakitaj hit is now operating at defense 13 because it was Staggered and Stunned. Twas a good roll for him, and not for the ship.

Also, all heroes should check their Defense values against... oh, wait. The Broan got a natural 1. All heroes should laugh in the face of such pathetic aim.

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I'm guessing for now you're not bothering with combat rounds. But just in case: Initiative (1d20+10=25)

If not, and I can go, I will do the following:

Move Action: Reconfigure

Flight 2 [4pp]

Blast 12 (PF: Accurate 4) [28pp]

Regeneration 2 (Bruised/No Action) [3pp]

Standard Action: Blast the wounded ship: Attack vs. Wounded ship Def 13, Power Attack 3; DC 30 toughness on hit (1d20+9=13) Wow, just barely! :D I'll have an IC post up soon.

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