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The Crash (Interest Check)


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Hey, all! I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of you in chat a couple of days ago, and I think many of those I met read a little bit of my Hero's backstory. Well, said Hero has been approved and is now ready (and itching) for action. For those of you who are interested in RPing with me but have not read the backstory, Physicus (though he doesn't yet go by that name) is a Human Alien; his ancestors were transported by the Preservers from Earth to the planet of Khalados, where they forged their own civilization. Long story short, they were almost completely wiped out by the malevolent Broan Empire, and the last hundred or so refugees have spent eight years in cryosleep on the way to Earth after being saved by a self-exiled superhero.

I left how Physicus gets his name, and the details of his arrival on Earth, deliberately vague because I wanted that to unfold in the first thread he RPs in. That thread is the one I'm checking interest for. Basically, this is what happens. An unidentified starship (carrying the last of the Khaladi) streaks downward toward Freedom City, its destination. An onboard mechanical failure due to battle damage causes the ship to become out of control when it enters Earth's lower orbit, and it starts falling as soon as it hits the atmosphere. Zakitaj (later to be known as Physicus) manages to use the damaged engines and thrusters to slow, thought not halt, the ship's descent, and to divert its course so that it doesn't hit Freedom City but lands in the ocean nearby.

Unfortunately, that area of ocean is the Great Bay, which is full of merchant shipping. The starship crashes onto a cargo barge; no one is killed on impact, but if the entangled vessels sink, about two hundred people would die and the shipping lanes could be closed for months. Zakitaj, anguished to have arrived on Earth in such a fashion, will do everything he can to keep his people and the barge's crew safe, but he'll need help. That's where any heroes who happen to be interested come in.

This thread isn't a combat thread, but it is an action thread, at least for the first part. If all goes well, there will be time to introduce Zakitaj and the Khaladi to the new world they've reached. Also, I should mention that I was writing up an intro post while I was waiting for approval, and it turned out to be about six and a half pages long, but it's not required reading. I'll set the scene for other heroes in my second post, which will be of manageable size. Do I have any takers?

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Thanks, Darius. I'd be glad to have you. Awesome avatar, by the way.

Cyroa, my character would be thrilled to have someone who knows about the Broan, and perhaps even his own people, though they've only ever had contact with one Earthling and the Broan, so he probably wouldn't know about them. They inhabited a small, insignificant, out of the way planet which has now been utterly destroyed. Then again, I don't know how much of an expert Dark Star is; maybe he has ways of knowing these things without actually meeting the people involved. Either way, I'd be glad to have you. Space-based heroes ought to stick together.

Electra, Stesha is welcome, assuming she's not dead; I don't know what you've planned out in that doppleganger thread, but I'm sure she'll be revived with true comic book flair.

I can probably start with these three, but if anyone else is interested, I'll gladly take them, as well.

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I'd be willing to give this thread a shot. I'm always willing to help welcome new characters :) Just ask Lone_Star!

I feel that Breakdown would be a better fit than Colt for this thread. While Colt can fly on his motorcycle, his other abilities would probably limit the amount of help he can provide. Breakdown may be able to accomplish significantly more with his radio senses and his variable power. Let me know what you think.

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The beauty of this thread is that it makes sense for Zakitaj to see a swarm of heroes descend on the ship; it will give him an idea of what Freedom City is like, and also let him establish relationships that will be important later. Of course, with this many heroes, I may have to complicate things a little bit to keep them interesting.

In short, you're welcome to join.

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