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Groundhog's Day (IC)

Sandman XI

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It has been fifty-eight days since Christmas Eve. That's when the angel of Freedom gave Darian Cale a new lease on life. So what has the young lad been doing since then? What else would he do? Create! Spells and artifacts, formulas and inventions. If it involved overtaxing his expansive mind, he was doing it. Like a busy ant, Quark started gathering essential components for a few days. That and he also gave Duncan Summers notice that he was working on a project. The headmaster excused him. Quark isn't really a student or a teacher, but Summers keeps tabs on everyone. With that he locked himself away in his laboratory. Fifty-five days later, Darian's nourishment supply is running empty! He needs to go back into the real world to get this. No problem. Exiting, he's back at the school.

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Alex, being Alex, had noticed Quark's absence in the classes they shared. She'd frowned when it started to get to the weeks mark but the teacher's didn't seem overly concerned. Still, she'd made a point to keep a mental eye out for him. When he blipped back onto her radar, Alex closed the book she'd been reading and made quick excuses to her roommate as she headed down to the cafeteria.

In the off hours, the cafeteria was relatively empty, so it was easy too pick up a tray and head over to the younger student.

"Hi!" she said cheerfully as an introduction. "I haven't seen you in class for a while."

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Darian nearly jumps out of his skin when he hears the the greeting from Alex. The cafeteria was supposed to be empty now. This is why he set the transporter to here when he came out. Still, Darian is not one to be rude. He smiles, "Hello, Alex. Nice to see you again too. Yes, I have been gone for a while haven't I? Let's just say I've been keeping myself busy. Though it is good to be back!" He pauses for a second, noticing he just rambled. "And how are you?"

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