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Fear and Lizards in Las Freedom [OOC]


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Ok, since there's so damn many, screw using IC :P

Geckoman starts with his customary 2 HP.

Slim Rick's the PL 6 Agent from Instant Superheroes, with an assault rifle.

The Thugs are in groups of 5: 5 with light pistols, 5 with clubs, 5 with knives. (i.e. Blast 3, Strike 2, Strike 1, although the clubs aren't lethal). They're Minions.

Knife Thugs - 16

Pistol Thugs - 12

Geckoman - 2 HP - 10

Slim Rick - 7

Cosh Thugs - 6

Round 1: Geckoman starts off flat-footed. The knife thugs delay until after the pistols. Thankfully, only one hits. Geckoman gets 14, failing by 4 for a Bruise and Injury. Then... knifes. All five hit. Pass by 5, pass by 2, pass by 3, pass by 1... and pass by 5. Dammit, can't I get my own PC killed.

Retaliation! Swing up to the lights using a grapple line, then kick it out. Miss chance of 17 for those without infravision :D Rick rolls a 3 anyway, as the thugs with coshes circle him.

Round 2: Only 2 pistols hit, and don't miss due to concealment. Geckoman fails the second shot by 6, taking another Injury and being forced to spend a HP to avoid falling from the roof. He swings across to plunge the room into darkness with the second light, upping concealment to 11+ :D

Which is good, since Rick hits by 7, for a DC 23 save with only a +5 bonus. And promptly fluffs his miss chance. Hurray!

Round 3: All shots miss. Taunt! DC 26 as a move action. Rick fails. And is promptly shot. The DC 21 save is failed by 5, knocking Rick to the floor and Bruising him.

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Pistol Thugs - 12

Knife Thugs - 16, delayed

Geckoman - 1 HP - 10 - Bruised x2, Injured x2

Slim Rick - 7 - Bruised

Cosh Thugs - 6

Round the Fourth: 2 shots hit, 1 fails miss chance. Geckoman fails by 10, and plummets to the floor. Now Disabled, and Stunned, and Prone, the knives only need 5 to hit him. So, all hit. 3 get past concealment. He fails by 7, then 4, for 4 injuries and a second round of stunning!

And Rick will now shoot him while he's down! Hitting by 6, the DC 23 save is failed enough to leave Geckoman dying.

... did all that, then realised Concentration to maintain Wall-Crawling. Erm... Fiat!

Now, how long is he tied up? Long enough for plot to stop him being Staggered + Disabled! He's still heavily Injured though.

(Rolling swiftly, he ceases being unconscious technically in a minute, although plot keeps him under. 3 hours and he's not Disabled, due to poor rolling. Another 20 minutes, he's not Staggered. So... half the night)

Now... with Skill Mastery, Fear-Master needs a 19 to resist monologuing. And rolls 11 :D Meanwhile, Geckoman will spend his 2 minutes using Escape Artist (take 20).

EDIT: Yeah, the uber-hallucinations are also Fiat. So Geckoman has 3 HPs, 4 Bruises, 4 Injuries, and is now having the worst night of his life.

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Stealth is too high to resist, so is Skill Mastery Trick, and taking 10 to hit, he needs 20 to save.


Taking 10 to hit, he obviously hits all four flat-footed minions. Splitting his rank 6+2 shot into DC 19 blasts, all four thugs need to save! However, he also spends a HP to temporarily gain Power Attack. Going for 4 still hits, and ups the DCs to 21.

DC 21 shocks (1d20+3=12)

And 3 more (1d20+3=9)

DAMMIT (1d20+3=5, 1d20+3=10)

4 HP, and Fatigued next round.

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INITIATIVE! Geckoman's on 3 HP (Fatigue? In the final fight? Noooo) Again, I'll eschew the dice roller.

Geckoman 23, Fear-Master 13, Spellbound 8

Round 1:

Geckoman fries the immobile control panel.

Fear-Master uses Nauseate, getting 26 to hit. Geckoman fails by 10. He spends another HP (sigh) to re-roll. Natural 20.

Spellbound shoots Geckoman, but gets 10 to hit.

Round 2:

Geckoman spins and shoots at Spellbound. He misses by 2.

Fear-Master tries to Nauseate again. 27 to hit!? Geckoman rolls 20, so again isn't hurt.

Spellbound tries to dazzle Geckoman. 24 to hit, natural 20 to save. DAMMIT, GECKOMAN, TAKE THE PAIN.

Round 3:

Geckoman taunts Spellbound as a move action, 31 w/ Mastery. She gets 26 to resist. Then he shoots her. She's bruised and stunned.

Fear-Master goes to Paralyse. Geckoman gets 11, failing by 4! He's slowed.

Spellbound is stunned.

Round 4:

Geckoman uses his lonely Standard to feint Fear-Master. 14 does not resist.

Geckoman breaks free from slowing! Then resists it again!

Spellbound rains on his parade by getting up and shooting him. 14.

Round 5:

The Green Wonder runs up and punches Fear-Master. Well, tries to, spends his second-to-last HP and succeeds in doing so. DC 23 save... Fear-Master rolls 1, failing by 17. DINGDINGDING

Spellbound summons her broom. It will arrive next round, so she goes for the standby of violence. Geckoman is bruised, so she Fiats to do it again, rolling a frakkin' 1. We'll count auto-hitting as part of the Fiat (*whistles*) so a second bruise level.

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Round 6: (2 HP)

Geckoman Taunts and goes on Full Defence. Spellbound is demoralised again, rolling a 9. He also peels off a bruise.

OK, slam with the broom. We'll call it accelerated move despite vehicles not doing it normally, plus Flight 7. DC 26. Yet she only rolls 12 to hit Defence 23. Fiat. PAIN! Geckoman fails by 8, flying back 250'!!! He's also bruised and stunned again. Let's say he falls 75-80' from the roof, failing the damage +8 from that by 8, for another bruise! He has 3! And those last two were lethal, for a total of:

2 rounds of stunning, 3 bruises, 2 injuries.

At least the broom fails by 10 and stops working.

Round 7:

Spellbound is nasty and pulls Geckoman up by the metal zappers.

Round 8:

Then kicks him in the face. Another bruise.

Round 9:

SPRING TO FEET! Feint as a move action, again succeeding, then sucker punch. Spends one of those 3 HP to reroll the 1. Spellbound fails by 11 and is staggered and stunned.

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