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Containment Means Never Having To Say KABOOM! (OOC)


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I don't have a specific date in mind. One or two days after Fisticuffs Fundraiser would make sense, but it isn't listed on the forum or wiki time line. Geez3r's first post was December 19th. How about January 15th?

Yes, she would make her appointment under that name. She'd switch to Mona when speaking with Dr. Archeville.

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Her tone hinted at curiosity, "Lately I've been noticing odd happenings too. Like this," she said while holding out her hand, palm side visible. Her eyes narrowed in concentration, and for a brief second her arm blurred out. When it focused again, she was holding one of the small components Dr. Archeville previously had in hand. "Its hard for me to do, but sometimes it happens at random. I swear I read the Sunday Edition Herald in under a minute without realizing it."

Quickness? Super-Speed?

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The way I've been mulling her history and powers distills down to these points.

1) She is not really human. Genetically and physiologically she is a Terminus creature. She has more in common with Omega than with her own family. She is just human-like enough, from Centurion's cosmic energy, to pass as one both in terms of appearance and hiding her Terminus powers. To use a D&D term, she is sort of like a Outsider (native), adapted to function within universes. This modulation of her energy makes her vulnerable to daka crystals.

2) She is functionally a walking Terminus reactor. Centurion's infusion acclimated her to the local universe, but Omega's power is what reshaped her. Her body digests everything around it: matter, energy, physical forces, space-time, reality itself if necessary. Terminus energy and mass are generated by this process, and excess energy vents off to wreak havoc of its own.

3) She is hypothetically limitless. Eventually trivial concerns such as food and sleep will fall away, the forces of age and decay do not bother her, and even if utterly destroyed, a small "snag" in reality will precipitate her return, like an imperfection causing water to boil. Metaphysically, her existence is a physical expression of the Terminus itself. That would scare the heck out of her. ;)

4) She can learn to control her emissions, but its like tensing a muscle. She can't keep it up forever. Some sort of containment or neutralization will be necessary for her to operate, and the containment will need to be heavy-duty not to be eaten by her powers. I was thinking something vaguely along the lines of Omega's armored power suit, at least at first.

I didn't build this character to be, or be implied as being, invincible or god-like. Mechanically I know she isn't, and really I'm more interested in her psychology. The character is sort of blessed with suck or some other trope, minus some of the angst. How would you feel if you thought you had your favorite hero's powers, only to find out they were really from the big bad?

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Doktor Archeville's grandfather -- also known as Doktor Archeville -- was one of the higher-ranked mad scientists working with the Nazis; giant robots, mutant beasts, shrink rays, all sorts of horrible stuff, though you can't recall any specifics. Ace Danger and Captain Wonder both have fought him! Doktor Archeville (the one before you) has worked for years trying to atone for those misdeeds.

Big Red Man smash puny inventions!

He really did!

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