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Moira Morley

What Shall We Do Now? (OOC)

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feel free to do a 'reaction' post and make an init roll.

once you respond, I'll get things started.

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_Which_ sharkman? the minion sharkmen or Medalodon?

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Strike 12 (Extras: Penetrating x3; PFs: Accurate x3, Affects Insubstantial 2) [20PP] link with Drain Toughness 8 (Extra: Affects Objects) [16PP] (The Black Blade)


attacking Mega (1d20+10=30)

So a DC32 toughness and a 23 fortitude

HP to surge

take 2 w/ Surge (1d20+10=22)

That hits too

For a DC 27 toughness and a 18 fortitude

Mega's rolls:

toughness 1 (1d20+12=20)

fails by 12...

fort 1 (1d20+10=21)

fails by 2... his toughness drops by _8_ to a +4.... heh

Ok...I'm Fiating that one, giving Hellion an HP (so he's still even) otherwise the big baddy will drop in one rnd.

tough 2 (1d20+12=19)

fails by 8....so Bruised and Stunned.

fort 2 (1d20+10=18)

safe ;)

So, to be clear, he's Bruised and Stunned and has no currently loss to his Toughness. James is still at starting HPs.

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The minions pig pile and do coordinated at

pig pile attack! (1d20+10=14)

Which JUST hits do to her having no dodge bonus...

that's a DC 36 for Divine... IC up in a moment

James is up next but will wait until after Moira rolls.

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James will use:

Hellfire Control 9 [infernal] (Extras: Burst Area, Selective Attack) [infernal]

spending an HP to Surge...

and does it again.

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vs DC 24


toughness (+4 due to injuries and drained toughness) (1d20+4=19)

he is bruised AGAIN, and still stunned.

sharkmen's reflex first

reflex (1d20+8=27, 1d20+8=10, 1d20+8=17, 1d20+8=24, 1d20+8=19, 1d20+8=26, 1d20+8=28, 1d20+8=27)

(that should have been +7 though doesn't change much)


those that made it (1d20+11=13, 1d20+11=29, 1d20+11=23, 1d20+11=26, 1d20+11=26)

those that didn't make it (1d20+10=27, 1d20+10=20, 1d20+10=22)

So...Mega is still stunned, has an effective toughness of 3 now ;)

And the sharkmen go down...only 2 remain up after the double fire blast.

Mega turn is next. No longer stunned, but not pinned anymore!

Divine is stunned so no turn for her.

Minions go!

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