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Well informed actually only applies to gather Info about a specific person, when you first meet them in fact. Not for general knowledge.

However as I did not earlier realize you had no Streetwise (I'll have to read sheets more closely) We'll say that's a success :)

There's an organic peanut roaster in west side. Most of the area around it is long time residential, but there has been new construction retrofitting a lot about a block away if the wind was right or if Aces contact had a good nose the smell could carry that far.

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Slight of hand is definitely something to leave to Jack of all Trades, especially with your dex.

Diplomacy is a tougher case as it is definitely in JoaB's idiom but is actually nigh useless in most circumstances.

Also look at picking up a couple ranks of luck and Beginners luck its basically stunting skills so rarely used ones can be dropped in favor of that.

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I generally think of it as being like a power stunt but for skills. Like for instance Arrowhawk has an arrow for every situation but really only has like or so in his array that he uses with any regularity the rest are power stunts.

Ace is the same but with skills he's done a ton in his life so has lots of skills, with beginners luck he can "remember" how to fly a plane when he needs it. the ranks from beginners luck do stick around for a scene so it works pretty well for that.

Really there are alot of skills that its handy to have a few ranks in but so situational that its hard to justify spending pp on them so beginners luck fills in well.

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Jack doesn't have a sword formed yet, so he'll toss out standard action Feint at PC#1, DC 31, followed by a move action Taunt against the same guy, DC 26. He'll also take up a defensive stance, for a total Defense of 28. He'll form a 'laser' sword once the bad guys start blasting.

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First, Jack will more to finish off PC1: Power Attack 5, Autofire 1. (1d20+10=30)

Woah-ho! Crit! So, DC 22 + 5 + 5 + up to 4, depending on by how much he exceeded PC1's Defense. Since he's Feinted and Stunned, I'm pretty sure it'll total DC 36. Jack brings the pain.

Let me know how that turns out before I figure out the rest of the turn, because I'm hoping to knock him out then use Takedown Attack 2 to take a swing at PC6 as well.

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