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Needs MOAR Tropes:

Chaotic Neutral - Yeaaaahhhh. Comes with the territory of being bonkers. He's trying to be Chaotic Good though partially because it feels really good. Most see him as Chatoic Stupid however.

The Loonie pretty much his Powers & Tactics section summed up.

Banana Peel Got to be used soon enough.

Screwy Squirrel Yeah. This is the one bit of Joker that made it's way in. He'll shock you with a joy buzzer and laugh about it as you twitch on the ground.

Villaineous Harlequin That's him MO.

Played For Laughs Word for Word.

Impossibly Cool Clothes Yeah, that's his whole shtick. Granted his clothes are only awesome on him.

Hammerspace He literally has Bottomless Pockets, in his Pants.

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