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Interceptors: Liquid Therapy OOC


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With Power Attack, that should be +9, but 21 is still more than enough to hit.

Firebird Toughness save. (1d20+3=12) Fails by 10, Staggered and Stunned like his pal.

Okay, the remaining six guys make it to our heroes, so they're not outnumbered 4 to 1! Oh noes!

The football players wise up and use Aid to grant some attack bonus: The guys attacking Eric all make their Aid checks, so the forth guy gets +6 to attack! It's not enough to hit ol' Eric, though: Unarmed attack. (1d20+10=16)

Same deal with the guys attacking Billy: They make their Aid checks, then one Unarmed attack. (1d20+10=13) Colt mocks their attempts.

Right, Jack's gonna dish out another Feint at DC 26, Firebird fails: Feint Save DC 26 (1d20=14). Unarmed Power Attack 5. (1d20+6=21) Hits, natch, so Toughness save vs. DC 22. (1d20+3=5) Fails by 17, unconcious. That means Jack get's a free Takedown Attack against the next Firebird! Unarmed Power Attack. (1d20+6=26) Crit! That's DC 27! Toughness Save vs. DC 27. (1d20+3=12) Fails by 15, also unconscious. Sweet.

After all of that, Billy's up. 3 unconscious Firebirds, 2 staggered and 6 still up and swinging.

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So I'm not sure what I can get with a thrown chair, but I'm better with ranged than I am with melee any how. I'll throw the chair, and power attack with it. I'll assume that It's at least my Str mod as the DC, maybe +2 for having hard objects hit him in the facial region...Also another acrobatic Bluff against the same dude. DC 29 this time for repeated usage. Power attack 5 w/ chair DC 24? (1d20+13=26)

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You're attack the guy who's already staggered? Harsh!

I'm just going to have the staggered guys give up; these aren't supper villains, after all. You want to attack one of the healthy guys instead?

DC 24 sounds good to me. Let's just go with that.

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Toughness check vs. DC 24. (1d20+3=4) Ooh, and he goes down hard!

Alright, there's only five of them left now. They get desperate and all attack normally, two against Eric and three against Billy. 8, 13, 18, 15 and 10 No hits. This is not terribly surprising.

Jack Feints, then swings. Feint save vs. DC 26 (1d20=20) The jock actually makes it, but Unarmed Power Attack 5. (1d20+6=16) Jack hits anyway. Toughness save vs. DC 22. (1d20+3=8) Fails by 14, that's another one Stunned and Staggered. 4 to go!

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