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P.A.R.T.-Why? Because I Gotta! (IC)


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So this is what being a hero is like... mused Jester as he took to the roof tops high above the city streets as he was yet another brooding shadow clad between his gargoyle brethren.

"BORING!" Jester springs to his feet suddenly clad in swimming trunks, flippers and a snorkel and he swan dives off the roof. He crashes into the ground and is buried up to his waist in the concrete. In the restaurant behind him a score of "10" "9.5" "9" is displayed.

Jester again springs to his feet and dusts the dirt off the shoulders of his suit, which he is now miraculously wearing. He struts down the street interacting with the imaginary crowd that adores him, shooting off finger guns, giving high fives, shaking hands, the whole bit.

He comes to a stop at the street corner as a cop car goes whizzing by, siren blaring as Jester admires wearing his finest 1920's mafia attire complete with fancy fedora. "Yall nevar catch me coppers see? I'm too quick for ya see?" Jester looks down and then notices the length of rope wrapped around his leg and is quickly going out after the cop car. "Oh poopy."

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