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The Good, The Bad, and The Extra dimensional (OOC)


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This thread is a continuation of High Noon. Unlike High Noon, it is not a solo thread. Initially, it is open to any Interceptors who would be at the house and would like to make a short cameo. The bulk of the action for this thread will contain Colt, Grimalkin, and later (I am hoping) Phantom, in addition to other characters that may have knowledge of extra dimensional affairs.

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How fast do our medical pods work? Does it take hours and hours, or does a quick dunking do it? I always imagine they look just like the ones from Empire Strikes Back. I can edit my last post if need be.

BTW, if it's not clear from the floor plan, the main entrance is the set of double doors in the lower left corner.

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The healing power is as follows:

Healing 10 (PFs: Persistent, Regrowth) [22pp]

Which, unless I miss my guess, allows me a recovery check every time it's used, (I'll assume it's once per round for now). I didn't record whatever injuries he took in that other thread, so we'll say he's just that. Injured. Recovery DC 10 (1d20+4=11) Colt makes it on the first try. He should be in and out in no time flat ;)

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I'll let Heritage post again before I do. Also, I never actually stated which earth Colt came from. I know this is Earth Prime, right? Wander is from Zombie earth, whichever that is. Is there a canon earth in worlds of freedom that is wild westish? Would I be screwing with canon if I used that? Should I just use my own greek letter for it?

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There are myriad parallel earths and there is no published one that fits with Colts background so just make up whatever name you like for it.

Erin Comes from A zombie Earth or as phantom has refered to them "Romero Earths" but even that is Phantom being a Horror buff not an official designation. The Freedom league generally uses an alphanumeric code for alt earths and some of the more memorable ones get a specific moniker, Earth Ape, Anti-earth, Erde, Ani-Earth etc

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I should also add that the information communicated to Phantom isn't like a readout of name and stats. What she learns usually is the specific flavor of Colt's makeup and where he belongs in the Cosmic Coil. It's more like she shifts her senses to percieve him dimensionally than visually. So its up to you if this alt earth has a designation with the freedom league or a common name.

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Okay, so I'm looking to get this wrapped up so that I can move along with this story line sometime. Is there anything else that anyone would like to add here? Is this a good stopping point? Should we move on?

So what's the next step? I'm ready if everyone else is.

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I figure there's going to be another story arc involving good ol' angel eyes. I just have to draw something up. But whatever it is, I want it to be a crucial part of Colt's development/future, and I would like Grim to be in it.

I'm playing with a few ideas, I'm just not really sure about any of them yet. We can talk about it in chat.

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