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The Horror In The Museum (OOC)


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I actually had a pretty inspired idea for this villain (I'll be building him myself once I have some time to sit down and do it). One that's good enough to be a potential nemesis for our friend KC over here ;)

So yea, feel free to chime in on rules and stuff, but for right now, let me direct the action ;)

Normally, I would need an initiative roll from you, L_S, but as I am fiating the villain so he goes first, don't bother. Have an HP for the complication. You might need it ;) As far as Breakdown and Fulcrum are concerned, I'm sure they'll have their hands busy elsewhere after the fight gets going ;) I'll run those combats as pure story rather than rules stuff, because, why bother. The heroes always win in the end anyway ;)

I'll be making one IC post now, to take the villain's first turn, and say something IC as Breakdown. Then the rest of you can have at it.

Edit: KC's up, as he is the only one in actual combat. Fulcrum can post at any time.

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will save (1d20+10=24)

He saves just fine.

He will blast you and gtfo.

Blast DC 19 (1d20+10=17)

He will then run over to the wall and start climbing it with the suction cups he keeps on his hands ;)

KC has a Defense of 16, so that's hit, but he Toughness save (1d20+6=19) makes the save.

KC proceeds to extend his newly-gained wings and attempts to have fried frog for dinner. Attack roll (1d20+6=18)

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Well, you did miss by a mile, not that you can effectively target him since you have no accurate sense besides sight. You're effectively blind. You get a new save at the end of each turn (including the current one) each time you fail you get a cumulative +1 to the next roll.

"The character cannot see at all, and thus everything has total visual concealment from him. He has a 50% chance to miss in combat, loses his dodge bonus to Defense, and suffers an additional –2 modifier to Defense. He moves at half speed and suffers a –4 penalty on most Strength and Dexterity-based skill checks. He cannot make Notice (spot) skill checks or perform any other activity (such as reading) requiring vision."

You have Uncanny Dodge (Mental) so you're still not flat footed.

So I'll need another save from you at a +1 (DC 17) before we progress.

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