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I'm looking to start slow with Madcap, and have him meet other heroes one or two at a time. This is because at this point, he'd be a bit nervous about being near a whole passel of heroes – he is impersonating a known super-villain, after all – and he would probably bolt.

So I'm looking for one or maybe a pair of heroes for this thread. The rough scenario I have in my head is that the hero(es) gets wind of an accident on a bridge, and arrive to find Madcap assisting the people in a car teetering off the edge – clearly doing something heroic, which is surprising for a villain. Of course, the cause of the accident turns out to be a baddie of some sort who must be subdued. After that? Depends on the personalities, I think.

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MA is up for this at least, she's unlikely to know much about the history connected with the Madcap identity (though she could make DC10&15 untrained so some basics at least, provided she doesn't roll badly). In any case she'd be giving him the benefit of doubt at the very least, she's fairly accepting and acknowledges that there's many shades of grey and not so much white or black as one might like.

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Cool. Thanks to you both. Bear with me as I get accustomed to the process here.

First of all, any particular place you'd like to suggest this happening? I don't have FC with me at the moment, but I can check tonight for likely bridges.

Secondly, the villain(s): how does the selection process work? Do we choose? From what sources? Can we generalize about what type of villain, and allow a GM to fill in the blanks?

I'm thinking that the baddie is on the bridge because he's chasing someone in a car, either to get the person him/herself, or something that person is carrying. Any ideas on specifics? Maybe a scientist carrying new technology on his way to a show, or a lecture, or the airport?

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Probably the Mangold bridge. It leads from the bulk of the city into Hanover where FCU is located.

You certainly have a few good ideas there. Take a look through the NPC's on the site. Anything with Tier 1 next to it's name can be run by anyone at any time (as long as you don't blow up the city permanently or anything).

Other than that, you can use Instant Super heroes to model a few villains. I've been known to do that rather frequently ;)

Tell us what you come up with!

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I don't think he'd be appropriate for this first thread, but I'd like to have Jack of all Blades meet up with Madcap at some point as well. Unlike Colt and MA, Jack takes a pretty dim view on supposedly 'reformed' villains, and he'd probably be inclined to fight first and let the cops sort it out later. Once things were cleared up, though, he'd definitely be able to relate to Matt's desire to protect his neighbourhood, and his theatrical fighting style.

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Malice was my original character. I played him for about 17 months. That's why his power cost is weird and he is sitting on a pool of 18 unspent power points.

His shtick was that he hates all the meta humans, all of them. I described him in Chat as a combination of Norman Osborne, Lex Luthor and Hitler. When he was last played, he had his arm blown off as Arrowhawk blew up Malice's HQ, with a nice chuck of residential Riverside to go along with it. He spent a few months behind bars where he had a visit from Dr. Archeville and Dark Star, which solidified the fact that he was crazy pants.

However, after a few months he was busted out of prison by the higher ups of the Shadow Academy (the anti Claremont) so he could be one of their teachers. They wanted a teacher that knew their way around high explosives and was willing to put the fear of God into the students, and Malice topped a very short list. Shortly after, the "No PC Villains" Rule was enacted. So as far as Cannon is concerned, he's still working with Shadow Academy.

The reason that Malice is Tier 1 instead of Tier 2 or even Tier 3 is that I have no problem with letting other people play him. But note 3 things: He considers himself a hero, he has never intentionally harmed a civilian, and he has never committed a robbery.

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Malice could be there supervising a student, or students. This would help keep any fight from being too lopsided, even Malice would struggle against three heroes of this caliber. It would also help set up a possible way for Malice to be forced into retreat even if he manages to remain fairly fit; if his student(s) get taken down he needs to get them out of there before even more heroes show up. That could led to having the power-armoured meta-hater get back into a more active role in the setting.

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Yeah. I'm just figuring out a proper way to run the encounter without it being a curb stomp in either direction. Probably going to fake level up some of the NPC's and then use Malice's Inventor and Masterplan as a backup. If it goes "according to plan" then the heroes stop the villains from achieving any of their goals, but they manage to slink away into the shadows.

Sound good?

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