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Interceptors: Intervention (OOC)


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Well, Grim does have one of Freedom City's mystics on speed dial. ;)

Normally I would have Taylor on the line in a second, but we're using this thread as an excuse to bring in Lt. Colby, Grim's Sidekick-to-be. However, I imagine Phantom will be involved at some point in the near future :D

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Okay, I'm thinking if you guys want to do one more post each, that'd be awesome, and then we might cut to Grim going to visit the good detective; sound cool, or do you want to do something else?

Also I threw in a mention of meeting with Phantom, setting up possibly bringing her in later.

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Sure. I think what I want to do is eventually have Jack take on the big demon again... in his mind. Winning gives him control over the hellfire. I'll have to get the stats from Cyroa, but you could have Colby do some research and suggest that sort of thing.

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