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Fulcrums Vingette - New Years 2010


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Fulcrum loved New Years. The reality of the calender reset aside, the idea of exchanging the old for the new was one that really appealed to her sensibilities. For a few hours the entire world felt fresh and pregnant with possibilities. Anything seemed possible.

That particular New Year’s day, 2010, Mona sat watching her mother and sister. Fatima was less than three weeks away from sweet sixteen and going completely insane. Piles of magazines covered the kitchen table of her parents’ West End home, topics ranging from cakes to dresses to hair styles. Like a kid in a candy store, everything just looked so great that, even with Mom helping, she just couldn’t decide what to do for her party. Their folks promised Fatima a big one if her grades were good, and with that level of encouragement, she had worked her butt off for those straight As and wanted to celebrate.

Fatima was the daughter Mom always wanted. Mona never doubted Mom loved her, but she couldn’t help but notice how their mother’s eyes lit up when little sister wanted girl talk. Yes, Fatima was a girly girl, the more traditional daughter of a conservative woman. Mona felt no jealousy though, more like happy that Mom had a daughter interested in all that subtle communication that bored the elder child. Mona had her fair share of mother-daughter moments, but Fatima really turned into Mom’s confidant.

Her mood turned more melancholy when she thought about her own situation. She had meet a number of heroes over the last few weeks. The heroes of Freedom City seemed more than willing to give her a chance, but on the other hand, most seemed to be keeping her at arm’s length. None appeared particularly interested in getting to know her. At first blush she supposed it was because of her costume change, but on greater consideration maybe she was taking things too personally. They weren’t out to snub her. Maybe.

In any case a pity party was the last thing Mona wanted. She may be lonely for peer companionship, but that could be remedied. If things were going to improve, then she had to work at it like Fatima. All you could do was your best. Resolutions weren’t normally her style, but this one had good intentions and motivation behind it. Finding a balance between sappiness, specificity and practicality was the tough part.

My New Years resolution is to make some super hero friends.

“Mona, what do you think of this dress?†Snapping back to reality, Mona smiled contentedly

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