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Psyches Vingette - New Years 2010


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Alex sat down at her desk, flipping open the day-glo-bright journal on its desk. Picking out a sparkly pen that had a big glittery puff on its end that was as rediculous looking as it was beloved, Alex frowned and started on the first journal entry of a new year, new journal.

Dear Diary,

So starts another year. It's 2010 which is a fun date to write. Its all future-y. Still no flying cars. Well, except for Astro Labs of course. But its not like they're in full production yet. Boy, will the sky be (more) crowded then.

The state of the Alex is... pretty darn good. Got in a real high school. Got Mike as a boyfriend as well as best friend. Have a best female friend for the first time. Have a group of friends that happens to double as a super hero team. Thus far, the life of a teenage super hero is pretty sweet. Of course, it also has its difficulties.

Like a 'back-from-the-future' teenage daughter who occasionally refers to me as nasty names to my friends. That's been... weird? rough? sweet?

All of the above and more.

This year, I resolve to help my future-daughter get her head on straight. In a way that hopefully doesn't bring out her rebellious tendencies at me. Even if what it takes to do that is getting her back home.

I am also not going to dictate what I know about that future from chosing the path that I think is best in the moment.

I am going to live outside of my head, and learn to live in the moment. I am going to laugh, I am going to love and I am going to enjoy being sixteen without trying to over define what 'sixteen' is. I am going to embrace my oddities and do what makes me happy.

I am going to leave the world a better place than I found it.

I embrace my destiny as I define it. I will not be bound, controlled or made small by small minds.

And I will figure out where I left my favorite pen.

Hello, 2010. We're in for one heck of a ride.


Smiling, Alex signed her initials with a final flourish and closed the journal, pushing it to the side of her desk. She stuck her head out the window and sent a thought winging to Mike as she noticed the boys trouping out into the snow for yet another snow-ball fight.

Hey, wait for me!

Alex bolted out of the room, leaving a trail of laughter in her wake.

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