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Hellions Vingette - New Years 2010


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Hellion: Accept responsibility and become Phantom’s partner/equal as guardian

James walked over to the large bookshelf and slid the old volume back onto the shelf. Learning and studying was not something he’d ever really done a lot of. He just hadn’t cared really. It simply didn’t interest him. Now he was actually applying himself. He was become an expert in occult and arcane matter. Several months of tutoring combined with spending maybe a couple years (he wasn’t exactly sure how long) in hell had certainly helped get him there, in addition to his actually applying himself. He still wasn’t at Phantom’s level, but he was working on it.

He turned back to the long table to start gathering up his notes. Six months ago, he’d have never even considered working like this. Six months ago, he was really only concerned about the next day, the next fun thing to do. That was it really. Just having fun. Yeah, he had powers; they were cool. He knew his history and past and all that, but it wasn’t really a big deal. Almost an abstract thing once he really accepted it and started to relax. Not at first, but still. A lot had changed in a pretty short time though.

He had started at Claremont Academy. Mainly as a way to get out of the house, but it still worked out all the same. There he had met friends. Like actual friends, not just people he pretended to be friends with and used. It was a novel thing and they meant a lot to him. They were his real family. He had started on the whole super hero thing with them too. It wasn’t really something he cared a lot about, but he went along with it. Yeah, it was fun, but a big chunk of it was simply because his friends wanted to do it. He still needed a costume, but whatever, he’d get there.

There had been the colossal screw up and all that. His training with Phantom. Up until then, he really didn’t have a direction. He was just kind of drifting through life, enjoying things as they happened. He never really cared about where he was going or what was coming (as long as it didn’t involve going to hell). But now…

Now he knew what he wanted. It was so obvious and fit so well, he just couldn’t believe he hadn’t realized it before. But his training and the mistakes and all of it had coalesced and flipped a switch in him. He knew where was going and what he wanted to do with his life. Now he just needed to focus and get ready. If he wanted to really become Phantom’s partner in guarding the dimensional borders and everything that entail, he needed to be more than her student/apprentice. Hence the work and effort he was putting in. But he finally knew that was what he wanted. And he was going to focus and get it done.

Not that he was going to stop having fun and everything that entailed. Far, far from it. He smiled to himself as he stacked the papers, thinking about the evening and the date he’d lined up. Definitely, not going to be skipping out on the fun. He shook his head and focused on cleaning up so he could go out on said evening. He’d still have fun but he now had a purpose and a task. Taylor was good but it was a big job. She was stretched thin as it was, and it was only going to get harder for her now. It was time for him to step up and shoulder his share of the burden. Maybe even more than his share for a little while, while she got her life together.

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