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Dark Stars vingette - New Years 2010


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Dark Star: Ask Stesha’s hand in marriage!

Dark Star gestured, moving the last one into place carefully. This wasn’t easy, far from it. But anything worthwhile was suppose to take effort. He’d been at this project for…well, a few weeks now. An hour here, an hour there. It would still take him another twenty or thirty hours probably.

He paused, measuring and checking the math for the twelfth time. He’d have to check it many more times, just to be sure. And he wanted to do this right. He wanted it to be perfect and special. The timing would just need to work out just right of course... It was just something he was going to have to work on now that he’d made the decision. Because it was going to happen once the rest of it came together.

He didn’t think this would ever really happen; not since he had become Dark Star. He kind of assumed that he’d never find someone to truly be with or would accept his…devotion to his beliefs. He had just pushed aside that concern and accepted who he was. Moved on so to speak. And he’d been ok with that. His powers, the freedom and opportunities they presented seemed like a great tradeoff.

But now? Now things were different. He’d found a wonderful, amazing woman. Before, he had doubted that he’d ever find true love and be with someone. Now? Now he couldn’t imagine life without her. He became human almost every day now, for a few hours anyway, just to be with her as much possible. He practically lived with her now; doing everything he could to make sure he made it back to her every evening.

Admittedly, yes, they really hadn’t been seeing each other that long. 5 month. Well, 6 according to her. And who was he to argue with her? He couldn’t help but think things were moving a little fast. Was 4 months too soon to be spending practically every night with her, basically living together? And was 6 months to make the next big step? To be ready for such a massive commitment?

Maybe, but he didn’t really care. Just being around her made him happier than he’d have believed. They’d talked about it too; marriage and kids. It had come up after his He didn’t know exactly how much time he’d have with her. But he wanted to be with her as much as he could for as long as possible. The next step was obvious.

He was going to ask her to marry him.

But there were so many things to get ready before then, which is why he was working on this now, a little at a time. He still needed to meet her family and talk to her father. It’d be great for all that to work out well. Even if it didn’t though, Derrick was still going to ask her to marry him. Sooner rather than later if he had his way.

Still, there was a lot of things to do to make sure everything went perfectly. He turned back to his figures again, checking them one last time before moving the next piece.

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